Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scrap your old pictures!

Too often ladies keep all their professionally taken pictures in their online galleries, say one collection per year. I really don't want to know how you looked before, no matter how gracefully you age.

I always want to rant to my heart's desire about pictures. Firstly, use a professional photographer who also has experience in taking escort pictures - an award wining picture doesn't mean a thing if you do not know what the clients want to see. You don't need to take pictures by yourself using a cell phone camera to get real pictures.

Ideally, three pictures are enough, front, back, and side. If you are not symmetrical, maybe the other side too. All pictures should be taken from head to toe with natural standing postures, which is how most people look at other people. The resolution should be high enough to see some skin textures or complexion. Completely nude pictures are always welcomed - a good photographer can make it as artistic as anything else. Make sure the skin colors are all the same, and if you wear anything, wear the same thing in all the pictures.

No picture cocktails please! You may love to pick the best pictures from your family photo album to display, to cover all the client base. But since women can look totally different the next day, nobody will have a clue what they will end up with. Stick on a single image of you to project. Same hair style, same makeup, same makeover.

You may want to display more than a few pictures, as in a beauty pageant, with elegant evening dress, causal wear, bikini, lingerie and nothing. Or, cheerleader, nurse, vinyl, etc. That's OK but make sure that it looks like the same you in all the pictures - preferably on the same studio session, or at least with same hair color and style.

Some ladies presented only one impossibly attractive picture, which made me pick up the phone at once. I know there may well be some trickery in the picture but I am willing to take the risk. This will not work if there is one more picture, even taken at a slightly different angle. The more you look, the less likely you will develop a crush.

Typical studio background should not be used. The background should contain some focused details, so it's not easy to do post editing. There should be some color as the reference points, so the color distortion due to studio lighting and post editing can easily be detected. How about standing in front of a video test color chart?

No black and whites please! The picture will be very good looking, but I don't know about you.

I understand if you don't want to show your face. Indeed think twice about showing your face. I still have Chanel's first ever Internet pictures and videos. If you hide your face please use good digital techniques. Don't make yourself ugly or even scary.

If you don't show your face in your pictures, there is a common trick to show that it's you in the pictures. Show a unique tattoo or piercing. Without that, you can make love to the lady all night long, but still not sure if the pictures are hers. Maybe for this reason, I like to play doctor and dermatologist doing close examinations. I can tolerate a thumb sized pretty colorful tattoo, and a small belly button piercing.

Don't apply oil to your skin, or take wet pictures. It's too obvious that you are hiding something. One way to prove that your picture is 100% real is to wear a tight bra and then show off the resulting bra lines. Showing off your lovely freckles for example has the same effect.

It may not be well known, that riding on the often seen Cityvibe wooden horse makes your legs look longer by several inches. So don't try postures too original. For example, twisting your waist other than a little means that you have kids. Lying down or leaning means your boobs are falling down. Upside down means you are ugly. Sitting down means you are short or your legs are.

And don't cut off your feet in your pictures. Bare or sandals instead of shoes. I did see one girl that I doubted if she had ten toes.

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