Monday, April 30, 2007


I stumbled upon recent news about prostitution invasion in some European countries, and of course I heard more and more about Eastern Europeans in London. The fact that Oslo politicians are even mentioning making prostitution illegal made me think, though somewhat random.

I'm sure there are trafficking in US and LA, but for ordinary people, you don't get to see that. Like in many places else in the world, either trafficking is reserved for the rich, who pays a lot and actively looking for those things, or the outclasses of society, who think they are as exploited by society as much as the victims. Ordinary people aren't made of the right moral fabric to be trusted to enter those secret worlds. Or you just don't dare to drive into those neighborhoods.

It's not possible to have aggressive street walkers in LA. SW is the number one form of prostitution not tolerated in LA. They even go after Madam's for movie stars, what do you expect? SW can only find in places where you can get a lot more money than the fines, eg Sunset, when it's not barricaded totally by LE from time to time. It's like traffic ticket, you pay more and more fines before you need to spend a little time in jail.

Then it's the numerous massage parlors. If you open in a neighborhood that people are willing to drive into, you can't have much secrecy. Out of LA, you always heard of the famous news about 40, 50 year old women doing massage and get arrested. That said it all. You have a hard time connecting those women to trafficking. The types in LA are varied. Most are over the hill types, with the youngest model materials about mid-twenties. Most are here legally and the older ones are certainly locals. The fact is, even if they are near model materials, mid-twenties are a little old for Asian standards. If you have the connection to come here once a while on tourist vista, you dig gold.

US vista is pretty easy. I came across a Czech girl who came on her own and apply for "jobs" at top LA agencies with online presence. She is young, don't have much education and I'm sure she didn't have a steady job. She observed all the regulations, only came here about two trips per year. Now she must had brought a brand new big house (no mortgage) and laughing at her university graduated peers.

So how difficult it is for foreign citizens to get Visas, whose country produce cars that you can buy in US? Renaults?

The other LA phenomenon is as much traffic as trafficking. Every Saturday, a traffic jam will be peak at noon, all the way from LA to San Diego border crossing. It must be some 200 miles of traffic, sometimes jam at 70 mph, or 20 mph, doesn't matter, it's a congestion, never fails. Another jam peaks at Sunday evening, on the reverse direction, San Diego back to LA. The Exodus scale is mind boggling. M25 looks like a country road.

At the border crossing itself, it's not like a friendly Canadian crossing, waving you good luck and wishing you good hooking in Victoria. It's a lot more friendlier. Right up to 9/11, when you come back to US, it's a random password system. People walking shoulder to shoulder, chest to back, walking through a bridge with a width of two to 4 car lanes. You get about hundreds to one chance of being asked for the password. And the password is, not surprisingly, "US". And being in LA, all sorts of accents are accepted. I was told, a decade ago perhaps, you can bring a girlfriend back with good reasons, like taking her to Disneyland. Just promise you will bring her back to Mexico the same day.

I have done a little thought analysis as to what these people cross the border for. Shopping is a good reason but not enough to go there week after week with all the gas/petrol. Medicine is the specially good reason. You don't need much prescription so you save a lot on doctor's fee. But again you don't need to go there too often, and that fake drugs are common.

It's not for families either. There's the long drive. And now a bit of waiting to cross. You have to stop at the US side along the road to get insurance into Mexico. Once through in Mexico you better stay in the toll roads. It's safer if you go straight to your family resort at speed, and that damages are covered in private toll roads. Then you get off your destination resort right at a toll road exit.

So my conclusion is that most are down there for the legal red light district. If LA loosen up a bit, you can visualize how many more hookers are required to deal with the Exodus instead, and that's only the tip of the iceberg that you can see.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Writer's block

My writer's block is not on blogging, but work. The only thing I can write is blog. So here it is.

When I glance through the Craig's Lists prices weeks ago, it was brutal. And then there is the Jessie Parker Index at Newport Beach. I heard that she is a Barbie Doll at 40+, so I understand that normally she has no time for younger poor guys. Once in a blue moon she would offer specials in CL for the first guy or two as if she was making up the numbers for some payments. In a predictive move, I saw her offering half hours and you can even see her a little while for $200, which must be another record for the 19 year old barbies to catch up.

It is all so predictable. If you have been to clubs that the parking lot look like MBZ dealerships, you know the girls have nothing much to look forward to in April, and for some time to come. (There are of course many luxury clubs and many luxury cars. It's just characteristics of some.)

Call girls move around as in the game of musical chairs, hoping that they would at least attract someone relying on their fresh new face in another place.

It's the dreaded tax deadline in mid-April. It's so complex to the point of laughable. People spent a lot of time on it. And many people are short of disposable money, needing to pay tax in bulk or in installments. Spend big money on tax consultants is no good at all. I had the perks for a while. They are only as good as your input. The only good thing is that their returns will not be challenged, not by govt and unfortunately not by you either. Certainly they will not step into grey areas automatically like everybody else do!

And with the tax deadline comes the stock market adjustment, and the record real estate data. It's brutal, so predictable.

Usually I engineer some tax refunds enough for play, which give me great incentive to finish the return. And I only give myself a day to fire up the tax software, do the checking until mid-night, when I had to press the submit button.

If you opt for the simple return form, or you find somebody to do your taxes, you must be kidding. I would advice you to start an online subscription business like a local hotel and motel guide. Then all your outcall expenses are tax free. And how about a Mexican restaurant guide in Mexico? Then all you gas expenses down to TJ every weekend will be tax free. You have two years to close down your business and maybe start another one by the way. It could be peanuts but the passion is there, well qualified for the definition of hobby business.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Jordan is also a bit of a makeup artist, but a lot more subtle than say Nikki. On first impression you will doubt why she need any makeup at all - all the plastic surgery in the world don't get you something that she has naturally. But perhaps it was just all smoke and mirrors. Sure she needed different looks for different occasions - baby sitter next door, girl gone wild at spring break, look older to be like responsible adults, or sophisticated sexy in heels. She was 20. Since she looked different everyday, so she doesn't mind taking pictures, and she likes to post. She would pick up a flower in the parking lot and make a postcard message out of it for her friends.

Obviously, if you take Jordan to Fashion Island, you will know where she wants to shop. Unlike Chanel, whose favorite must be Neiman Marcus. Waiting for Chanel at the parking lot is as far as I go. She wouldn't let me go in with her, which is a bit of an insult if I'm not that confidence (over?). But I think she went in to cash out her gifts, or exchange new clothes for another important occasion. We never talked about shopping. When she didn't watch the clock anymore, I didn't have the time to shop with her.

Most other girls are just like Jordan, who all go to the same store. In there, as long as they don't try out too many shoes, I'm OK with that. After all, I'm not the big whales, who have to pay dearly for every minute of her time. Other than that, girls need transport, girls need to eat, and girls need to shop, and they are happy if someone pays the bill.

She would pick up a lot of things on a quick round, and off to the changing room we go. I don't think boyfriends and husbands enjoying doing this but perhaps johns do, as in Pretty Woman, or just playing with real dolls. The more things she try out, the better. It beats surfing for me. I think they likes to find someone to talk inside the changing room, and the instant feedback from the male perspective is priceless. Of course most of the time I will say that make you look fat or short or not sexy enough. For the few remaining outfits, I would ask her to make some difficult decisions before going to the cashier.

I never had problems with the sale girls in the area. Further away, most sale girls would freak out, stunted, or at least give you the look. Sure the sale girls in that store will remember me in a million years. When they looks at me, I know that they are thinking, "I want one of this". When they look at my girls, they are thinking she isn't that good, "Take me, take me". I could look like a marathon runner and with lots of hair, I never feel awkward hanging there. I used to have legs that girls told me they would kill for, and maybe those under 5'5 still will. And since I don't wear proper shoes that much anymore, I began to notice that my toes aren't bad at all.

My favorite store is Vict's. It's not the design, it's the store. It's always one of the highest profile store in any mall, including Fashion Island. Plus that much advertising with gorgeous models, everybody thinks that whatever you get is respectable, not missionary respectable I mean, but good enough for any occasion.

I feel comfortable whenever I enter the store. How many bras a girl needs? Compared to other store, shoes for example, it's like an eat all you can buffet. The changing room is arranged like a stable with about 10 tiny "rooms" on each side. Each room has a tiny door that don't cover your ass, for security (shop lifting) reasons perhaps. I'm still not sure about the policy. At busy times, like a full house, the sale girls would bring my girl in first to the far end, and then come back to escort me in to the far end, so I have to walk past all 20 women in their underwear, if they are lucky.

Maybe I enjoy nail salons a little bit more. There's no privacy and you cannot "help out" like in the changing rooms. At least you have to wait until getting to the parking lot. This is Jordan in her harmless girl next door look with someone down there doing her toe nails. This is not a typical Cali salon. This is spacious and companion friendly, where the huge seats are arranged in circles looking outward. The "better" the neighborhood, the more women, almost ALL women at ALL ages visit nail salons. The layout says, "we mean business". Often it's like women sitting in rows doing gynecology examines together. If you are unlucky enough to drive by 10 feet away from the glass door, you will be turned off big time.

BTW, it's unfortunate that American girls look a bit too healthy. Jordan is actually much thinner than Britney Spears. She has a killer waist, and the perfect natural Caramel tan that California girls would kill for. It can only be found in newborn babies or new Cali residents. As far as I have seen, you can't get that in Florida.

Friday, April 27, 2007

BBD Nikki

Barbie dolls are usually trouble. But you don't need too much of a good thing all the time. A very attractive girl offering girl friend experience who allow you to tie her up or discuss poetry, isn't that too much for an hour? Or an evening? Not everybody has an unlimited budget. BBD's can be fun if you don't expect too much. Just like sometimes you want a sounding board, but sometimes you want a punch bag. And often you get free lessons in parenting for the younger ones.

Nikki is a little different than most BBD's, but not much. She always try to upsell, offering her ass. I know that would be too easy for her so I declined her offer a few times, opting for longer time instead. And I was right. One afternoon, without doing much on my part, she was dripping wet. And before I completely rolled over to recover my breath, she asked, in the Miami CSI gun expert's girlie voice, as if she was asking if the bullet matched, "Do you want to go again?".

There's no free lunch in thermodynamics, so instinctively I kept my options open. "I need an hour", I replied. In reality, with passionate kissing, it would be five minutes with the right girls. Some cuddling would be half an hour. If left alone it could be an hour if I ever manage. She talked to herself, "I don't have an hour". So I let go.

After disappeared for a while, she called. It was a little bit late, so I went to see her the next day instead. I didn't want too much of a good thing, I didn't want another marathon entering all doors. I though I was very considerate to come when she called me. So I offered her a quick lunch and thought she would appreciate it. I did noticed that she was all dressed up with meticulous hair, makeup and outfit. She was not happy but didn't say a word. She started with riding me, but she stopped after a few strokes. She sat right on top of me like a stone, and with her weight, I had trouble moving and was held hostile. How cute. So I upgraded at the spot to the usual two for one deals - that is, if sold separately, it will naturally cost more than twice the normal entrance rate. And since then, I always go for two for one.

One day, after making a lot of juice, and grinding her ass too, she still wanted to upsell. An upsell is not an upsell if you satisfied you client completely first. She offered me BBBJ or oral without. I thought she was talking about next time, but she meant now. I was very tempted but I put some sense into her brain. Why would I want that when I finished twice already, in different entrances? I just promised her to see her very soon. But somehow soon wasn't enough for her. So I told her unless I could finish in the third entrance. Obviously it made sense to her, and I didn't want her to change her mind next time. So after going to the ATM, we did it. Big mistake.

I had BBD's offering their ass, who didn't know, including me, that it's almost impossible to get in without prior training. But how difficult can a BBBJ CIM be? She is rather good with her blowjob with condom.

In the middle of it, she made a loud noise, that vomit is coming out from her stomach! She jumped out of bed to vomit on the floor, but nothing comes out, except the noise. She was apologetic and again in the Miami CSI gun expert's girlie voice, as if talking about a matching bullet, "It's not you, it's me". I know. I was told by a few, and I knew it myself, that my DNA is as pungent as bleach, which is associated with cleanliness, sterile, hospital room, etc.

She kept blowing, and kept dry vomiting every minute. I didn't stop her. She was serious about it. I realized that she was pushing her boundary, putting herself through finishing school (for hookers). I couldn't help much because I came twice already. Finally I did it, and she made sure to catch the last of my ammunition in her mouth. It wasn't for me. It looked as if that's important to her.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

On Barbie Dolls

What exactly is a Barbie doll? I'm a bit confused by the female perspective of it. Isn't a Barbie doll attractive to very attractive on the outside? Or have to be more than that?

Does a BBD have to be young? I have seen very qualified BBD's dress the same and look the same as teenagers, up to 40's. For older women, the difficult parts are the tiny skirts and the flinging around of the tiny pink purses, but many passed with flying colors, totally cute.

Does BBD's hang out like sugar babies or hookers? Personally, I rather hang out with 19 year old BBD's, attracting much less attention, than girls like Nancy (mid to late 20's). Teenagers can get away with wearing anything. Anyway, I had a hard time imagining how any woman can dress like a hooker. (Street walker attire is a very different thing.) Say a little black dress and high heels in a hotel is likely a hooker, but girls wear a lot more sexy in clubs and parties.

Let see what my BBD wears... $200+ low cut jeans and flat tummy. V's Secret is quite popular for the younger crowd because their mothers bring them to get panties together when they are little girls. It would be out of place if they go to shop for more sophisticated labels. The only attention they attract is me, who like to pull their strings under the table. $500 high heel sandals that doesn't really attract attention from afar. If they do, they look more like trophy wives who comes in big lux cars.

Unsophistication isn't all bad. I had a BBD who's idea of expensive Italian is Olive Garden. Perhaps she wasn't all that dumb. With her hanging around, it's a lot more fun to hang out there than the real Italian restaurants in Newport Beach. Once she asked me to take her to lunch when we left the motel. I was short of time so we went to MacDonald instead, her 2nd favorite she told me.

My BBD award goes to Nikki.

Every time I see her, she has this perfectly neat ass length straight blond hair. She's 19 and I have no idea where she comes from, except that she's an all American girl who will probably disappear forever after summer. It looked like she haven't received any sunshine before she came to California after school ends. And in the height of California summer she liked to show off her knee length boots, and her clothes are always layered, eg, a quarter length vest on the inside and a half length sweater or jacket on the outside.

Once I called her up on a Sunday. She wasn't home and told me to drive to a sleepy town to pick her up. She had no condom in her tiny purse and she didn't know where the motels were. Neither did I. So we went to the convenient store. Just like my town, this town is run by school boys in the gas stations and convenient stores, and school girls for the rest, including hardware stores. I told Nikki, with all her blond hair and design outfit, to stay in the car while I went inside. But she came along anyway. After searching all around the store, I couldn't find any condoms, which is strange. When I went to the cashier, I realized that you have to ask for it, which were hanged safely out of reach behind the counter. So I asked the school boy to get me my condoms. I also asked him to recommend the nearest decent motel. He was very courteous and even went outside the store to point me to the right direction. I think he looked up to me, as if I had a halo above my head, or that I was god, apollo or whatever one can think of.

It wasn't just her hair. She had a great smile. At school, she must had regret that she wasn't the most popular girl, so off school, she decided to right the wrong. She had a mentor, who I also fucked, who is a hooker and makeup artist. Nikki picked up everything she knew quick. Nikki wore a lot of makeup, not to cover up any flaws on her skin or on her face, but to make her face outline and jaw line perfect, and her eyes perfectly shaped. She is real pretty and sweet when she smiles, if you overlook the heavy makeup a little.

As for her body, it's as perky as you can get. She has larger bone structure so she wasn't a tiny spinner type. She is very healthy and very lean and in good shape. I would put her in the middle to lower levels in the cheerleader pyramid. Her feet isn't too small and when she was wearing sneakers, it looked a little clumsy. But she walks at incredible speed. With her bare lower legs and ankle length white socks, she is rather sexy even on sneakers. With slight baby fat, her feet and toes can't go any wrong. I was quite fond of them.

Best of all, when I asked her to wash her feet, she didn't think twice about it, every time. She would get naked, walk into the bath, hold her perfectly neat ass length straight blond hair with two hands, and just stood there. You can bring out a chain saw and she wouldn't blink, but if you get her hair wet she would kill you. So she just stood there and waited for me to do whatever I wanted. After her feet I would wash her pussy and ass and breast and wherever, of course as long as I stay away from her hair.

The same after washing. I would wrap her around with a towel, carry her to bed, throw her on the bed carefully, pat her dry, until it's safe for her to let her hair down without the risk of getting her hair wet.

Her ass is what I most fond of. She has big bones, narrow waist, big hips, very lean and a lot of meat. Her ass looked better than implants and felt a lot better.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nancy 3/3

A year had passed. I didn't remember why exactly I remembered Nancy again. Perhaps I was trying to find someone qualified to come to my home for a cozy evening. I offered Chanel the chance. I wasn't that close to her at the time. Immediately she complained that it was too far, too much trouble and how would I compensate her for all that. That wouldn't be a cozy evening.

I called Emma instead. She did left some good memories at my home. Being a future real estate agent, she didn't mind that my bed sheet wasn't sparkling white or smell fresh from the laundry. (Certainly I changed it for the occasion.) More likely she was sizing the size of the bed. She didn't mind that the tiles in the bathroom wasn't pure white. More likely she was measuring the length of the tub with her legs. Soon after I dumped her because she wasn't going to charge me anymore and I wasn't ready for that.

Somehow I emailed Nancy and to my surprised she replied shortly. She's happy that somebody remembered her and that she was too happy to come out to play. But... it would cost me to lure her out of retirement. I wasn't too keen but we kept the idea alive and kept corresponding.

I think the compensation problem was settled when I brought out my trump card - the picture of 20 year old blond Barbie doll Jordan. I told Nancy that I wasn't paying that much anymore and she couldn't charge me a lot more than Jordan. And if Nancy didn't believe me I could arrange a threesome to prove it. Nancy was drooling on her, the first time I knew Nancy was bi. Jordan can be a good punch bag, but she surprised me at threesomes. She won't touch the other girl but with hookers' competition, she tried to out do Chanel and vice versa.

With compromise on price, I began to bargain what I got in return. First it was dinner and then date. Then I wanted to pick her up right after her beauty salon visit. Then she discussed her fees again. Then I countered with my home cooking instead of dinner.

One day she chatted with me at work, about the same things. To my surprise she fired up her webcam at her back office. She wouldn't show me anything except under her skirt. She flashed her breast and kept masturbating. I think she thought I would give in to all her demands. But she turned me off. I wasn't attracted at all. I blamed it on memories of her previous pretty pictures versus the current bad webcam. If not I would have hanged up and never looked back.

When I finally picked her up at the mall, I was surprised. I could swear that she was a totally different person. But I could recognize her pair of legs under her very short skirt that I asked her to wear. It would be a rare coincidence if she knows anybody else with those legs. Also, I already asked her past details that only she would know before we met that evening. She was a lot different because she had deep tan now, and her hair was dark, braid into a waist length tail as in "I love Jeanie".

I should have booked a hotel near she worked and lived as in our first plan. She was worried about everything. Worried about leaving her car in the mall parking lot at 9pm. Where I lived was too quiet for her, like all the houses were empty. Worse, there were good sized yards and public slopes between houses, it would not be too easy for somebody else to hear if she shouted for help.

When I tried to put on some music, I realized that I didn't have much CD's. I put on one that I thought could be quite nice if she didn't know what it is. But she recognized that it was music from Phantom of the Opera. That's bad.

I planned to play in the bathtub as with Emma. But I did not think she was in the mood and I wasn't keen on asking too much of her: I didn't think I was going to see her again. She wasn't as good looking as I remembered, even after accounting for the passage of time and her retirement.

Once into the sex it was better. She was her old self. Before there was too much atmosphere and she was too lady like, the ballroom dancing, the hands holding, the corset, etc. This time I did a few more down to earth positions that I didn't do on her before. She even asked me to pull her long braided tail hard while doing the doggie. But I wasn't into it.

I was hoping that she would be staying longer for drinks or for more rounds. But she was worrying about her car or maybe herself. So I took her back to the mall. Just when I was about to say goodbye, she asked if I wanted to go again seriously. I didn't ask if it was for free or not. She wasn't going to come home with me again and I wasn't going to drive a long way to get a hotel. Maybe she wanted it in the car but there's no suitable place to park. I wasn't that attracted to her and I needed some time to go again. So we said goodbye.

A week later I got email from her, attached with new pussy masturbating pictures from her webcam. I never replied. I was turned off and I couldn't tell her that.

Nancy 2/3

Of course there are many nice pictures in the world. Perhaps hers are a nice combination of reality and fantasy. And that I know her and I have seen her.

Once a few months when I remembered her while I was looking around for new targets, I would check out her pictures and any news or reviews about her, to see how she was doing. Very little except for the occasional review. About a year since I saw her, I discovered this new set of pictures. I was attracted to them. I couldn't tell how she looked like but I remembered her great legs.

I called her to test the water. My excuse of not seeing her again was that I didn't know how she took my review and the trouble I stirred up in the discussion board. She remembered my name as if I saw her yesterday, and she wasn't even a little angry or annoyed about me. So I told her I had a healthy year end bonus. Who didn't? So my other excuse of not seeing her was about her fees, and also I was giving her something to look forward to. That I might not see her once and disappear again.

But this time she seemed to have an agenda, apart from enjoying it. She seduced me with a corset underneath her jacket and jeans. She ran short of inserting her feet into my mouth. She made sure I kissed them thoroughly. Again the dental dam, and her great desire of DATY.

Before she left, she asked me about the other well known independent local girls. I told her honesty what I thought, even though I hadn't seen most of them. Because I wasn't attracted. I was too honest, that she decided to raise her fees, and starting from me. I was too nice to object.

There was one strange thing. She now had a full breast. If I hadn't see her before I would think it's natural. There were some minor stretch marks and she asked me if it was worthwhile to fix it with laser. How do I know?

Again she invited me for lunch. Again I was tempted but it would attract too much attention where I worked. But this time it was pretty likely that she took Viagra. I heard often that it worked on some women. Her sexual appetite, and that she was hungry every time.

Later I realized that she wanted a review from me, the retired discussion board trouble maker. So I emailed her my draft - of course with machine corrected grammar and spelling. But she did managed to find a few readability flaws.

I called her again before I left for year end vacation. Unfortunately for her, she might had to work late. A couple of hours later she confirmed that. Her last words were, "Don't be naughty". At the time, the meaning was don't full around with anybody else and call soon. I didn't see anyone that day, but I forgot about her too. I am sure if she told me to see her tomorrow, most likely I would. And if she called me, I would come to her.

There were little news about her, except that she tried to play the discussion boards a little. She joked that she once went to a retirement home, and the guy dropped dead on her! I don't think she's that desperate. Maybe when you have seen enough old men, 40's, 50's and 60's don't matter anymore. Maybe she was honored to be chosen to satisfy somebody's final wishes (not that he was going to die so soon). Maybe the guys' friends or relatives talked her into it and she went for the adventure, or compassion?

I never thought of downloading her pictures. Then one day her site was taken over by some other girl, who used a few of Nancy's pictures, mixed with her own. Luckily, some webmaster "stole" a whole collection of her pictures, in one of those advertising sites where nobody advertises, to pretend that Nancy advertised there. That's where I rediscovered her pictures.

I never thought I would see her again but I did, after another year.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nancy 1/3

When Nancy first came out to play, she had a set of "too good to be true" lingerie set of professional photos. Worse, she did outcall only so nobody took the plunge, but I did.

I was a little disappointed when I met her. I took the plunge because if she was pretty then it would be almost perfect at the looks department. Certainly she wasn't ugly. Perhaps she wasn't pretty enough so I can't pick her face up in a photo lineup even I saw her a couple of times. Maybe she looked different every time, which didn't help.

Her body is great though. She's tall, must be 6' with a little heel. She has a bit of shoulder so she wears her tops and jackets well. Of course she has long great legs, plus big sexy hips to go with them. But her waist was too narrow, to the point of looking unnatural. She has small real breast, which wasn't in good shape, but looked perky in compensation. It was good to squeeze too.

She came in smart causal for work, indeed she never left her day jobs. She got through my door effortlessly. Thinking about it, most other girls will ask me to get comfortable, or sit side by side, or close enough. But she sat on the chair in front of me while I sat on the bed. So I had a good look all over her while we talked for a while. She had confidence. Immediately I noticed her simple but perfectly trimmed red toenails through her sandals.

Personality wise she was great. She grew up in the area of the hotel I picked, close to where I worked. She knows who the good guys are and she treated me very well. More often I got VIP treatment because I have connection, such as I use the agency a lot, or I come back to see the same girl after a week.

She was never in a hurry. She looked around, walked around the room in slow motion, with stripper posture, switched off most of the lights, adjusted the blind to give atmosphere. Other girls either don't want me to see anything by blocking all lights, or don't care, but not her.

She spent a lot of time on the radio to get the perfect music. I should have got out to the front desk to borrow a CD to save time. Just happened it was one of those hotels for long business stays, with gym, DVD players and software library. Then she stripped, but only down to her tight body suit. She pulled me up from bed to -- dance! Ballroom style. I let her to the full length mirror and stripped her there, caressed her too. Finally we hold hands and got slowly into bed.

I paid a lot of attention to her legs. I wasn't bold enough yet to kiss, lick or suck. I was appreciating her legs like a piece of antique, and she was sitting on bed with hands supporting her body, stretching her legs. Naturally I held her foot gently and kissed the back of her foot, just like that you kiss on somebody's back of hand. She responded by lifting her foot right in front of my mouth in slow motion, supporting her lifted leg with the other leg bended. The rest is history. Everything happened so naturally. I think it's exactly like that you realize you have oral fixation for the first time. I kissed gently on her big toe, then wet kissed it with a little of tongue, then finally sucked it. Then move on the the next one. When I counted to five, her legs would swap position so I could continue with the next five. She focused on what I was doing with enjoyment and pride, just like I looked at her doing blow job.

She was the only one girl who blows with a dental dam! Certainly she has an oral fixation. She wouldn't stop until you told her too. And since she went so slow, it would take forever. I think she did it not really for the money. It was to satisfy her fantasy, and of course she likes sex. She rather had guys talking that her pictures are too good to be true, rather than putting up more run of the mill pictures on her website. Certainly she liked me to go down on her and certainly I didn't satisfy her enough that way; I wasn't a big fan on wet pussies.

She invited me for lunch, but I declined reluctantly. She might not turn everybody's head, but everybody would look at her. Not everybody will notice me, but by her side everybody will. I find it awkward to go with her to busy restaurants in my own turf. It helped if she wasn't that tall.

If she kissed a little, she would drive me crazy. Since she didn't even volunteered a lip kiss, I didn't think she would kiss easily, at least not the French type. So I wasn't prepared to see her anytime soon and spend that much money. But I was so impressed with her that I decided to pimp her around in the discussion boards.

I wrote her first review, a very good review. But you know, saying that she wasn't as beautiful as a movie star that I expected, and that her breast was real but not in perfect shape, is bad. I didn't know how bad she took it. I knew she read but not participated in discussion boards. Worse, you know some guys are really naive and annoying. His money is more important then everybody else's, so in no way he will risk being ripped off. And his reputation is better than most other people that he can not risk being tricked by law enforcement in any way. Normally you can be 100% risk free on only one you pick that is more important to you. Or, you choose a combination of risk that suits you. But if you want 100% risk free on both counts, you better stay at home or fly away.

I made a lot of enemies. And as I was the only one who pimped her, I didn't know if I helped or made it worse for her. Later I saw a funny review. The guy obviously ranted. He must had read my review. When he went down for her toes, he reported that she said, "now, don't be nasty", and withdrew her feet. I didn't know how much foot fetish guy she got because of my review, and I can understand how fed up she could be.

And since I wasn't keen on seeing her again to start with, I decided against seeing her again. But I checked her website from time to time, like looking at my own albums for memories of good times.

Never say goodbye

The best way for a call girl to retire is to give up your phone number. Seeing someone one last time out of courtesy could be trouble, even if you think you know him well enough.

If you want to avoid or dump a client, some wouldn't say a word but some would be big trouble. A good lie will be good if you can find one, or try not to explain the unexplainable. The best is of course honesty if you can, because if he's desperate enough, he can ask somebody to book you for example.

Why would anyone be surprised if a john want to dump his favorite hooker? Is that a benefit of paying? Why would a hooker even care or think twice about it? Most likely he runs out of money, or found somebody more comfortable for his budget.

In any case, I don't think saying goodbye is a good idea. You never know you may want to comeback, just for a while for the fun of it. I emailed Nancy long after she retired. She was happy that I remembered her and she was happy to come out for a dinner date.

I tried to dump Chanel when she was on the pill. I didn't know that at the time but I noticed that her body had been changing a little. I hinted if she worked out, she could charge a lot more (but not from me). At that time, it was too much of a good thing. I met a few other girls who gave me 80% of the satisfaction for a lot less. I kept looking because I didn't want to be addicted to her. I returned her call and still dated her once a while because I thought she was desperate. She even borrowed her client's phone during lunch and called me. I didn't know it would be her so I couldn't have avoided her. If I'm in a good mood to talk, she would make her client jealous. How do I know? Because she did the same thing to me at lunch on the 2nd last time we met.

A few times I could have dumped her because she made me really angry for various reason. After a while it didn't mattered - it's pure business, she gave me more pleasure than what I could find at the time. The last time I saw her, she was like begging me to call her after I came back from vacation. I was certain I would, but I didn't tell her that. I would because she was off the pill for at least a couple of months then, and I could still remember the low cut jeans and her short T-shirt she wore that day.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Never say never again

While catching up with the blogosphere, I noticed a few entries that made me think of the title words. (And of course the theme song: Never, never say never again..., never, never say never again...)

Luv's post come to mind. BTW, where's the one and only Luv? I missed her movies so much! I hope she's still blogging and making movies, and protected her blog from that guy, but welcomes old readers.

Anyway, the rule is of course not to call clients. But, just to call him means he's special, even if he's loaded and easy to cum. I can imagine that the worst will be silly clients who had entries in his phone book as Louis boobs 500, and leave his cell phone around all over the places for all to see. I do have individualized naked pictures and moaning ring tones, but only if the phone can be locked tight. Some phones can be locked, but they still allowing incoming calls and caller id display. Moreover, I have one phone two sim cards, and all secret numbers are stored in the secret sim.

All agency girls in the world give out their private numbers when asked, if not at the first date, soon and certainly after a few dates. If he broke the rules first, what does he expect?

I know it sounds desperate to call up your clients. But if you have confident and judge the situation well, who cares if you fail? Agents call me a lot, once they find out that I don't mind. Few girls call.

I had a cold call in new year's eve. She wanted to come over to LA (from nearby) to make some money but wanted to make sure that I'm on board so she would at least break even. I seen her once a while ago. I remembered her. She's the kind who thinks she should charge me more because I can afford it. She tried to reach her goal by doing less, so I have to offer her more tips, or offer her more next time. But guys' blood don't work that way. The blood isn't in the brain at that time. If you give him an extra good time, just ask if you deserve extra after. I know it can easily be a waste of your effort. Another topic.

I remembered she wasn't into it as she was thinking of something else. It's hard (difficult) to get inside her and a lot of lube was needed. If we had an honest talk and discussed about conditions, it could be good. But I couldn't give up new year eve's for her. I never called her because I can think of a few girls of her type.

I can think of some girls, if they call me, I will come to them. But why? If you are desperate, there are many ways. Say, pick somebody up where they don't know anything, and you will never meet them again.

Chanel is of course the girl who called me. She knew I'm fond of her. She knew she charged me too much. She knew I gave her many chances. She wouldn't see me for less. She even avoided me. I understand in a twisted way. For the lower price she can have anybody, why me? If I'm fond of her enough I might pay what she asked for. I wasn't satisfied with her performance for that price, and that other's can have her for less. When I got her for less, I wasn't satisfied either. I wasn't keen to see her at that price. It was a standoff, until she called.

The other thing never to do is to say goodbye. You don't call up your clients and say you are going to retire. You don't let your clients know that is the last date, maybe when he or you are out of the door. If you see a girl every month or every week, you don't tell her that you won't be back again. Well, keep to one topic. About goodbye later.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Letting off steam

I'm back, maybe for a little. It was just work work work. Back to Nancy. I was mesmerized by her first set of pictures, which looked more like a hot girl in bikini than this set, which looked more like a woman. For some reasons that I may expand later, I met her once. But I checked her website from time to time, say, once every few months, looking at the same set of pictures. One day, a year later, I came across this new set. It worked on me, especially the knee bending one, that I had to call her again. By the way, she wasn't all that. But I know her legs and her frame are real. And she was the first woman whose toes that I noticed, and made advances. What else I had to lose? I'll talk about her later.

I said before that I needed escape from work from time to time. What can beat sex, beauty, exercise and fantasy ? Maybe it's a little more than that. That's letting off steam. I'll tell Chanel to wear pretty makeup, but not too much which will become a big mess after me. Dress them up in fantasy clothes. Get them 4 inches high heels. Rip it all off. Smell them, taste them, nibble them. Torture them - in a good way. I didn't even spank her, because I think she would do it pretty easily. Maybe I became an occasional licker because she couldn't bear it. Just like her feet. She wouldn't let me play much at first. Then it was like torture. Then she started spending time on nail salons, and seduce me with her fresh pedicure.

I still call her from time to time, when I go out to play. She didn't find it necessary to change her phone number. She just didn't pick up the phone. Maybe she really is a special case that made my adventure special. I called at the best time that she wished she would get those calls from me in the past - like Tuesday and Wednesday noon. I called to tease her, that I'm going out to spend that money anyway, whether you need it or not.

But I'm sad to say that it wasn't that fun anymore. So can I say that I'm now a normal moral person, who surrender to temptation once in a blue moon? But sadly, unless a call girl is looking for boy friends, it doesn't make you a better person. Or I should say it doesn't make you a better john. Actually you would always get a bad deal.

Now that I don't get the urge to go out to play that much, I can enjoy some erotic art without reaching for the phone right afterwards, or in the middle of it. Look what I found? Now 3D art, or should I say porn, is becoming respectable now. So called 3D virtual reality in movies is really 2D. It's perfect, but it's 2D. I stumbled upon on this demo - which looked interesting. It doesn't look too realistic, but it looked good! Hair is the difficult part. There's teeth, choice of nail colors. Toes look decent enough and heel are sexy. There are 3D's that looked more real, and there are ones that move better. But this is a nice combination. It's good enough that Jenny Jameson (can't spell her name as I never watched her movie) the famous porn star with an empire, brought into that rendering engine and produced the same 'game' with her in it. But why would I want Jenny when I can have anything I wanted?