Friday, April 27, 2007

BBD Nikki

Barbie dolls are usually trouble. But you don't need too much of a good thing all the time. A very attractive girl offering girl friend experience who allow you to tie her up or discuss poetry, isn't that too much for an hour? Or an evening? Not everybody has an unlimited budget. BBD's can be fun if you don't expect too much. Just like sometimes you want a sounding board, but sometimes you want a punch bag. And often you get free lessons in parenting for the younger ones.

Nikki is a little different than most BBD's, but not much. She always try to upsell, offering her ass. I know that would be too easy for her so I declined her offer a few times, opting for longer time instead. And I was right. One afternoon, without doing much on my part, she was dripping wet. And before I completely rolled over to recover my breath, she asked, in the Miami CSI gun expert's girlie voice, as if she was asking if the bullet matched, "Do you want to go again?".

There's no free lunch in thermodynamics, so instinctively I kept my options open. "I need an hour", I replied. In reality, with passionate kissing, it would be five minutes with the right girls. Some cuddling would be half an hour. If left alone it could be an hour if I ever manage. She talked to herself, "I don't have an hour". So I let go.

After disappeared for a while, she called. It was a little bit late, so I went to see her the next day instead. I didn't want too much of a good thing, I didn't want another marathon entering all doors. I though I was very considerate to come when she called me. So I offered her a quick lunch and thought she would appreciate it. I did noticed that she was all dressed up with meticulous hair, makeup and outfit. She was not happy but didn't say a word. She started with riding me, but she stopped after a few strokes. She sat right on top of me like a stone, and with her weight, I had trouble moving and was held hostile. How cute. So I upgraded at the spot to the usual two for one deals - that is, if sold separately, it will naturally cost more than twice the normal entrance rate. And since then, I always go for two for one.

One day, after making a lot of juice, and grinding her ass too, she still wanted to upsell. An upsell is not an upsell if you satisfied you client completely first. She offered me BBBJ or oral without. I thought she was talking about next time, but she meant now. I was very tempted but I put some sense into her brain. Why would I want that when I finished twice already, in different entrances? I just promised her to see her very soon. But somehow soon wasn't enough for her. So I told her unless I could finish in the third entrance. Obviously it made sense to her, and I didn't want her to change her mind next time. So after going to the ATM, we did it. Big mistake.

I had BBD's offering their ass, who didn't know, including me, that it's almost impossible to get in without prior training. But how difficult can a BBBJ CIM be? She is rather good with her blowjob with condom.

In the middle of it, she made a loud noise, that vomit is coming out from her stomach! She jumped out of bed to vomit on the floor, but nothing comes out, except the noise. She was apologetic and again in the Miami CSI gun expert's girlie voice, as if talking about a matching bullet, "It's not you, it's me". I know. I was told by a few, and I knew it myself, that my DNA is as pungent as bleach, which is associated with cleanliness, sterile, hospital room, etc.

She kept blowing, and kept dry vomiting every minute. I didn't stop her. She was serious about it. I realized that she was pushing her boundary, putting herself through finishing school (for hookers). I couldn't help much because I came twice already. Finally I did it, and she made sure to catch the last of my ammunition in her mouth. It wasn't for me. It looked as if that's important to her.

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