Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nancy 2/3

Of course there are many nice pictures in the world. Perhaps hers are a nice combination of reality and fantasy. And that I know her and I have seen her.

Once a few months when I remembered her while I was looking around for new targets, I would check out her pictures and any news or reviews about her, to see how she was doing. Very little except for the occasional review. About a year since I saw her, I discovered this new set of pictures. I was attracted to them. I couldn't tell how she looked like but I remembered her great legs.

I called her to test the water. My excuse of not seeing her again was that I didn't know how she took my review and the trouble I stirred up in the discussion board. She remembered my name as if I saw her yesterday, and she wasn't even a little angry or annoyed about me. So I told her I had a healthy year end bonus. Who didn't? So my other excuse of not seeing her was about her fees, and also I was giving her something to look forward to. That I might not see her once and disappear again.

But this time she seemed to have an agenda, apart from enjoying it. She seduced me with a corset underneath her jacket and jeans. She ran short of inserting her feet into my mouth. She made sure I kissed them thoroughly. Again the dental dam, and her great desire of DATY.

Before she left, she asked me about the other well known independent local girls. I told her honesty what I thought, even though I hadn't seen most of them. Because I wasn't attracted. I was too honest, that she decided to raise her fees, and starting from me. I was too nice to object.

There was one strange thing. She now had a full breast. If I hadn't see her before I would think it's natural. There were some minor stretch marks and she asked me if it was worthwhile to fix it with laser. How do I know?

Again she invited me for lunch. Again I was tempted but it would attract too much attention where I worked. But this time it was pretty likely that she took Viagra. I heard often that it worked on some women. Her sexual appetite, and that she was hungry every time.

Later I realized that she wanted a review from me, the retired discussion board trouble maker. So I emailed her my draft - of course with machine corrected grammar and spelling. But she did managed to find a few readability flaws.

I called her again before I left for year end vacation. Unfortunately for her, she might had to work late. A couple of hours later she confirmed that. Her last words were, "Don't be naughty". At the time, the meaning was don't full around with anybody else and call soon. I didn't see anyone that day, but I forgot about her too. I am sure if she told me to see her tomorrow, most likely I would. And if she called me, I would come to her.

There were little news about her, except that she tried to play the discussion boards a little. She joked that she once went to a retirement home, and the guy dropped dead on her! I don't think she's that desperate. Maybe when you have seen enough old men, 40's, 50's and 60's don't matter anymore. Maybe she was honored to be chosen to satisfy somebody's final wishes (not that he was going to die so soon). Maybe the guys' friends or relatives talked her into it and she went for the adventure, or compassion?

I never thought of downloading her pictures. Then one day her site was taken over by some other girl, who used a few of Nancy's pictures, mixed with her own. Luckily, some webmaster "stole" a whole collection of her pictures, in one of those advertising sites where nobody advertises, to pretend that Nancy advertised there. That's where I rediscovered her pictures.

I never thought I would see her again but I did, after another year.

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