Sunday, January 07, 2007

Goodbye Laura, Hello Cat

The date with Laura started good. She looked good in her strapless bra and throng. But she took it off in no time and jumped into bed. They all don't want to let clothes get dirty. That's why it's not safe to bring atmospheric music to the date. It's too easy to make a fool of myself. There's the irony: you can pay more once a while for the sure thing, but then you don't expect to see her again.

Laura stated that she's late twenties, so she might be about 30. Since she has a baby face, she looked younger than her age, so she ended up about late twenties. Laura isn't small - 5'10, and not a skinny girl. With that size and age, her body comes out rather nice. But immediately I can see that her sizable boobs are real. It sags a bit and I can see the hang lines. However, it's not at all bad, especially for real ones. Though I am more used to work of art type fake ones, or smaller younger ones that hang better.

She has nice long legs, full bottom, and nice skins so I started the sashimi thing as usual. When I was light kissing down pass her ankles I took a glance at her feet. There were smooth for her age, clean, but her nails are painted blood red. I didn't enter a trance so I stopped there.

Before we started, she asked me what girls I had been seeing, as if to see what kind of clients I am and what the market situation is. I do see other girls from time to time when Chanel was around. But Laura wouldn't know any of them by name. So I simply told her that I am the kind of guy who like to see one girl at a time. Chanel disappeared a month ago, meaning that I had to find a replacement.

That motivated her enough to try giving me a blow job that I won't forget. I didn't. Even with the condom I felt her teeth. I was really surprised I was in pain, because certainly she wasn't at all new to the game. Maybe she tried too hard. Being a gentlemen I hang on, hoping she would stop anytime. She stopped, but only briefly when she moved around like the handle of a clock. She doubled her effort because I wasn't hard enough. It got worse at times and I almost had to tell her at several instances.

Before that, when I was going down on her, she stopped me and asked to check if there's any sores in my mouth. So imagine that if my favorite music were playing.

She did kiss a lot, though not with tongue. She looked good in the doggy position, with long legs and large bottom. I finished with missionary, giving her some more kisses. She walked me to the door naked when I left. She has potential.

Right before the new year, suddenly I had some free time around noon. I called her again. She might be late on short notice and I had to go at 2pm. Also, first she had to check with the hotel manager who she knows to see if she could check in early. At the end we decided to have a go, she needing to take a cab because her car was out of action.

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