Saturday, April 21, 2007

Never say never again

While catching up with the blogosphere, I noticed a few entries that made me think of the title words. (And of course the theme song: Never, never say never again..., never, never say never again...)

Luv's post come to mind. BTW, where's the one and only Luv? I missed her movies so much! I hope she's still blogging and making movies, and protected her blog from that guy, but welcomes old readers.

Anyway, the rule is of course not to call clients. But, just to call him means he's special, even if he's loaded and easy to cum. I can imagine that the worst will be silly clients who had entries in his phone book as Louis boobs 500, and leave his cell phone around all over the places for all to see. I do have individualized naked pictures and moaning ring tones, but only if the phone can be locked tight. Some phones can be locked, but they still allowing incoming calls and caller id display. Moreover, I have one phone two sim cards, and all secret numbers are stored in the secret sim.

All agency girls in the world give out their private numbers when asked, if not at the first date, soon and certainly after a few dates. If he broke the rules first, what does he expect?

I know it sounds desperate to call up your clients. But if you have confident and judge the situation well, who cares if you fail? Agents call me a lot, once they find out that I don't mind. Few girls call.

I had a cold call in new year's eve. She wanted to come over to LA (from nearby) to make some money but wanted to make sure that I'm on board so she would at least break even. I seen her once a while ago. I remembered her. She's the kind who thinks she should charge me more because I can afford it. She tried to reach her goal by doing less, so I have to offer her more tips, or offer her more next time. But guys' blood don't work that way. The blood isn't in the brain at that time. If you give him an extra good time, just ask if you deserve extra after. I know it can easily be a waste of your effort. Another topic.

I remembered she wasn't into it as she was thinking of something else. It's hard (difficult) to get inside her and a lot of lube was needed. If we had an honest talk and discussed about conditions, it could be good. But I couldn't give up new year eve's for her. I never called her because I can think of a few girls of her type.

I can think of some girls, if they call me, I will come to them. But why? If you are desperate, there are many ways. Say, pick somebody up where they don't know anything, and you will never meet them again.

Chanel is of course the girl who called me. She knew I'm fond of her. She knew she charged me too much. She knew I gave her many chances. She wouldn't see me for less. She even avoided me. I understand in a twisted way. For the lower price she can have anybody, why me? If I'm fond of her enough I might pay what she asked for. I wasn't satisfied with her performance for that price, and that other's can have her for less. When I got her for less, I wasn't satisfied either. I wasn't keen to see her at that price. It was a standoff, until she called.

The other thing never to do is to say goodbye. You don't call up your clients and say you are going to retire. You don't let your clients know that is the last date, maybe when he or you are out of the door. If you see a girl every month or every week, you don't tell her that you won't be back again. Well, keep to one topic. About goodbye later.

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