Saturday, January 06, 2007

Busted News

See link at title. The house of prostitution is in an up scale gated community with a golf course. You can see some of the problems if prostitution is legalized in US.

Even though it's highly illegal, everybody in the neighborhood knows about it for years. They give out fliers in the neighborhood. You can see the high traffic in the drive ways. They even modeled for clients outside the house and had loud parties.

It's the culture thing. In the rest of the world it will be discrete. If you want up scale parties you go to expensive clubs. In dense cities, often residential, commercial and red light district is in the same building, with different entrance and lifts. So if you are discrete, nobody need to know. In UK suburbs, they try to keep it a secret. If not, many johns will not come because they feel unease. And if the neighborhood is annoyed, they will intimidate the johns by having someone around the house or apartment to give every john the look. It simply makes sense to be discrete even if that's perfectly legal. Even in deprived areas where prostitutes turned the whole street into brothels, residents can express their disapproval by neighborhood demonstrations. If you don't understand why the busted girls behave like that, you don't understand the problems with legalization in US, including me.

In US the johns care much less about the other residents. In dense apartments, nobody knows anybody by design. In rest of the world, it's usually a few apartments per floor, so at least you know what's going on. In low density condo and houses, American johns drive directly into the garage, drive way, or at least there are plenty of parking spaces. In rest of the world, johns have to come face to face with other residents much more often.

And if you are not careful, advertising in the London phone booths can easily look like a child's tiny scrap book. In a 'good' day in Vegas, walking on the streets, you cannot avoid getting a flier full of escorts unless you have a female or child with you. They just allow you to walk through in that case. Though the city has equally the resources to kill it; all big business are against it.

And then there's the combination of gang culture, corruption and police resources. Obviously in this case the girls have the blessing of some VIP, who harmlessly thinks that the neighborhood deserve some fun. Even though the neighbors know about it for years, it's the local newspaper who tipped off the police, who have no choice but to act. The police has a lot less power and I bet a lot less resources than in Asia and Europe. Though it's extremely unlikely that, if you stand out and complain, you will get a drive by shooting in retribution. But precisely this is the fear that drive Americans into gated neighborhoods. You can scare the shit out of people if you leave a toilet roll at their door. Americans are generally very polite if you know where they live, work, their license plate and phone number.

If legalized, it will depend on civil courts. Developers will sell houses and commercial units with no-prostitution clauses. I don't know how much it make sense, but leaving the housing Association to deal with it will be ineffective. They may have retired FBI, retired lawyer or ex-CEO on the board, who will threaten you with legal action immediately if you are late in trimming the trees. But since they all live there, I doubt if they are effective in dealing with serious matters.

It's mind boggling for others in the civilized world, that if you walk into any retail stores or company asking for help for a tiny bandage, they will be very alarmed and consult their resident lawyer if they have one. Yet at the same time, there are numerous people driving without license, numerous fake ID's, numerous guns.

In the rest of the world, if you give up the control on prostitution, you still have the control of immigration. In LA, it takes a year of more to build up a case against prostitution. Police have no power to check the status and ID of people, sort of. In rest of the world, it's a matter of a regular check for illegal immigrations to stop trafficking.

Is it a good thing for escorts? Price will drop to reasonable levels as other parts of the world. Those charging the entry level of $300 on the internet cannot charge anything like it anymore. There will be more young girls joining the trade as in the rest of the world. Magnet for illegal immigrants. If there is a model for the things to come, it should be the rich Asian cities with income approaching US on average, a fraction of the price at the entry level, minus the police effectiveness, multiple the number of illegal immigrants, minus the border control.

It only make sense for a member of parliament to stand up and say she likes the Swedish model, where providers are legal while johns are not. That looks good for her and nobody will remember that after 5 min. Practically, if any nation can raise the benefit levels to that of Sweden, many problems will be solved by itself. In UK they cannot get rid of all street walkers even though both sides are illegal. If you further legalize the girls, they will just parade everywhere. This make it easier for johns, and while still illegal, it's now safer by numbers.

On a side note, the police discovered detail record of johns, many are professionals, and promised to prosecute. This is precisely why screening to verify real name is dangerous. Famous movie starts are busted this way.

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