Saturday, April 28, 2007


Jordan is also a bit of a makeup artist, but a lot more subtle than say Nikki. On first impression you will doubt why she need any makeup at all - all the plastic surgery in the world don't get you something that she has naturally. But perhaps it was just all smoke and mirrors. Sure she needed different looks for different occasions - baby sitter next door, girl gone wild at spring break, look older to be like responsible adults, or sophisticated sexy in heels. She was 20. Since she looked different everyday, so she doesn't mind taking pictures, and she likes to post. She would pick up a flower in the parking lot and make a postcard message out of it for her friends.

Obviously, if you take Jordan to Fashion Island, you will know where she wants to shop. Unlike Chanel, whose favorite must be Neiman Marcus. Waiting for Chanel at the parking lot is as far as I go. She wouldn't let me go in with her, which is a bit of an insult if I'm not that confidence (over?). But I think she went in to cash out her gifts, or exchange new clothes for another important occasion. We never talked about shopping. When she didn't watch the clock anymore, I didn't have the time to shop with her.

Most other girls are just like Jordan, who all go to the same store. In there, as long as they don't try out too many shoes, I'm OK with that. After all, I'm not the big whales, who have to pay dearly for every minute of her time. Other than that, girls need transport, girls need to eat, and girls need to shop, and they are happy if someone pays the bill.

She would pick up a lot of things on a quick round, and off to the changing room we go. I don't think boyfriends and husbands enjoying doing this but perhaps johns do, as in Pretty Woman, or just playing with real dolls. The more things she try out, the better. It beats surfing for me. I think they likes to find someone to talk inside the changing room, and the instant feedback from the male perspective is priceless. Of course most of the time I will say that make you look fat or short or not sexy enough. For the few remaining outfits, I would ask her to make some difficult decisions before going to the cashier.

I never had problems with the sale girls in the area. Further away, most sale girls would freak out, stunted, or at least give you the look. Sure the sale girls in that store will remember me in a million years. When they looks at me, I know that they are thinking, "I want one of this". When they look at my girls, they are thinking she isn't that good, "Take me, take me". I could look like a marathon runner and with lots of hair, I never feel awkward hanging there. I used to have legs that girls told me they would kill for, and maybe those under 5'5 still will. And since I don't wear proper shoes that much anymore, I began to notice that my toes aren't bad at all.

My favorite store is Vict's. It's not the design, it's the store. It's always one of the highest profile store in any mall, including Fashion Island. Plus that much advertising with gorgeous models, everybody thinks that whatever you get is respectable, not missionary respectable I mean, but good enough for any occasion.

I feel comfortable whenever I enter the store. How many bras a girl needs? Compared to other store, shoes for example, it's like an eat all you can buffet. The changing room is arranged like a stable with about 10 tiny "rooms" on each side. Each room has a tiny door that don't cover your ass, for security (shop lifting) reasons perhaps. I'm still not sure about the policy. At busy times, like a full house, the sale girls would bring my girl in first to the far end, and then come back to escort me in to the far end, so I have to walk past all 20 women in their underwear, if they are lucky.

Maybe I enjoy nail salons a little bit more. There's no privacy and you cannot "help out" like in the changing rooms. At least you have to wait until getting to the parking lot. This is Jordan in her harmless girl next door look with someone down there doing her toe nails. This is not a typical Cali salon. This is spacious and companion friendly, where the huge seats are arranged in circles looking outward. The "better" the neighborhood, the more women, almost ALL women at ALL ages visit nail salons. The layout says, "we mean business". Often it's like women sitting in rows doing gynecology examines together. If you are unlucky enough to drive by 10 feet away from the glass door, you will be turned off big time.

BTW, it's unfortunate that American girls look a bit too healthy. Jordan is actually much thinner than Britney Spears. She has a killer waist, and the perfect natural Caramel tan that California girls would kill for. It can only be found in newborn babies or new Cali residents. As far as I have seen, you can't get that in Florida.

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