Saturday, January 20, 2007

I was all ready to go out on a Friday afternoon break. I trimmed my bush and all that. I was so sure - Cat announced a couple of days in advance that she would be back. I revolted my decision that I would not see Laura again. I like her character and she's available.

Aviance came back unexpectedly. I was about to send her several of my long shot references, before I noticed that she didn't offer her $300 specials anymore. For the "regular" price I have a lot more choices and I won't limit myself to someone close by. At least I don't need to apply and lineup. And since I'm not going to see her every other week for that price, it doesn't make much difference if I double her price and see someone better once a while. For a further little more I can take Chanel to Vegas. She loves gambling so much that I think I should charge her more for the driving.

Another new girl, who I thought was going to check out on Friday morning, posted that she would be in until 5 pm. I sent her a private mail and then called. No response as expected. Today she posted a picture of her face. I was so lucky. She must be doing this because too many guys U-turned at the door.

So I followed my original plan and called Cat. I gave up altogether at the seventh ring. Maybe I shouldn't treat her as a local. I miss Chanel; most of the time she would pick up the phone. I knew the best time to call her. If not I will let the phone ring 3 or 4 times. She would call me back shortly. Sometimes she would call me back after lunch with friends or family. If she's totally not available she would call back within at most a few hours to chat.

I didn't call Laura. There's no rush. She will be there when I need her some other day - a contradiction of sort. I fired up my DVR instead and watched TV instead.

Today TER released 11 reviews in my area. One advertised in city-source charging much more than $300. One advertised in city-vibe. Most certainly it's a dubious agency or brothel or some sort. For the other nine, most advertise in Craig's List, with a few in the free city-vibe classified. Somehow the CL spams get propagated everywhere. Imagine that the TER monkeys have to devote most of their screening effort on CL reviews, which you can get elsewhere for free.

My porn name is something like Bruce Francisco, how boring. I think I'm as boring as many Californians, who name their pets after movie stars, and live on streets named after saints.

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