Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nancy 3/3

A year had passed. I didn't remember why exactly I remembered Nancy again. Perhaps I was trying to find someone qualified to come to my home for a cozy evening. I offered Chanel the chance. I wasn't that close to her at the time. Immediately she complained that it was too far, too much trouble and how would I compensate her for all that. That wouldn't be a cozy evening.

I called Emma instead. She did left some good memories at my home. Being a future real estate agent, she didn't mind that my bed sheet wasn't sparkling white or smell fresh from the laundry. (Certainly I changed it for the occasion.) More likely she was sizing the size of the bed. She didn't mind that the tiles in the bathroom wasn't pure white. More likely she was measuring the length of the tub with her legs. Soon after I dumped her because she wasn't going to charge me anymore and I wasn't ready for that.

Somehow I emailed Nancy and to my surprised she replied shortly. She's happy that somebody remembered her and that she was too happy to come out to play. But... it would cost me to lure her out of retirement. I wasn't too keen but we kept the idea alive and kept corresponding.

I think the compensation problem was settled when I brought out my trump card - the picture of 20 year old blond Barbie doll Jordan. I told Nancy that I wasn't paying that much anymore and she couldn't charge me a lot more than Jordan. And if Nancy didn't believe me I could arrange a threesome to prove it. Nancy was drooling on her, the first time I knew Nancy was bi. Jordan can be a good punch bag, but she surprised me at threesomes. She won't touch the other girl but with hookers' competition, she tried to out do Chanel and vice versa.

With compromise on price, I began to bargain what I got in return. First it was dinner and then date. Then I wanted to pick her up right after her beauty salon visit. Then she discussed her fees again. Then I countered with my home cooking instead of dinner.

One day she chatted with me at work, about the same things. To my surprise she fired up her webcam at her back office. She wouldn't show me anything except under her skirt. She flashed her breast and kept masturbating. I think she thought I would give in to all her demands. But she turned me off. I wasn't attracted at all. I blamed it on memories of her previous pretty pictures versus the current bad webcam. If not I would have hanged up and never looked back.

When I finally picked her up at the mall, I was surprised. I could swear that she was a totally different person. But I could recognize her pair of legs under her very short skirt that I asked her to wear. It would be a rare coincidence if she knows anybody else with those legs. Also, I already asked her past details that only she would know before we met that evening. She was a lot different because she had deep tan now, and her hair was dark, braid into a waist length tail as in "I love Jeanie".

I should have booked a hotel near she worked and lived as in our first plan. She was worried about everything. Worried about leaving her car in the mall parking lot at 9pm. Where I lived was too quiet for her, like all the houses were empty. Worse, there were good sized yards and public slopes between houses, it would not be too easy for somebody else to hear if she shouted for help.

When I tried to put on some music, I realized that I didn't have much CD's. I put on one that I thought could be quite nice if she didn't know what it is. But she recognized that it was music from Phantom of the Opera. That's bad.

I planned to play in the bathtub as with Emma. But I did not think she was in the mood and I wasn't keen on asking too much of her: I didn't think I was going to see her again. She wasn't as good looking as I remembered, even after accounting for the passage of time and her retirement.

Once into the sex it was better. She was her old self. Before there was too much atmosphere and she was too lady like, the ballroom dancing, the hands holding, the corset, etc. This time I did a few more down to earth positions that I didn't do on her before. She even asked me to pull her long braided tail hard while doing the doggie. But I wasn't into it.

I was hoping that she would be staying longer for drinks or for more rounds. But she was worrying about her car or maybe herself. So I took her back to the mall. Just when I was about to say goodbye, she asked if I wanted to go again seriously. I didn't ask if it was for free or not. She wasn't going to come home with me again and I wasn't going to drive a long way to get a hotel. Maybe she wanted it in the car but there's no suitable place to park. I wasn't that attracted to her and I needed some time to go again. So we said goodbye.

A week later I got email from her, attached with new pussy masturbating pictures from her webcam. I never replied. I was turned off and I couldn't tell her that.

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