Thursday, May 03, 2007

Double weird day

I brought something this morning. The cute cashier asked me to get the store discount card. So I did. I'm easy.

The last girl I saw was back in town again. So I called her. It's been a long time.
She was fully booked. I booked another.

When I got to the ATM, my bank card was missing. I pulled out all my cards and counted one by one. It wasn't there. So I turned back to search for it, but still couldn't find it. So I called the girl to cancel and apologize. I went back to the store and nobody had picked up anything.

So I called the bank to cancel and replace my card. And they did. Normally I have three cards with pin number for cash, brokerage, bank, and credit. I decided to keep only the bank card with the credit card as a backup. The credit card that I don't use for anything else was canceled and replaced because of hackers broke into the system. I didn't ask for a new pin yet. So I was down to only this ATM card that I lost. I could go to the bank but I already canceled the booking with the girl. I accepted fate and resigned to wait for up to 7 days to get my new cash card.

Five minutes later, when I was putting all the cards in order, I came across the new store card that I got this morning. I have counted this card a few times already, every time I blame myself for putting this card into the wallet instead of the bank card, losing it somehow. In a stroke of genius, I turned the store card over. The store card turned into my ATM as if by magic. This new card is a sticky card, sticked to my ATM card perfectly. Even though I examined all the cards several times, I couldn't have noticed the two cards sticked together as one.

So I called the girl and setup a new time. On the way, there was a roadwork and a car broke down. So instead of arriving early I arrived at the exact time that I told her. When I arrived at the underground parking lot, I saw an attractive girl at the elevator entrance. She looked like she might be another working girl, but nobody should be there, especially a working girl.

I might hook up with her when I got pass her to have a good look. But first I called the girl I booked. I knew it. I was watching the girl at the parking lot, watching her answered my call. So she was the girl I booked, but I had no idea why she was there. Until she asked me how was the traffic, and apologized that she wasn't good at giving directions.

I knew she was expecting someone else but I didn't tell her. I had no idea why she waited there. We got into her room. Her phone vibrated a lot but she ignored it. We got down to business. She asked me what I do for living, what is my discussion board handle, etc. I think she suspected me. But still, she didn't know that I wasn't the person she was expecting.

Then there was knocks at the door. We all thought it was next door. Some more phone vibrations. Some more knocks. She went to check the door but she said she couldn't see anybody.

So we carried on. When she was deep throating me a little, she pulled out and asked me bluntly if I was the one she was giving the direction to. I had to say no. Then she realized that I was the one who lost my ATM card and then found it. For all the questions she asked me prior, she couldn't tell I was not the person she was expecting. Maybe she pretended not to know and hoped that the guy would go away. Maybe she was worried about her reputation. Maybe my dick was too big for her throat and she wanted to get rid of me ASAP, just kidding.

So she called the guy to explain the weird coincidence. She asked me if she could cut short my session and would compensate me. That's not a choice. Her heart wouldn't be there.

When I was ready to go, she was in the bathroom touching up her makeup in a hurry. So I took the money on the table, deducted the amount that I thought was fair. I gave it to her on my way out. She took the money, and gave me back exactly the same amount that I deducted. I thought she was generous, but she must had counted the money while I wasn't looking, and didn't expected me to have taken some of it. So I gave her back the extra deductions.

On the parking lot by the elevator, by the 2nd car next to me stood a guy waiting with a black face. He seemed to be driving a tiny black car which could be a students car. He was big, but could be young enough to be a student. I didn't know why she would wait for him in the parking lot.

When I looking out while reversing out of the parking space, I saw that his tiny car was a black MBZ sports car, not the S or compact versions, but one of the few real sport cars that MBZ have. OK, a little impressive.

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