Saturday, May 26, 2007

In memory of

those who kept civilization going, allow us to pursuite the trivial, and women.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Greek offered

I have little choice but to offer greek here.

I will be outing myself if I allow any blog gadgets or anything else to be draggable in my other blogs or websites. I hope the codes get modified and get spread, so I will be safe to use it elsewhere.

The only reason I use a PG rated blog for that is because I am still getting hits from my dual-sim adapter review here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The good life guide in LA

I'm trying to write a luxury travel blog for once, just for the fun of it, or a luxury wine and dine in LA. But all I can think of is hostess clubs.

If you are just looking for a drink alone in downtown LA, and unlucky like me, you may run into a Korean room salon. I remained calm but was shocked by the menu. Food starts at 3 figures, not a hundred but more like three. So I ordered a Korean beer costing a dollar or two, but sold for $20, and stayed at the outside lounge.

The place is nice, the girls are attractive, but both not as good as in the East, for the same money. Indeed the girls are a bit plain, good enough to bring home to see mom, from college students to 40's.

After looking around that there are a number of girls not taken up in the private rooms, I asked the waitress if I can have company. He asked the mamasan, who shook her head, not for a $20 beer obviously. And since the girls of all ages there are selected to be above 5'6, the standard minimum height for Asian models, not under 5'4 as College Callgirl honestly put it, I didn't order something to eat.

So after tortured by some Korean business men's karaoke, I left.

There are numerous Chinese clubs, many looked like MBZ dealerships at the parking lot. All but one, or may be two, requires all the hostesses to be able to speak English. Not a place to host big business meetings with non-Chinese.

Much more interesting is one little club near where the big boats park, with an all Japanese cast. During economic blooms they have to resort to find some Filippina to make up the numbers. During recession, they are all Japanese, mostly college students and exchange students, and all sorts of locals. They all sit side by side and greet you all at once when you walk in early in the evening. I was shocked.

It wasn't a club with any traditions, and most patrons are not Japanese. So the price is not expensive at all. I had a pretty woman in business suit, who had a day job as a real estate agent or something financial. Time was hard and she was looking for a 2nd job to stay afloat. She might be married. It was her first night trying the job. It was like I was cheering her up. She came here as some sort of high school exchange program, but stayed on because the host family like her and offered her to stay, who doesn't like Asian girls under 5'4? She liked the wide open space at school. At the end, I suggested her to try looking for a job in a nearby Japanese restaurant. Put on a pretty Kimono, you get at least $20 tips per table of two. It's easier money than the club. At least higher volume.

Cindy built a club with her name on it, one of a kind. Filipinos are the 2nd largest Asian group in LA, but you can hardly meet them. Cindy's is a Filipina club. All the waitresses are model material at a glance, in beautiful Suzy Wong style uniform. The hostesses are like cute students, sitting in the bar area and chat with you a bit. If you find someone you like, you can go inside the private salons, mostly used by small groups. When the hostesses have no one to chat, they just bring out a book to read, probably homework too. The neighborhood isn't that great, but there are all sorts of clients, including Asians, who found their own Korean and Chinese clubs too high brow. They are the younger crowd, liked the traditional format, but find it too expensive.

If you are in the area, the Vietnamese Cafes are a must see, one of a kind. Total Asian population in US is roughly 4%. Attractive independent Vietnamese provider of quality, who can stand shoulder to shoulder with other girls, is like gold dust. But you can watch to your heart's desire though. Somebody worked out the economics, for a few dollar a cup of coffee, they can afford to hire attractive girls of all ages, advancing them with enough money for the best boob job and other plastic surgeries. They just need to turn up fully clothed and look pretty. But you have to pick the right theme cafe. There is the traditional white causal work suit with pants, which is being turned into a semi transparent tight sexy costume. There are the models in medium dresses, the college students in mini skirts and the beach babes in bikini's. The major difference from a strip club, restaurant or bikini bar is that, the girls smile beautifully because money is so easy - all they do is walk around occasionally to serve coffee and refill.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's raining! LA's very own MacArthur Park

This is the original version I like best, by Richard Harrison. Imagine William Hung singing, "somebody left the cake out in the rain...". The video is far off, not even in US. This is the place:

Monday, May 21, 2007

What's your pick? breakfast : one more night

On the subject of materialism, I remember one post from a hedonist pleasure seeker, venturing to the Philippines type. He stayed in a 4 or 5 star hotel in the poorer areas, Angeles City I think, or maybe just plain old Manila.

The details doesn't matter. The cost of maintaining the same standard in developing countries isn't lower, often more expensive, eg, building the road, water supply and sewage system from ground up in the middle of nowhere. The important thing is that the cost of breakfast is about the same as an all-nighter. This guy is so generous as to offer his girl a luxury breakfast that she will never forget!

Silly isn't it? What do you think? If I were the girl I would rather take cash, spending another night to earn it as needed. Even if I were booked for another night, I would be thinking about the cash all the time during the breakfast.

For the same reason I don't fancy nice hotels even if I can afford it. Once I found myself in an LA suit with a $400 tag. The girl costs about the same so it's just trouble. She was constantly thinking of squeezing more money out of me, a distraction, wanting to come back later in the evening for another round. Even though I said a lot about getting it cheap on the Internet (true), and that it's tax free (can be), it didn't make any difference to her.

So I don't like to play the CEO, corporate officer card, on important business, suddenly feeling lonely in an unfamiliar place, looking for a companion for once. Apart from the above trouble, on company tab doesn't mean that you have a lot of spare cash to spend on other things. I rather be a modest sex tourist using my own money. If you play your cards right, I will like you enough to see you a couple of times more.

The top club in Buenos Aires cost about $300 (US) to take one out, which is inline with respectable Asian clubs. But after devaluation, it's only $100. By my calculation $30 per night was the hotel I wanted. But I found out only dogs live there so I opted for $50 a night. When I got there, I realized the land in the most exclusive area in BA is as expensive as in Asia. So I upgraded to about $100 a night, rather than looking at 4 walls all the time.

The most expensive red wine in the supermarket is about $30. After the first round, I went downstairs from the bedroom (I had a two-storey studio flat!) to see what she was up to. She was helping herself with a glass in hand. I should had known, because I knew back in the club she was half an alcoholic at 21. Again the price was just right. She was enjoying a few glasses of wine and perhaps my company whole heartedly. If it were a $100 bottle champagne, she would have other ideas.

Post Materialism

Given long periods of material affluence, growing part of society is supposed to become more post-materialistic, liberating themselves gradually from the stress of basic acquisitive or materialistic needs, shifting the focus on non-material goods. A quick look around the world, there seems to be no end to the materialistic world. Perhaps it's starting to change, in US of all the places, as if Marx's anti-thesis theory was right.

Everyday now, over 90% of the TER reviews are Craig's Lists' girls, or similar free listing services. There are high dollar hotties in there, but that's not what the reviews are about. This is NOT what my post is about, and the price of sex workers are very different things from materials. Now you may be interested in the many links around this post.

The rest of the world thinks that US is an extremely materialistic place, which isn't very true. It's true that we have everything available for sale, in the sense that US is the number one market in the world. But believe it or not, US consumers are relatively smart. They are relatively well informed, less restricted by the cartel's, and don't buy everything.

History may see the gobbling up of Chrysler by MBZ as a milestone. People still buy luxury cars, but increasingly reserved for the people who can well afford them. It's not like that any average Joe who can afford to lease one go out to lease one. Indeed many financial guru's preach that they never buy cars over 30,000. It's not a coincidence that MBZ has new cars (C2xx) below that point even in California, but how low can you go without alienating the consumers in the rest of the world? You cannot find those cars in other parts of the world, and those dealers aren't happy to hear the existence of it.

The "merger" is a logical conclusion. There will be many new rich people in say China, but the numbers will be dwarfed by the new middle class who will be able to afford a Kia! The failure of the "merger" doesn't prove that the idea is bad. GM and Ford had "rescued" many luxury brands before. Sooner or later ...

US companies are screwing themselves hard, like Intel. It's very true that the biggest enemy is your own old chips. If you don't screw yourself hard enough, others will be happy to do it for you, as GM and Ford know well.

On the topic of cars, once I tried to compare the price of a low volume model by calling the dealer in the next town somewhere in the developed world. When I walked into the dealership in my own town, the salesman was expecting me. The out of town dealer gave him my details. I got the car. Now not surprisingly it's owned by GM or Ford. Even as simple as washing machines, the manufacturing held up the new models, the cartels don't welcome them, the lack of maintenance, insurance, and deal sweeteners, means that there are little choices.

On the surface, there's not a lot of difference in US. The same car model is sold with a lot of extras in CA that you can hardly get rid of, unless you are willing to wait for your custom configuration arriving straight from the factory. When you want to buy a simple cordless phone for the seldom used land line, you are confronted with rows and rows of overly expensive 5.8 GHz phones, some even not digital!

Now there's always EBay. If you know what you want, you will probably find it there. For example, people buy gadgets in bulk from China, and split it up in Ebay for profit. The production is so good that brand names isn't necessary anymore. (What isn't produced in China?) And if it breaks, you can get a replacement, still at a fraction of the cost of buying from your neighborhood store.

You can find many things under the sun in EBay, who charges for the listings. For free you can list it in Craig's Lists, which is long owned by EBay, what a scary thought! A couple of years ago, when there were no TER reviews linked to CL, it's a well known fact that if you advertise on the Internet for less than $300 in LA, you will get threats.

On the lighter side, spending money on a provider can be considered spiritual. If you do it early and enough, you may not need a therapist down the road, prescribed drugs, or the illegal kind. It's only cash. There's no consequence and financial statements to haunt you. What left is happy memories.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Old look, new layout

If you have noticed, my blog has been going through subtle and not so subtle changes as time goes by. Now I think I have settled down on a customizable layout. The reasons are that IE and FF can never look exactly the same, and there are still many 1024-pixel-width notebooks around.

The central page will look almost the same when this blog started. The other items can all be moved around, with their positions remembered by cookies, if enabled. (If you like to turn everything off, there's a full feed that you can subscribe.)

For the time being, you can reset the position of individual items by double clicking them. First, the item disappears, and then returns to the default position when the page reloads.

How about disappearing for good? Sure, but why would I want to do that?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Foot massage

Video reposted from Lazy Geisha's blog. It did have some effect on me too, and it's one of the rare longer you tube videos that I watched from end to end without pushing the fast forward button.

A friend's post popped up on a message board, to say that she's in town. She wasn't great on tongue work, but I thought of turning her the other way round. I couldn't think of anything better in short notice.

She must be over thirty. (Her breast less than one year old.) Everything is meticulous from head to toe. This time she left the apartment door open for me to get in. I found her sitting on the dining table, a notebook PC in front of her, and she was on the phone. She signaled me to get a drink but I was happy sitting down next to her waiting.

I was speechless. I couldn't stop scanning her from head to toe and back to head again, fast, like a scanner, photocopier or TV, couldn't pick a body part to stop at. Last time her hair was between neck and shoulder, and conservative enough to attend a parent teacher association meeting. She could have a double life with some conservative clothes on. Indeed she turned me on like that in a way.

This time she couldn't have a double life. She is a babe however you look at her. (Though her face isn't outstanding.) Even in a business suit her subordinates will hit on her. She has those expensive hair, a little below shoulder, absolutely straight, flying in thin air, but absolutely no volume. It took 10 years off her. I've seen Chanel in that hair once. Usually she has straight, high volume long hair flowing like a river. With that volumeless straight hair, she looked very elegant, so elegant that she didn't look like a kid anymore, added a few years to become 30.

She knew I couldn't stop watching her in the bright living room, so she really took her time on the phone screening another client to replace one that canceled. She wore something like a tight short little black party dress, but it was white, lacy, and actually lingerie. The dress was barely covering her nipples. There was a subtle hint of a tail, so it was a very elegant bunny costume too. She was sitting with her legs crossed, which were slender and tan. She wasn't wearing stripper shoes anymore, but a healthy type of sandals, still high heels and exposing a lot of flesh.

I love phone sex, she on the phone while I do things on her without disrupting her conversation. But this time I didn't know where to start. I could have went down on her but it was too blunt. And I didn't think she would let me messing up her dress. I could have started by taking off her sandals, but that would be a give away. I just managed to split her hair a little and admired it.

Finally she was off the phone, we kissed, she gave me a drink, me took a shower, we got naked on the bed. Well, she kisses, quite a lot, but not that great with tongue, and not a lot better than last time. So I broke the question, "Can I wash your feet and give you a foot massage?".

She was very enthusiastic. We hurried up to the bathroom again and came back. I could have carried her easily but the "luxury" apartment looked so decent that I didn't bother. She enthusiastically asked me how she should position herself. She said that it was her first time, but corrected that it was her first time here. I let her lied naturally on her back and started massaging her feet. She must had thought it was real and started massaging my feet back. Soon I couldn't control myself and my lips were on her small ankles.

Soon I told her to turn over on her stomach. Then I started something as passionate as in the video, except that one person was the other way round. After that I worked all the way up her legs, bottom, back, inch by inch. Then I turned her over to say hello to her pair of less than one year old breasts. And if you tell me that her pussy is bleached, I will believe.

There's two particular positions that I like. One is a doggy at the edge of the bed with me standing on the floor. Chanel's feet will be dangling over the edge, curling with anticipation, without realizing it herself. I could have attacked her toes all over again in that position, but I didn't want her to realize and stop that. Another position is fucking with her stomach flat on the bed. Most girls will unconsciously bend their knees, dangling their feet in the air, and if you are good enough, make their toes curl uncontrollably. But mind you, they would have the same reaction if tortured by force eating a lemon.

It was a detour. I didn't want to be too late on my other commitments. I didn't want to hang on though I had plenty of time left. But she wouldn't let me go. I didn't think she was serious but anyway I enjoyed another minute of her in my arms, her warm breasts on top of me. When I tried to get up again, she was rather serious. I was sure she had time. But I thought she might want another shot from me, of course well compensated. But I didn't want too much of a good thing. If she jumped on me again with her tongue, she could have succeeded in any circumstances.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


If you are surrounded
by veils everyday, there's no surprise that you will find the most exotic part of the body to be the face. It's the well known "now you see it, now you don't" effect.

And if you are surrounded by these, what do you expect? People say that uniforms are designed long ago by men, putting all they fantasy into them. It's an arm race at an early age until 19 in most of the world, when the schoolgirls have to drop their uniforms unwillingly. Before that, they are full of hormone and they like to be looked at. Actually you do not need to sex up the uniforms. The real thing is sexier. Everybody try to get away with shorter and tighter skirts, until everybody is just about covering their asses. There's no relation with the quality of schools. In some of the top schools, the uniforms are meticulous, brilliant white socks, winter jackets like expensive business suits, but the skirts are just as short.

My obsessions have been bare legs, not stockings, may be socks, ankle socks, and little black shoes, flat or otherwise. The more flesh the better.

South California can be considered somewhat special. There's no need for practical shoes to protect against cold weather, or to protect against dirt when the ground is wet. Public transport is non-existence so you don't need armor to protect against other people's shoes. You can always drive door to door, with ample parking space. Indeed the parking lots are too large to make any walking practical.

My relatively new obsession is feet. Ideally, I like pretty feet in sexy shoes, exposing lots of flesh and toes. The same effect as veils on the faces I suppose. Looking good standing bare on shoes require nice legs, knees, ankles and maybe more things above.

For naked feet, I suppose we can't ask for too much. Breasts can be enhanced but feet, toes and many other things can't. Small with a nice arch is perhaps ideal. Definitely not short from toe to ankles, and not thick.

The number one reason for naked models to cut off their feet in pictures is because of deformed last toe. A significant number of people do not have straight last toe, and proper nails as in fingers. Defective last toe can still be pretty or lovely, but some really turn me off.

I have noticed that my toes are rather nice. I would love to show you that. But after last time, I promise to give you ample warning before I show you any of my body parts again.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Forgive me Father, for I have ...

For the many blogs that start with "Confessions of ...", it is just that. By the way, wouldn't it be nice someday to be able to say, "Forgive me Sister, for I have ... ".

I had an unfinished conversation with a reader because of her temperamental mailbox (unreliable). If I were to analyze myself, my blog could be many things from time to time but confession was how it started and it will always be. Unlike the real thing, when you are certain to find someone listening to your confession, bloggers have to be careful not to turn away all potential listeners.

For example, confession A put off half the readers and confession B put the remaining half to sleep. Even if I am not (and cannot) be sensitive about counters and statistics, in this case I would rather start two blogs to avoid having zero counts.

Also, you can't please everybody, so it's good to maintain a healthy pool of "priests". Or, as in jury selection, some enjoy every minute of it even though they tried and couldn't get away at first. If the selection is totally voluntary, you may not get useful people at all. Forget about the logic, it doesn't have to make sense all the time.

As for the interaction, it doesn't really matter as in the real thing. Sometimes silence is gold. In all my past and present blogs, I had people reading everyday, and some coming back over a hundred times. If they don't want to say anything, they don't. I can imagine that they are my loyal fans, tongue frozen when they tried to talk to me during an autograph. Or, they despise me, but it's good to find somebody to look down upon, laugh at, swear at the computer. It doesn't really matter, welcome all the same.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The most sensitive sex organ

The most sensitive sex organ is arguably the ears. They can detect minute vibrations in the air before they are even being touched.

It's rare to get ear sex but often I consider cleaning the ears before sex, just in case I get lucky, provided that it's logistically possible. Even for guys it's easy to get the hair wet when cleaning the ears. When showering at home, I avoid pointing the shower head directly into my ears, and I dry them with tissues thoroughly, to keep my ears healthy and sexy. Once I lost some balance in one of my ears, easily trapping water inside it, with difficulty draining water outside or through the mouth passage. It's not wax so oil based cleaners are not useful. Alcohol cleaners help to drain the water but make the ears too dry.

For head to toe treatment, you can't start any higher than the ears, unless you are bald. Even when I get it, it's usually some light kisses with tongue, just enough to feel like begin drugged, head lightened, knees softened, all muscled relaxed as if floating on the bed or in heaven.

Ears are beautiful, some more than the others. I like to attack the ears as much as I like to attack a pair of beautiful feet, with shapely legs, knees and ankles. But I have more success on the toes. The ears are just too sensitive to be tortured. It's also pretty gross when you have others saliva all over the face and hairs.

Once I met a new girl, who you could judge by the freshness of her artificial work of art breasts, and her flawlessly uniform pale skin all over her body. It's easy to get advances to get all the work done, because it's too easy to get returns of the investment many times over. There must be some misunderstanding on her part, when I told her I "know" the Madam well. She did saw me talked and flirted with the Madam for a little while though. Even though that was the first time I saw her, she gave me the VIP treatment. Perhaps she liked to get more work in the area and to move over eventually. It's always good to have more clients asking for her again, particularly the VIP's.

She kept working on my ears, one after the other. First was the light tantalizing kisses with a little wetness of her tongue. Then she licked, she moaned, she talked, she sucked. Being the ears, everything got amplified ten folds. It was like having thousands of nails nailing me down to the bed. I couldn't move a muscle. When her tongue started drilling deep into my ears, I almost died.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was looking for an avatar, so my blog doesn't look like an online casino. I was thinking about borrowing some celebrities' features and morph it with my own, not that I'm not handsome enough, but really to disguise myself. The site that Chev played with isn't for that. For a quick fix, this one works OK. I uploaded my picture, it worked, but it wasn't what I wanted to look like even after extensive plastic surgery. It had nothing to do with my looks, really, but my picture must have been poorly taken. So I have to borrow somebody else's picture.

Monday, May 07, 2007

My browser war

With very limited statistics, here's my impression. At weekends, people have Firefox at home, or are more willing to try out Firefox. Maybe people are looking for diversions during or after their tax returns, for a brief moment, I got 50% FF users just on version 2.0 alone. This is very interesting as total IE users on my blog are usually from 60% to 80%.

Click me to play

Saturday, May 05, 2007

When the world is not enough

In the past people kill each other for glory, until the world itself can be killed several times over.

If the LA smog is too bad, move a few miles south to the beach or north to Malibu.

Now with global warming, and global dimming, it's easier to talk about excess. For thousands of years, religions have been preaching against excess, as in the biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrha, and Noal's Ark. I double if this old scare tactics work well in comparison.

Buddhism seeks eternal truth. Your earthly desires bring you happiness, but also sadness. The ultimate eternal happiness is one which you have eliminated all desires. So, does surgery help?

Can you enjoy unlimited sex? How much sex is excess?

Is sex like drugs? You always need more and more to satisfy your cravings? Until you are over the edge one way or the other.

The other day I read a female blogger who was in a state of mind, fantasizing about every object at home as a pleasure giving toy. She found something to use and managed to get it off (from the body) at the end.

Some females are more sensitive than the others, with different reactive forces, which have a lot to do with experience. What do you prefer? What is better? To who?

Males are less lucky. Many regrets that they don't listen to the elders to masturbate less. If only somebody tell them earlier that they will be less able to please women. In some countries, it's not uncommon for expatriates to stop performing at 40 to 50. They may not regret it for the colorful life, but is it worth it? Can it be better?

A fellow blogger cannot cum with a 5' tall, 18 year old girl, which isn't surprising. But he is so honest as to tell us that he then masturbated for an hour. I can't help to think that he wasn't enjoying the time with himself, but was desperate to release the frustration built up.

All the drugs, physical and mental training, are they not just being used to repair the damage of excess? I'm not talking about physical exercise, that most of us do less than nature designed us for. I don't think nature designed us for orgasms hours at a time, whatever way you define it.

I remembered a hundred years ago when I took my little girl friend for a long hike, built a tent on the beach, and then did it three times in a row. I won't trade that for a four way with three porn stars of my choosing. (May be not, I'll think more about it.)

Given the number from a blogger, it is normal I guess from 20 to 40 years old, one partner each year, which yields 20 sex partners. The number will fluctuate a lot, but...

How about the TER reviewers who celebrated their 100th review? It seemed a lot but it's easy to have more than that sort of money from credit cards limit alone. It's cheaper credit if you take out equity instead of on credit cards. I mean many people can do that but they don't choose to do it (with or without financial consequences).

Some hedonist pleasure seeker, who would go anywhere in the cheaper world to boost their numbers, would report with pride that, "now I have reached the 200 women mark ...". This is their way to get even with celebrity sport stars.

Once a while, I think I may have done 20 just in a month or two, including some repeats. In blogger's terms, 20 unique providers and more on total hits. But if I know where to find quality without wasting time and energy on searching, I would settle for less unique providers and got much more satisfaction on less total hits.

I don't fancy those one man review boards. Even if you don't have experience in pushing any envelope at all, you should have found the envelope a bit old after the 5th or 10th review. These guys went on to write a 100, more of the same. What a waste.

Dangerous Liason

Jenna is one of the few porn stars that I can say has a beautiful face. She built an empire. (If anyone see any "free samples" of her old DVD's with awards available on the internet, please let me know.)

Either she licensed to use the technology of a 3D rendering engine, or someone licensed to use her face on it. You can tell Jenna to do a lot of things on the computer. I don't know if that's a good deal, but it's a marriage of best in classes.

I have noticed a new toy that is all over the internet. Judging from the price, it should be rather good.

Now you have this dangerous connection between the real and the virtual world via USB. You can fuck Jenna and she reacts to it. Indeed you can customize the makeup of any model that only a girl know what to do, and customize body parts that only a plastic surgeon know what to do.

I remembered a sci-fi story a long time ago. It goes like this. By some disease or genetic mutation, women population kept shrinking. In the beginning the surviving women became powerful, rich, with queen like status holding the world on their feet.

Years ago, there was an advance in robotics that nobody noticed. One day, a women robot as a sex toy appeared on the market. Very soon, the remaining few women in the world became left to rot in brothels for the poorest of the poor who cannot afford a computer. Amen.

(ps If anyone send me one of the above products, preferably the first one, I'lll promise I'll write a very detailed review.)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bloggers I like

Though she might be more happy to judge dicks with the myspace crowd, I like her style of writing. I read non-fiction, informative contents too but there's not much you can style around it - writing in a way that you cannot speed read is counter productive. In other words, it's harder to notice.

When worlds collide, I like the little effort in making up the title. I like to do the same, as in Cents and Sensibility, but only if the content doesn't disappoint.
The man behind the counter at the St. Marks Hotel definitely knows my secret. I often wonder what he thinks when he sees me show up there with different men more than once a week. As the proprietor of a notorious hooker hotel, he obviously knows what I’m up to. But my vanity and his discretion are so potent as to combine into a heady cocktail of suspension of disbelief. Me – young, pretty, white; perhaps he thinks I am just an amicable single girl with roommates and an active dating life. His eyes never flicker. He never offers any sign of recognition.
It's a little show off of her writing skills. I like to do a little of that too, but I it's quicker for me to find some "template" to start with. Somehow I noticed from a self levitating express train, brought down the landing gear, slowed down to run on the rail track, and enjoyed the scenery. So I very understand why people complain that my writings bump them off. Apart from not exactly English (think Esperanto), the abruptness of content, tone and sentence structure doesn't bother me. Sometimes I'm levitating in a frictionless dimension.

I can identify very much with the contents such as the little observations on the motel staffs. To me it's the other side of the coin - me client, she call girl. Though "college" is either too young or too old, and definitely too intellectual for the majority of my girls.

There are too much free porn videos on the internet for me to have the patience to enjoy written erotica. Imagine that the music industry didn't go after anybody downloading illegal mp3's.

Ah, almost forget about her honesty:
I generally make house-calls, but the callgirl who only sees single men who live alone is subsisting on a pretty paltry diet, so I occassionally have to meet a married guy who can’t “host.”

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Double weird day

I brought something this morning. The cute cashier asked me to get the store discount card. So I did. I'm easy.

The last girl I saw was back in town again. So I called her. It's been a long time.
She was fully booked. I booked another.

When I got to the ATM, my bank card was missing. I pulled out all my cards and counted one by one. It wasn't there. So I turned back to search for it, but still couldn't find it. So I called the girl to cancel and apologize. I went back to the store and nobody had picked up anything.

So I called the bank to cancel and replace my card. And they did. Normally I have three cards with pin number for cash, brokerage, bank, and credit. I decided to keep only the bank card with the credit card as a backup. The credit card that I don't use for anything else was canceled and replaced because of hackers broke into the system. I didn't ask for a new pin yet. So I was down to only this ATM card that I lost. I could go to the bank but I already canceled the booking with the girl. I accepted fate and resigned to wait for up to 7 days to get my new cash card.

Five minutes later, when I was putting all the cards in order, I came across the new store card that I got this morning. I have counted this card a few times already, every time I blame myself for putting this card into the wallet instead of the bank card, losing it somehow. In a stroke of genius, I turned the store card over. The store card turned into my ATM as if by magic. This new card is a sticky card, sticked to my ATM card perfectly. Even though I examined all the cards several times, I couldn't have noticed the two cards sticked together as one.

So I called the girl and setup a new time. On the way, there was a roadwork and a car broke down. So instead of arriving early I arrived at the exact time that I told her. When I arrived at the underground parking lot, I saw an attractive girl at the elevator entrance. She looked like she might be another working girl, but nobody should be there, especially a working girl.

I might hook up with her when I got pass her to have a good look. But first I called the girl I booked. I knew it. I was watching the girl at the parking lot, watching her answered my call. So she was the girl I booked, but I had no idea why she was there. Until she asked me how was the traffic, and apologized that she wasn't good at giving directions.

I knew she was expecting someone else but I didn't tell her. I had no idea why she waited there. We got into her room. Her phone vibrated a lot but she ignored it. We got down to business. She asked me what I do for living, what is my discussion board handle, etc. I think she suspected me. But still, she didn't know that I wasn't the person she was expecting.

Then there was knocks at the door. We all thought it was next door. Some more phone vibrations. Some more knocks. She went to check the door but she said she couldn't see anybody.

So we carried on. When she was deep throating me a little, she pulled out and asked me bluntly if I was the one she was giving the direction to. I had to say no. Then she realized that I was the one who lost my ATM card and then found it. For all the questions she asked me prior, she couldn't tell I was not the person she was expecting. Maybe she pretended not to know and hoped that the guy would go away. Maybe she was worried about her reputation. Maybe my dick was too big for her throat and she wanted to get rid of me ASAP, just kidding.

So she called the guy to explain the weird coincidence. She asked me if she could cut short my session and would compensate me. That's not a choice. Her heart wouldn't be there.

When I was ready to go, she was in the bathroom touching up her makeup in a hurry. So I took the money on the table, deducted the amount that I thought was fair. I gave it to her on my way out. She took the money, and gave me back exactly the same amount that I deducted. I thought she was generous, but she must had counted the money while I wasn't looking, and didn't expected me to have taken some of it. So I gave her back the extra deductions.

On the parking lot by the elevator, by the 2nd car next to me stood a guy waiting with a black face. He seemed to be driving a tiny black car which could be a students car. He was big, but could be young enough to be a student. I didn't know why she would wait for him in the parking lot.

When I looking out while reversing out of the parking space, I saw that his tiny car was a black MBZ sports car, not the S or compact versions, but one of the few real sport cars that MBZ have. OK, a little impressive.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Me and my Madams

First of all, how can you miss the world's most prominent call girls' and client's interviews? There are all here in Nia's blog. End of plug.

Madams can be just as ruthless as so called pimps. They can also be the best kind, teaching the girls, taking care of the girls, protecting the girls, running short of working for the girls, then they wouldn't be called Madams. Images of Madams are middle-aged women in business suits, but I'm reminiscing about the attractive ones.

In the beginning, I noticed that I was attracted to some of them, well groomed, well dressed, who doesn't? But I always thought they are untouchable. Looking back, I had fond memories of some who got away. I regret that I didn't even thought of asking them to bed.

I began to notice that the boundary is a little blurred regarding who is game and who is not. In Asia, girls usually work alone because you may hear next door bonking even if you are in decent hotels. For incalls, they tend to work in clusters so they are quite safe in numbers. In England, there are the maids, but who can also be body guards, madams, or partners in disguise. I remember checking all over a maid when she was leading me from the front door to the upstairs apartment. It seemed so strange that she was model material, who I now think she went very far to look like a maid - a bad wig which looked like she had just been raped, dirt on her face which must be artificial, ragged dirty clothes and cheap slipper. Maybe they share the apartment and take turns to be the prostitute or the maid, may be that is their client screening and selection method. But I never thought of asking if I could have the maid instead.

The bigger the apartment or the house, it's more likely they are the Madams. The most obvious ones had a big office in one of the spare bedrooms with a big antique table, and in business suit. The others are more like housewives who owned the house. I saw one who was more well groomed and in smart causals. Just when I was considering if I wanted her, who was a little mature than I expected, she brought out a kid, who was rather lovely but even in black lingerie I didn't find her sexy. She failed to make me stay, after shocking me with dirty words in my ear, and then begged like an innocent little girl. For the money I rather have Kate Moss types instead, which wasn't too difficult to find. Again I didn't thought of asking for the Madam instead.

Back to LA, you don't usually get to see anybody else in the apartment unless it's big or it's a house. But I know some girls use two apartments, so it's almost as safe as having someone in the same apartment. You can use the other as the greeting or waiting room too. My first experience with a Madam is in one such apartment.

When I got to the apartment, the Madam who answered the phone greeted me, who I wasn't expected. Usually it's the girl I am going to date. She told me looking down, with a little smile, rather shyly you can say, that she couldn't find anybody at that early time with short notice, do you want me instead? It must be like those shock tactics in books to get a girl into bed. I was all ready to go and it was very easy to say yes so everybody was happy.

She might be in her early 30's who kept herself rather well. Or she was 20's who was a little chunky, but curvy though. She didn't look that well groomed but her outfit is youngish, jeans and blouse. The funny things was that her driver, a skinny boy, was there, who must also be responsible for running errands and serving drinks. It was a good choice as she must be feeling safer, didn't have to pay him much if anything at all, and clients wouldn't feel threatened.

What she said may not be true, that she couldn't find anyone else. I didn't think the boy expected that, who must be as shocked as me, trying hard to suppress his reaction. Maybe she hoped that I was a horny stud who didn't get laid for two months, or I was the good looking great lover she was looking for, who could give her orgasm after orgasm. I was none of the above so the whole experience was like plain drinking water. I hoped she had sex only every other week, but I didn't feel it.

She wasn't those young skinny girls that I could stare at and exclaim that, "you are so cute". Any she wasn't near beautiful enough that I could look at her speechless, and then say, "you are so beautiful". She wasn't going to do anything nasty, submissive or degrading that would came back to her girls. I wasn't going into any Kate Moss, school girl, or sex slave fantasy and fucked her as such. By the way, you can say that's the john's trance, as opposed to Compartment girl's hooker's trance.

The most gorgeous Madam that I can talk about was under 25, and as if super low cute jeans wasn't enough, she pulled it further down a bit before going to the front door, then climbing up the stairs back to her apartment with you following behind, nose at her ass. When you recovered from the shock, she would told you that she was the Madam and strictly out of bound. After seeing her, my requirement was a bit high, so I turned down two girls before going to bed with the third. So I had a bit of time in between to talk with her. She wasn't anything like a working girl, probably well educated, out of college possibly, in a rush to build a successful business, knowing that it's important to start young and go for it with all you have got. She didn't say but being a Madam was really for the quick seed money, and buy some time to figure out what she wanted to get into.

The girl I dated was a bit mature, who drove me a little wild, pulling her hair while suck-kissing her. Maybe the Madam had something to do with it but I wasn't thinking of her in bed. Being a friendly co-op atmosphere, I wasn't in a hurry to go after cleaning up. I put a hand round the Madam's bare waist, had a drink, and we even hold hands. I was polite and respectful though.

When my girl came out after cleaning up too, the Madam realized the awkward situation. She found some excuse to get out of the crouch. My girl soon jumped in and held my hands instead. Sure I was thinking how to get the Madam to bed, at all cost. But sure she wouldn't be labeled a hooker without costing an arm and a let, and she wouldn't say yes in front of anybody else. That's the rule, don't compete with the girls or no one wants to work with you. Too bad, her girls weren't good enough for me to be a loyal client, so I didn't have a lot of chances to approach her in private.

It's rather common to have working girls owning or renting an apartment, or a house, when you reject her, she will introduce her roommates or friends, rather than losing the business. To make it easy for me, if I don't like the girl, I will treat her as the Madam before she has the chance to open her mouth, and ask to her to recommend her best girls. Usually it works well. But some girls want to make sure of that, subtly pointing to herself and ask, "no?". I met one with a bare killer waist and jeans. Her ad said model and possibly she's an ex-model. She was doable in her 30's but at that outing, my specific requirement in my head was a Barbie doll that I could hang out with later. She was confident enough not to have any bad feelings, and actually asked me clearly to make sure that I didn't want her.

Finally, the Madam I most fond of. I went to an apartment and saw a young girl with surprisingly little sex appeal. Sure she was disappointed when I rejected her. She took time to ask me what I wanted. But I was sure whatever I said, she would call her buddy, who was at the other end of the apartment complex.

This girl wasn't outstanding, but good enough. It could get worse and worse. She was thin and small, in ankle length tight jeans, tight V neck top, slippers and metallic blue nails. She was rather plain, girl next door type. But showing a little flesh here and there, made her full of sex appeal. I was turned off by her metallic blue pedicure (and manicure) but it was rather sexy watching her walking on her small feet and slippers. I took a good look a her backside when she came out to fetch me back into her apartment. She was my type and with the help of a little john's trance, she could be great. I had no time and energy to risk the third chance.

She said something like she remembered me but I didn't remember her. That's the problem if you are as unforgettable as me. Girls, agents, madams, they all remember me even if we met once two years ago. It's not good if I don't remember them, or what I had done to them before. Since I didn't seem to remember this girl, she pretended not to have seen me before.

Given that I we met some time ago, it can only be that girl, previously with waist length long straight hair, small and thin, average and plain on the face that's why I couldn't recognize her. But I could recognize her pair of small feet. Nice to touch pale skin texture and tight young flesh. I wasn't licking her feet or sucking her toes then, but I did hold on to them and complimented them. The bedroom was more like a study room. She made great effort to have a good conversation with me, before and after sex. I liked her but somehow I didn't go back again.

That was the notorious international student trafficking ring - just kidding. The ring leader was barely out of university I think. He tried to look intellectual and indeed his advertisements are intellectual showoffs and poetic. He had the college student connection so even before girls are out of college, they came with student visa, tourist visa, exchanges, all sort of things, and they come, go and return like merry-go-rounds. If not they became locals.

I think this smart guy became big very soon, and his fellow students who stayed on became his trusted lieutenants. They were more likely to hire help than bringing in large number of students. I think the girl I met wasn't a working girl but in charge of the operation in the apartment complex. I really think she remembered me from a year or two ago, that I was fond of her little body and particularly her feet. The 2nd time I saw her she got rid of the metallic blue nails, with perfectly trimmed natural nails instead. Between calling her and arriving there, she might have taken off her nail polish and trimmed her nails.

Once when I arrived, she told me she was having her period. She wanted to introduce me to a 19 year old or a 27 year old. What do you think would be LAP's pick? I really tried to ask her more about each girl but she somehow wasn't willing to say much except for the ages. So I had no choice but to pick miss 19, which was a bad choice. When waiting for miss 19 and then 27 to come over, I had her sitting on my lap, kissing her exposed flesh and squeezed her a little without taking her top off. When miss 27 arrived, I knew why she didn't want me to meet miss 27 because she was beautiful, had a nice curvy body and everything else was nice. When I went into the bedroom with miss 27, she told miss 27 to treat me good, in a Madam sort of way. And since she is tiny and miss 27 is more of a fully grown woman, she was a little exaggerated, talked as if she wasn't satisfied with the floor, and asked the servant to clean it again.

Miss 27 was good, good enough to run away with, but it wouldn't be easy. My little Madam is one of a kind, so I carried on seeing her. I think her period wasn't necessarily true. I think she can't let everybody know that she also fuck clients, or she wasn't supposed to. And I couldn't use the big fuck room anymore, she took me into a smaller bedroom, which could be hers. I had the feeling sometimes the fuck room was in use while I fucked my little Madam in her bedroom. I had the feeling that she wasn't supposed to be fucking, I wasn't supposed to be there.

Once she came into the bedroom, started stripping, and then called somebody. I finished the stripping and then some. I like stripping girls off piece by piece. I kissed her all over, gently, without creating too much distraction on her conversations. I couldn't care less about the conversation, but I think it was the big boss, all business, not numbers, but gangster style, the godfather kind. I didn't think she was trying to impress me, but to pretend that she wasn't doing anything in the apartment.

As for the sex, she was accommodating and eager to please. I smiled, pointed to her feet, and then the bathroom. She would go into the bath with a smile and wash her feet. Of course she had to take off her clothes and couldn't care less if I wanted to shower with her first. After shower, I wouldn't let her get out of the bath. I patted my shoulder and she would lean on my shoulder without question. So after some drying I would carry her tiny body out, fireman style, and throw her onto bed. Banging her felt good - I would use the future urban dictionary term "flesh light experience", and she must had felt very fulfilled. I never tried flesh light but I had good evidence that it is good.

I kissed her a lot but never on lips. I couldn't say I even tried. I didn't know why but maybe I was too busy on everything else. I saw her a few times and getting better every time. I stopped seeing her mainly because I couldn't spend my time, money and energy on several girls at once.

LA Player's interview

This is my interview, which contains previously undisclosed information.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Celebration

Still had the block. This a nice day to work less.

Yesterday I sent a female reader a brief email, which I though contains humor and erotica. But when I looked at it again, it can be summarized in 3 words:
Go Fuck Yourself

I apologize for the blunder. You asked this question before. This is what I want to do to you in animation. For the handful of my most treasured email and feed subscribers, you have to go to my home page to check it out. It's not work safe. Please be patient, it takes a while to load.

I swear that last time for a brief moment, Firefox 2.0 usage on my blog hovers around 50%. Together with all Firefox and the other browsers, IE total had became insignificant. One men can make a difference, if only for a few seconds. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother.

People I despise

Don't worry, it's not your turn yet.

There is a particular one-man-agency owner, agent, pimp, or whatever you choose to call it, that I hate. He is bad looking, like a thief, and looked older than his age. These are the guys who, since childhood, have been working hard or constantly trying something else to get even with their decent or good looking peers. I'm sure he wanted to brag to me that he always get to pick the cream of the crop. But he couldn't, because otherwise I would ask for those girls he mentioned. But still, he had to show off the pictures of foreign pretty girls he hooked up on the internet, before he went on overseas vacations.

He introduced me to rather nice girls at the beginning, and then the quality dropped gradually. If I hinted that his girls were not that good, he would challenge me who's bad, and reiterated his theory that you can't have champagne everyday.

My idea is for him to call me when he gets high quality champagne, and I'll disappear for a while until I am done with the girl, or when he gets better champagne. I'm happy to pay him extra introduction fee to compensate for his loss.

With me, he presents himself as a servant, I'm the big boss, and in front of his girls, talk me up a few notch above my actual social and economic status. I treated him maybe as a waiter or head waiter, with respect.

One day I had the misfortune of being at the same place with him, and one of his girls that I was taking to a date. I had seen the girl before and I quite liked her. He chatted with the girl a little as if he's the uncle, "How about the club you went to dance last night? Did you have a good time?" I wondered how come she told him that much of her private life. She never told me anything. She talked as if he was her respectable uncle. But to me she talked as if I'm just another client, though I'm sure she likes me (as a client). Worse, since she knew I liked her, her tone was a little demanding at times, and knew that I wouldn't mind.

A hooker treats client differently, that's natural even if the reviews are all true. That's easy to take. I couldn't stand was the respect she had on him, especially if she was any good, he would have tested the goods himself. In contrast, you all know how much respect a hooker has on a john!

You can blame it on sour grapes. But it's different than jealousy of another client or her boyfriend - which negative feelings I learned to eliminate. We all despise pimps or the like, don't we? He fucked her but still she has respect for him like a relative, more than respectable clients like me. It's different from in the movies, where she gives him all her takings, gets beaten up, but still loves him. If she is that dumb and in the unrealistic case that I still pick her, I probably just want to exploit her some more, without caring anything about her and how she treats anybody else.

But I understand fully. If a girl want to earn $10,000 a week quick money, he's the kind of guy to turn to. If you are good enough, even a small time pimp can find that many clients to sustain that kind of earnings for a few weeks. If you can't have anything near that to offer, you don't command that kind of respect.

It wasn't just her. Some girls, when in private conversations, mention these guys name with respect. I don't despise everyone. Some have incredibly beautiful girlfriends, and one asked me if I am interested in her sister, for an asking price that he thinks a little too high. While other girls, like Emma, try to out fox these guys and have no such respect on them.

I boiled over finally when I met him, and by accident got the glimpse of his new girl for a few seconds, that I wasn't supposed to run into. From the few seconds' head to toe impression, she is young and beautiful, meticulously done from head to toe as if she was going to apply for a hooker job on the spot. Her dress was very modest but somehow very sexy. I saw just her arms, lower legs, and feet, which all turned me on. Perhaps it was her posture, her sandals and her subtle but beautiful toe nails. I was visualizing a wild cat on heat stretching her claws.

I didn't have much to hold against him at the time. I though she was so new that the big whales and his most loyal customers got her first. Later he slipped, or wanted me to know that he had no intention to tell me her existence just because we had the same area code! I was so honored as if I would certainly ran away with her if only I met her.

I knew he feared me in a way. He preach me repeatedly not to became sugar daddy and got rip off. For example, he would say clever girls would ask me home, show me their near empty house and hint me to buy them quality furniture. That way the money I lost would be a lot better spent on one night stands with his girls.

I knew he tested me from time to time. Asking me to see girls that I met before. I went along even though I already saw them in private. I never thought he would deliberately keep any new girls away from me.

To add insult to injury, he did a bait and switch on me when I asked for her again. He told me it was a screw up of schedules, and sorry. He told me to call again soon. He added that she was real good and I must see her. Then for the first time he described how he tested the goods. She was fresh, juice and responsive. She wanted to hold back her orgasm but finally gave up, and said to him unwillingly, "Now you have it".

When I called him later, he said now she wanted half a day bookings minimum, which made me hesitated. When I made up my mind to spend the money, he told me she reached her target and was gone. I think she was gone a long time, and he made things up to keep me hanging on.

I was so desperate as to ask Chanel if she knew such a person and her whereabouts. Funny that I only knew her first name which is common, and I can only describe her from what I noticed in a few seconds, and that a lot of details like toe nails are useless, and something else I find it embarrassing to describe to Chanel. It's a small circle and it's common for cross introductions between escorts and clients. But Chanel knew it was a big deal. She had a whole list of friends, some sell themselves as porn stars or print models, that I never show any interest in. If I had shown any interest, Chanel is more than happy to introduce me. By the way, not that Chanel is better than porn stars or print models, but she is arguably prettier and she doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I still used him for a while. But the more I thought about the girl, the more I felt that he committed the cardinal sin. He kept calling me for a couple of months, but I didn't answer or return his calls. I didn't manage to dump Chanel because I couldn't resist to not answer her calls. But for him it's too easy. If I could think of how to make him call me more I would.