Thursday, April 26, 2007

On Barbie Dolls

What exactly is a Barbie doll? I'm a bit confused by the female perspective of it. Isn't a Barbie doll attractive to very attractive on the outside? Or have to be more than that?

Does a BBD have to be young? I have seen very qualified BBD's dress the same and look the same as teenagers, up to 40's. For older women, the difficult parts are the tiny skirts and the flinging around of the tiny pink purses, but many passed with flying colors, totally cute.

Does BBD's hang out like sugar babies or hookers? Personally, I rather hang out with 19 year old BBD's, attracting much less attention, than girls like Nancy (mid to late 20's). Teenagers can get away with wearing anything. Anyway, I had a hard time imagining how any woman can dress like a hooker. (Street walker attire is a very different thing.) Say a little black dress and high heels in a hotel is likely a hooker, but girls wear a lot more sexy in clubs and parties.

Let see what my BBD wears... $200+ low cut jeans and flat tummy. V's Secret is quite popular for the younger crowd because their mothers bring them to get panties together when they are little girls. It would be out of place if they go to shop for more sophisticated labels. The only attention they attract is me, who like to pull their strings under the table. $500 high heel sandals that doesn't really attract attention from afar. If they do, they look more like trophy wives who comes in big lux cars.

Unsophistication isn't all bad. I had a BBD who's idea of expensive Italian is Olive Garden. Perhaps she wasn't all that dumb. With her hanging around, it's a lot more fun to hang out there than the real Italian restaurants in Newport Beach. Once she asked me to take her to lunch when we left the motel. I was short of time so we went to MacDonald instead, her 2nd favorite she told me.

My BBD award goes to Nikki.

Every time I see her, she has this perfectly neat ass length straight blond hair. She's 19 and I have no idea where she comes from, except that she's an all American girl who will probably disappear forever after summer. It looked like she haven't received any sunshine before she came to California after school ends. And in the height of California summer she liked to show off her knee length boots, and her clothes are always layered, eg, a quarter length vest on the inside and a half length sweater or jacket on the outside.

Once I called her up on a Sunday. She wasn't home and told me to drive to a sleepy town to pick her up. She had no condom in her tiny purse and she didn't know where the motels were. Neither did I. So we went to the convenient store. Just like my town, this town is run by school boys in the gas stations and convenient stores, and school girls for the rest, including hardware stores. I told Nikki, with all her blond hair and design outfit, to stay in the car while I went inside. But she came along anyway. After searching all around the store, I couldn't find any condoms, which is strange. When I went to the cashier, I realized that you have to ask for it, which were hanged safely out of reach behind the counter. So I asked the school boy to get me my condoms. I also asked him to recommend the nearest decent motel. He was very courteous and even went outside the store to point me to the right direction. I think he looked up to me, as if I had a halo above my head, or that I was god, apollo or whatever one can think of.

It wasn't just her hair. She had a great smile. At school, she must had regret that she wasn't the most popular girl, so off school, she decided to right the wrong. She had a mentor, who I also fucked, who is a hooker and makeup artist. Nikki picked up everything she knew quick. Nikki wore a lot of makeup, not to cover up any flaws on her skin or on her face, but to make her face outline and jaw line perfect, and her eyes perfectly shaped. She is real pretty and sweet when she smiles, if you overlook the heavy makeup a little.

As for her body, it's as perky as you can get. She has larger bone structure so she wasn't a tiny spinner type. She is very healthy and very lean and in good shape. I would put her in the middle to lower levels in the cheerleader pyramid. Her feet isn't too small and when she was wearing sneakers, it looked a little clumsy. But she walks at incredible speed. With her bare lower legs and ankle length white socks, she is rather sexy even on sneakers. With slight baby fat, her feet and toes can't go any wrong. I was quite fond of them.

Best of all, when I asked her to wash her feet, she didn't think twice about it, every time. She would get naked, walk into the bath, hold her perfectly neat ass length straight blond hair with two hands, and just stood there. You can bring out a chain saw and she wouldn't blink, but if you get her hair wet she would kill you. So she just stood there and waited for me to do whatever I wanted. After her feet I would wash her pussy and ass and breast and wherever, of course as long as I stay away from her hair.

The same after washing. I would wrap her around with a towel, carry her to bed, throw her on the bed carefully, pat her dry, until it's safe for her to let her hair down without the risk of getting her hair wet.

Her ass is what I most fond of. She has big bones, narrow waist, big hips, very lean and a lot of meat. Her ass looked better than implants and felt a lot better.

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