Friday, January 26, 2007

Down the dungeon

Despite that I'm rather simple nowadays, I still came across as this and that.

It must be one of those good old moments: that I had piles of money but didn't know how to burn it. I knew people who lost a boat that he never had, by sitting and did nothing. Those who did something with their 401k's, it's not uncommon to lose half of it. Even if you paid down your mortgage, the meager few percent didn't make up the devaluation in dollar. So I burnt it on hookers, brilliant.

But this time it really wasn't hookers, I was bored a bit. LA has a few well known dungeons and how could I not give them a visit? Imagine being in a torture chamber, or better still, a classroom? I would have gone a long time ago if I could find a good looking submissive. Dominas are much more attractive, but I have no interest being pushed around. Natasha looked good enough. How could I go wrong with her legs? But I knew there must be some catch. I knew she was a bit older, but I didn't know how old. And I doubt if there would be any sex involved. If sex was included, it would be a brothel wide open for business. But still, there are plenty of establishments getting away with sex. Without better things to do I went there anyway.

The dungeon was in North Hollywood. The neighborhood looked like a normal suburb, big houses and apartments with surrounding green lawns, except that all structures were surrounded with temporary metal fences, like those in a building site. The atmosphere thickens - a decadent house surrounded by metal fences! The number in the address might be included in an apartment complex, but no apartment with that number exited. So I began looking around for an address with a secret number. You know, those streets with, say, only number 19 missing. Sometimes 19 never existed or demolished, and some con artist took advantage of that. Sometimes 19 turns up in the most unexpected location, where the owner don't want you to find. Intriguing!

That was not my day. I exchanged the position of two digits in the address. I found out when I called them in desperation. It was a strange location. It was a cheap industrial area by the freeway. The dungeon shared a flat square structure with a car mechanics workshop next door.

The receptionist was a good looking girl, a bit goth, in some minor BDSM outfit, who talked as if she's a Dom. Natasha was available and I booked her for half an hour. They didn't ask what theme room I needed, and put me into the default common room, which had bits of everything.

Natasha didn't disappoint. She looked just like her pictures, especially her legs. She was very tall, beautiful face, nice body frame, nice shoulders, slender curves. But the catch was, she was older. Her body was soft to the touch, and her skin felt a bit weathered. But nothing unpleasant.

I though all the big and small toys in the room would be quite fun. The room looked tidy, but I could see that Natasha treated everything as poisoned. She wouldn't touch anything bare without wiping it first. She also brought her own toys in a plastic bag - ping pong ball bat, whip, etc.

She knew I'm a virgin in BDSM. She was patient, eager to please so I would come back for more. Without much thought, I tied her hands up on a horizontal beam hanging down from the ceilings. She was like being tied up on a cross, but in fact only her hands were tied, and stood up on her own.

The rules were very complicated. I didn't know if she made it up to suit herself, or those rules were devised by lawyers to overcome all the Cali penal codes. I could strip her naked of course, and I could be naked. I could touch her anywhere except for her kitty. The same for my penis. I could not use my mouth. So I did what a man would do to a woman tied up on a cross, but without violating the rules. I spanked her too. But I wasn't keen on using her bat and whip. I prefer bare hands. But usually after a smack or two I will sooth the pain with my lips. This time I couldn't and I lost interest in more spanking.

At the end I asked for a handjob. Even if I were willing to spend the money, finding someone quick from there would be a problem. She said she couldn't do it. I made sure that she got enough motivation to do it if she could. Just when I was about to do it myself, she said there's the option of a foot job. Did I say the rules were complicated? So that was the only time I got a foot job. The only time I went to a foot fetish session I didn't get it, I upgraded to something else.

It was fun. A few images came up in my head, including a classroom with some students. But perhaps, I should burn my money in real hookers instead.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The only eternity is change

This is just what I needed to detour into careers. Entrepreneurship includes adaptation and exit strategies. Nokia once sold toilet papers, rubber tires and TV's. As long as you know your product has a limited life cycle, the business plan of hooking doesn't look that bad. For the few good points, high dollar, quick money, little if any setup fee and stocking fee. You can build up a very nice reserve and have plenty of time to think of the next business.

Many OB doctors quit because they are probably the most sued. Some quit when it's not worthwhile to pay the insurance premiums. Other new ones soldier on until they simply cannot afford the premiums. My financial adviser quited medical school to become a stock broker, before he became a financial adviser. Every time I went to that building of financial services, I saw somebody holding an office plant on their hands - signs of farewell.

I have a theory. After years of education and professional training, it's not likely for an employee to abandon ship when they should. This is more important to employers than the knowledge you have.

But what do I know? My father saw the end of a family empire of entrepreneurs, through no fault of his own. He started from zero. He led a modest life but helped many relatives in need. He never worked for anybody else, but he taught me no shit about entrepreneurship. He thought getting a job was easy, but he could tell me nothing about corporate survival either.

My first job is remotely like PR: as long as you produce some good firework for the money, nobody cares what you actually do. My first real job gave me a shock. I found the usual: everybody reached their level of incompetence, making stupid decisions. That is a global company, which turned out to be the best company that I worked for so far. The problem is more complicated. At a corner of the globe, I happened to know 110% of the 1% that they are lacking. Sometimes you need to kill it before you can cure it. But no one will believe a new guy and make that sort of decision. To add insult to injury, I was supposed to dedicate myself to fix it if any problems turn up along the way.

I think the right way to do things is to find a good company, find a good mentor who you are supposed to take his/her place when he/her gets promoted. Once you are in the establishment, keep your boss getting promoted, or find some other route if that's faster for you. Of course I wasn't thinking any of it. I thought I should be in charge.

For me the decision is simple. Could I wait up to a couple of years, at best to make something that I'm not proud of? At worse I was the guy to blame. I couldn't say I told you so because then I would be not persistent enough. And in my last job, it's get ahead or die. I would never dream of waiting years for all others to learn what I have learned. I left.

I kept getting more money but things got worse. I think I build up enough reputation. Copernicus's of the world would make sure that the Galileo's got to see the problem. Most of the time I didn't even know who ducked the problem. I was not allowed not to have an opinion. They only needed to make the decision.

One day the top guy in charge of the project invited me to meet with the consultants. The pre-meeting documents looked promising. But they tried to do a bait and switch on me. What they were going to do wasn't that on the document. It's the same dead end. Soon we learned that the top guy went to become a Vice Chancellor of a University. The rest of us got through another acquisition.

Once I didn't understand why those guys fight like Gladiators over a problem, some melodrama to me. Then one day my boss told me not to bother. The whole center were cut off. Then I wondered again who passed the shit onto me and why.

Patience goes a long way if you have it.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Copernicus vs Galileo

They are two out of three of the most influential Acquarians, who are the most talented people of the Zodiac.

Copernicus developed the model that the Sun is at the center of the universe instead of the earth. With his model, the copulation of the positions of the planets became simple. His peers read about his works, but since he was in the establishment, a man of the Church, he waited until his death to publish his work. The preface of his book, which probably wasn't written by him, stressed that the model was something like a mathematical concept to simplify computations, which does not necessarily represent the reality.

Galileo has little to do with the model except that his technological improvements in optics allow him to observe the planets and prove that Copernicus is right. His persecution by the Church can be avoided. But I think he's arrogant, miscalculated, impatient and simply cannot be flexible about the truth.

Well, if you are still hanging on, you must be courtesan material, or for guys you are very much in touch with your inner power and wisdom.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

If I were to sell my body ...

I would dye my hair Scandinavian blond and go to Asia, or put on a black straight wig and go to Scandinavia, with even higher impact I was told.

Let's say Asia. If I can leave anytime with a foreign passport and I don't owe anybody any money, I will be pretty immune from gangs and corruptions.

I'll keep a day job that is good for my hooker resume. I can afford to wait for the best offers.

I'll apply to join the Pearl Elite. At that part of the world I will be a monopoly. I'll be getting referrals from all the other pearls who have clients doing business over there.

Or I'll look for a fancy international agency, whether they have agents over there or not.

If I am going the independent route, I'll play the non-professional card, charging a fee that the top tier professionals would bark at. My down to earth looks will be a great advantage - girl next door, or sexy office admin. I'll make the most of my 3G phone, IM my potential clients without disclosing my phone number. I will even demand them to appear on video as a screening process. Or if I see at a distance that they are too fat or too ugly, I'll tell them to go home. I'll also maintain the illusion that I will go out with them for movie and dinner if I like them. And if I ever do, I will make sure that the guy post it on the internet.

Once I called up a part-time model on my foreign trip. Either they claim to be 18, 19 year old students, or 20 something models. She's not available and the same for most of her friends at the time. There's a friend Rainbow who can come, 20 something. There's no further description and that this girl demand a taxi fee if I do not want her. Even though she lowered my expectation a lot on the phone, I went ahead with it as I didn't have that much window of opportunity. Rainbow didn't have any makeup on, and she looked as if she never did. Plain hair style, plain jeans and T-shirt. I joked that if her mother didn't born her that tall, 5'7, she looked like a kid. She asked what her friend told me about her. I said her friend told me that she's 20 something and that's all. It seemed that Rainbow was going to defend herself, that she wasn't 20 something yet. But she could only manage, "almost, you can say that", almost unintelligible. I think she's 21. She's a far cry from "hot" and "model material". Or maybe she is, but I didn't think of it that way. She has a slender body that will likely not disappoint. She isn't particularly pretty or cute. But there's something about her, one of a kind attractiveness, that I had to have her right there. So we held hands and walked to the hotel. On the way, I asked her price because I forgot. She naively said she didn't know and consulted her friend over the phone. Her friend of course punished me for that. The price was set symbolically a little lower than that of her friend, a part-time model. I could have gotten Rainbow cheaper, because I could sense her lack of confidence. But still, her price would be higher than the top dog on the local internet.

The most promising may be the top hostess clubs. Japan has exclusive clubs with all foreign hostess, from countries such as Britain, Australia, etc, with some ex-flight attendants. Most affluent cities have high end clubs, some of which are listed on the local stock exchanges. The top clubs often have some blonds on offer. In many clubs, including the top clubs, hostess are allowed not to offer sex, and many clients want it that way. Of course you can offer sex, to the best bidder discreetly. I don't even need to take cash. I'll show my most loyal clients my empty flat and he will fill it with furniture. I'll take them to the most expensive shops and they will get everything that I need and them some. I can always return the excess for cash. I'll keep the jeweleries though. He who spent enough can go to bed with me. If anybody complains of not getting laid, I'll threaten to return all their gifts to them.

Interesting thought. Thanks Kitty for the inspiration.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I was all ready to go out on a Friday afternoon break. I trimmed my bush and all that. I was so sure - Cat announced a couple of days in advance that she would be back. I revolted my decision that I would not see Laura again. I like her character and she's available.

Aviance came back unexpectedly. I was about to send her several of my long shot references, before I noticed that she didn't offer her $300 specials anymore. For the "regular" price I have a lot more choices and I won't limit myself to someone close by. At least I don't need to apply and lineup. And since I'm not going to see her every other week for that price, it doesn't make much difference if I double her price and see someone better once a while. For a further little more I can take Chanel to Vegas. She loves gambling so much that I think I should charge her more for the driving.

Another new girl, who I thought was going to check out on Friday morning, posted that she would be in until 5 pm. I sent her a private mail and then called. No response as expected. Today she posted a picture of her face. I was so lucky. She must be doing this because too many guys U-turned at the door.

So I followed my original plan and called Cat. I gave up altogether at the seventh ring. Maybe I shouldn't treat her as a local. I miss Chanel; most of the time she would pick up the phone. I knew the best time to call her. If not I will let the phone ring 3 or 4 times. She would call me back shortly. Sometimes she would call me back after lunch with friends or family. If she's totally not available she would call back within at most a few hours to chat.

I didn't call Laura. There's no rush. She will be there when I need her some other day - a contradiction of sort. I fired up my DVR instead and watched TV instead.

Today TER released 11 reviews in my area. One advertised in city-source charging much more than $300. One advertised in city-vibe. Most certainly it's a dubious agency or brothel or some sort. For the other nine, most advertise in Craig's List, with a few in the free city-vibe classified. Somehow the CL spams get propagated everywhere. Imagine that the TER monkeys have to devote most of their screening effort on CL reviews, which you can get elsewhere for free.

My porn name is something like Bruce Francisco, how boring. I think I'm as boring as many Californians, who name their pets after movie stars, and live on streets named after saints.

Friday, January 19, 2007

What not to wear

Stockings. Not in pictures unless you have some others with bare legs. Corsets. Jeans.

Please don't send a model in your place to take verified pictures.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scrap your old pictures!

Too often ladies keep all their professionally taken pictures in their online galleries, say one collection per year. I really don't want to know how you looked before, no matter how gracefully you age.

I always want to rant to my heart's desire about pictures. Firstly, use a professional photographer who also has experience in taking escort pictures - an award wining picture doesn't mean a thing if you do not know what the clients want to see. You don't need to take pictures by yourself using a cell phone camera to get real pictures.

Ideally, three pictures are enough, front, back, and side. If you are not symmetrical, maybe the other side too. All pictures should be taken from head to toe with natural standing postures, which is how most people look at other people. The resolution should be high enough to see some skin textures or complexion. Completely nude pictures are always welcomed - a good photographer can make it as artistic as anything else. Make sure the skin colors are all the same, and if you wear anything, wear the same thing in all the pictures.

No picture cocktails please! You may love to pick the best pictures from your family photo album to display, to cover all the client base. But since women can look totally different the next day, nobody will have a clue what they will end up with. Stick on a single image of you to project. Same hair style, same makeup, same makeover.

You may want to display more than a few pictures, as in a beauty pageant, with elegant evening dress, causal wear, bikini, lingerie and nothing. Or, cheerleader, nurse, vinyl, etc. That's OK but make sure that it looks like the same you in all the pictures - preferably on the same studio session, or at least with same hair color and style.

Some ladies presented only one impossibly attractive picture, which made me pick up the phone at once. I know there may well be some trickery in the picture but I am willing to take the risk. This will not work if there is one more picture, even taken at a slightly different angle. The more you look, the less likely you will develop a crush.

Typical studio background should not be used. The background should contain some focused details, so it's not easy to do post editing. There should be some color as the reference points, so the color distortion due to studio lighting and post editing can easily be detected. How about standing in front of a video test color chart?

No black and whites please! The picture will be very good looking, but I don't know about you.

I understand if you don't want to show your face. Indeed think twice about showing your face. I still have Chanel's first ever Internet pictures and videos. If you hide your face please use good digital techniques. Don't make yourself ugly or even scary.

If you don't show your face in your pictures, there is a common trick to show that it's you in the pictures. Show a unique tattoo or piercing. Without that, you can make love to the lady all night long, but still not sure if the pictures are hers. Maybe for this reason, I like to play doctor and dermatologist doing close examinations. I can tolerate a thumb sized pretty colorful tattoo, and a small belly button piercing.

Don't apply oil to your skin, or take wet pictures. It's too obvious that you are hiding something. One way to prove that your picture is 100% real is to wear a tight bra and then show off the resulting bra lines. Showing off your lovely freckles for example has the same effect.

It may not be well known, that riding on the often seen Cityvibe wooden horse makes your legs look longer by several inches. So don't try postures too original. For example, twisting your waist other than a little means that you have kids. Lying down or leaning means your boobs are falling down. Upside down means you are ugly. Sitting down means you are short or your legs are.

And don't cut off your feet in your pictures. Bare or sandals instead of shoes. I did see one girl that I doubted if she had ten toes.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

She was the filthiest

She was the filthiest - she would do anything.
That is what her pal said of Caprice, the "A-list", "High-class" escort who charges up to
£2,000 a night, who was murdered by her boyfriend. You can find the link of the article in Nia's blog. The money isn't that great but her clients include singers and football players.

I suppose her pal said that with admiration or envy.

I commented somewhere that basically I do not like the idea of judging people by what acts they perform, whether they have "class". There is safe, and safer, sex, which is a different story.

Getting what you don't get at home seems to be very primitive. But are we all trying to get those? Simply put, I pay to date people that otherwise I wouldn't (or couldn't) date, and I want variety in sex, "classy" or not.

Sex acts include some sort of humiliation, as in S&M. Sex is not only about sex, its about power sometimes. Telling her what to do feel good too, especially kneeling down, on all fours, etc.

Asking a street walker to do certain acts feel very different from asking a well educated, classy lady to do the same thing, charging a lot more.

I was late in learning foul languages. I was so bad that when I tried to say something bad, all my buddies would throw tomatoes at me if they have one. To them I sounded really terrible. To this day, I can't say a foul word except for fuck. I like innocent ladies that talk dirty. Then I can start practicing my foul languages without fear of retribution.


It must be the snow. All the hot ones are coming back to, or stuck in, SoCal this weekend.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My rituals

As I have mentioned before, I sometimes work into the middle of the night, eating a lot of snacks. I don't clean up before sleeping because I don't want to wake up anybody. If I need to work off my bad breath fast, I would brush, floss, and scrap a few times a day, plus mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide, or just diluted hydrogen peroxide.

The day before, I would trim my bush. I shave with a razor along the direction of hair growth, so there will not be any problem to allow the hair to grow back. Otherwise, I have to use those products as suggested by Gillette to control the bumps and razor burns, or to shave every few days till eternity.

At one time I was completely bald, except a small triangle on my lower belly. But you know, it's difficult to shave the balls bald, and the directions of hair growth are complicated. I cut myself at the same two points over and over, though the wound are pin sized. So now I keep the hair at my balls short instead of bald at difficult areas. Also, I do not shave on the day, so I will not have to cancel when accident happens. The same reason not to brush and floss within hours of the appointment.

Some girls like the clean bald look. Others don't understand why guys have to do it. It also depends on culture. To some girls who are not used to this, bald balls mean I am being treated for some skin disease or even worse. I think my unique hair cut don't bother the girls that I see, except when the hairs on my balls are very short but not bald. I was told that the tinkering sensation when kissing my balls are too much to bear.

As for reason why I do it, my template answer is trying to look bigger and longer. But I think with all the rituals, the date doesn't seem so short, confining to the hour.

Then I will try to take a bath before the date. When I first came to Cali, very soon I needed to find the most moisturizing body wash I can find to save my skin. A couple of years later I developed allergy like skin rash all over my body. My dermatologist can suppress the symptoms but the cause is a mystery. All he can do is giving me an injection if the affected area is large, and steroid cream if the area is small. I was seeing him with increasing frequency. Somehow I started applying moisturizer all over my body after every bath and the problems disappeared. I also found out that steroid creams are very different from each other. Once out of desperation, I used somebody else's steroid cream to relieve my suffering. For my own prescription, I apply the whole tube just to feel slightly better. For this cream I tried, trace amount can make the rash disappear in hours.

I got compliments about my skin from time to time. But once after the bath, I went to get a massage to kill time before the appointment. The standard massage 'oil' here is some sort of petrolatum solution. The cleanup at the end is by hot towels. After all that, my date not only complimented my skin, but caressed me and examined my skin at close range. At the end, she was still clueless.

Some girls use not only body scrubs, but a pretty effective hard scrubber. I feel the resulting smoothness weired. I do use facial scrubs, preferably with micro pores, not on the face but on even more sensitive skin - foreskin.

Jessie Parker update

Back in June, I have posted Jessie Parker's complain about the lack of clients. Now on Craig's List she posted her new rates. She used to be 38 but now she became 37. Her rates drop from $500 to $400 per hour, increased to $300 for half hour, and introduced the new rate of $200 for a bit of time.

Monday, January 15, 2007


After I tried something different, Laura, I decided to pick some safe bets. But the situation is depressing. I did noticed for a while that the relevant website rankings kept falling. I thought there are more and more popular websites. After some checking, I can see that the estimated number of johns visiting are dropping fast for over a year.

Take cityvibe, still the top ranked national directory, it's trying to keep it's number up by competing with itself, by offering free craigslist like service in parallel. So I think eros is the top dog now if you sum up the traffic in all the domains, eros-la, etc.

Looking at my area of cityvibe, there are 19 listings with reviews. Oh yes, TER is so successful in some ways that cityvibe can't beat it, so it go along. The two obviously hot girls are reviewed as rip-offs. I don't know who's stupid or who's playing tricks here. The others are the usuals, old, ugly, can be any body's pictures, and cross postings from Craig's. LA has a few more times reviewed listings, but then you have to screen out the fake reviews. It's like microsoft selling you a claimed-to-be bullet-proof operating system, at the same time bundled it with anti-virus software, requiring you to manually inspect which ones are viruses.

Reviews are important but really no big deal. The best is to have real contact with some real people if you are not afraid that some shadowy people have your phone number. They will be worried if you have anything to do with the internet. If you have personal contact with some real people via the internet, it's next best. The worst is relying on the internet only.

If I screen the unreviewed ads that catch my eyes, I usually ended up in taking risks on border line cases. If I have time and money to spare, I do like to take risks. This time I don't expect too much and just wanted a safe bet, until next time.

So I picked Cat, under 20, something like the Disney Princesses that I mentioned earlier, mainly because she came back so soon after new year. I think in the short term, she may be back more often than I want to see her - as good as a local.

She got a suit in a eerily quiet hotel. I should have brought my own music. I was a little pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. From her professional pretty pictures, I think she's near the bottom of the cheer leader pyramid - slim but not skinny, who can support somebody on her shoulders. In real person, she looks much nearer to the top of the pyramid, which I preferred.

I got naked lying low on the bed while looking at her undressing. She paused a little when she was in her aqua blue bra and pantie, kneeling down on the bed. Good move, but I didn't move a muscle. I just liked to watch her undress. She took everything off, smiling, and paused. Again I didn't move a muscle. I like to watch her, real breast, medium sized that hangs well, perky nipples. While I was watching, she moved slowly towards me on her knees. She expected to embrace me with her breasts, but I started kissing her flat stomach instead.

I didn't know why she didn't show more of her legs on her pictures. After years of training, I would think she possibly has thick legs. But she has a pair of nice and lean legs. Her feet is small and sexy. Her pedicure looked pretty professional, long and perhaps extended. The color is whitish that I loved - eatable. But at a glance, while I was touching her ankle with my lips, I spotted some cracks or holes on her nails. I didn't go any further. Later, when I was looking at her hands, I realized that the cracks were tiny deep blue decorative patterns on her manicure and matching pedicure. The lesson is - plain and simple.

When she started the blow job, she wanted it to be picture perfect. She leaned sideways on my body so I have full view of her. She curled her body and legs so her feet was right in front of my eyes. Without stretching my hands I could reach her legs down to her perfectly shaved pussy.

I did the doggy and continued sideways entering her from behind. I didn't want to get too excited looking at her. When she felt that I was not threatening, she opened up her legs so I could go deeper. Inevitably, I turned her over, holding her cheek to cheek, penis into pussy.

I was holding her and kissing her cheek affectionately. Again she turned her head and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips. The last time she did it she ended it with a whisper, "I like regulars."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A high dose of hooker stories

London or not?

I was shocked by Nia's mention of recent London's price. I did some homework, got carried away, because it's not easy. Now let me finish what I set out to do.

The Internet price for an hour is still #150, and #200 will give you a model material East European - at least with clear shot of face, waist and legs. So it's not a lot of difference from the 1999 price, which Punternet put on it's FAQ pages. So I believe you can get a rather lovely British girl for #150 not via the Internet. Outside London it will be slightly cheaper, with more part-timer feel than glamorous.

With the Internet, I'm certain there are many photogenic British charging #300, #350 and up.

The other reason for my interest is that I'm a currency trader, a lazy one, with some GBP left in my account that I should have sold long ago.

There used to be a London girl, Carrie of Max's girls I think, who come to visit LA very often. She frequented the LA local discussion board when she's not here. Haven't heard from her for a long time. With the current exchange rate, it's totally not worthwhile for her to visit anymore.

The image is a purely random selection from the advertisements and reviews.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Cents and Sensibility

Or: Cents, seconds and clicks
Or: Melodrama vs Live and Death
Or: How American call girls get their pay

When you are on a dinner date, time flies at some five, ten, or tens of, dollars per minute. It seems like easy money, or is it?

There's one corporate tradition for some American boss to delivery monthly pay checks in person, to every employees that he practically can. Bloomberg did it, I think. One of the purpose is apparently to increase the sensibility of employees to the source of their salary. It's not your qualifications, it's not your performance, it's not that you can quit any time and find something else waiting for you, it's who is willing and able to pay you out of his pocket, so to speak.

A question come to mind. Did you ever have a client who give you the money at the end solemnly? He tells you that the money is his whole day's pay, or that he saved up for weeks or months. And asks you to treasure the money? Guess not :-)

Now it's good to have a local captive market, that clients cannot go far to get alternative service, and competitors cannot come from all over the world all of a sudden. I can think of professionals charging hundreds of dollars per hour, which looks like easy money.

But take lawyers for example. Their starting scale shot through the roof during the tech bloom. Because big and small corporations fight fiercely with traditional law firms for new recruits. At the end, these corporations are manufacturers and service providers on a large scale. Similar to drug companies selling millions and millions of little pills, offering good pay for pharmacists.

The traditional concept is that big guys don't deal with chicken shits. But in today's world, it's all about chicken shits, which are the big deals. A car cost some 20, 30 grand. What about a laptop? A camcorder, a cell phone, or a wireless router? To offer good salaries you need to sell millions and millions of your product.

To justify your existence, all you need to do is to save a cent or two on the material cost once a while, a second here and there on the manufacturing time. It's hard, like sucking blood from dead chicken bones, but that's why you have good pay.

I would say from CEO to new recruits, the mindset is all about cents and seconds. It's not all of course, but common. If not cents, than it's dimes, depending on the scale. It's about optimizing the work flow, saving labor, hence cost and time, again. If you know how to improve but don't act immediately, others will, always sooner than you think.

If your work is highly creative for example, it does not make sense to waste time on something mundane, be it a few seconds. Take a walk, watch TV, if that relaxes you or you enjoy it, it's not a waste. Long lunch is OK for me, coffee is OK at any time, but re-typing something you see on the monitor is not, not even copy and paste.

If you live with the few mundane seconds, it may well be a slippery slope. You may find your idle time longer and longer, and harder to put it to good use. Similarly, if you know of a possible way to save one cent, you better find time to go at it before it's too late.

It's not melodrama, it's live and death, when you find out that your pay is no longer justified.

What else you can think of to do to your minimum wage Walmart employees? Automate the checkout and make them all redundant, keep the ones who can work flexible hours on other things. At the same time, spend a billion to improve your image.

My rant is the follow up of a comment that I made about call girl advertisements online. The image of sitting at home, browsing leisurely on beautiful babe pictures, with a phone in hand, is not very true. Not for me and neither for significant numbers. Maybe at work, but only if you have a secure encrypted tunnel to bypass the company network. And it's not likely that someone will come close to your monitor when you are hard at work.

If you don't search in advance, it's not likely you that will see the one you want. Some need advance notice, from hours to days. For busy ones, she may not be able to find a slot for you at all. For the low volume ones, she's not likely to pick up the phone when you call. So I usually maintain a list.

I may be a special case, often I have to and I like to call in the privacy of my car. You don't want to do a lot of things on the driver seat even if you have an online connection. PDA is never something to surf comfortably.

I was thinking that ideally I should be able to download something like a digital business card for the girl I like, with one click. So a picture with name, number and perhaps rate would be ideal. So you can save it on your cell phone, USB drive, laptop, PDA, whatever. Some girls do this, but most feel not classy to do it perhaps.

More importantly, my short lists are very volatile. I search for different things at different times, making most short list pretty short lived. And that there are so many new girls all the time. Anything more than a click or two to make a list while surfing will be too tedious for me to worth the effort.

I have tried some alternatives, using my camera phone to take pictures of the monitor - one for the girl and one for her number. It works but the digits may become unreadable. Now it's easy to save to the laptop the whole page of advertisement with a single click. But still you may miss some critical information when you are confined in the driver's seat on the go. But if you have a picture with key information on, you can call while driving. PDA's are too small for the whole advertisement.

Often you have to visit personal escort websites, where gallery, rates, and contact details are all on separate pages.

I think it's good for everybody if the escort directories provide 'feeds', just as blogs, banks and credit card companies. I hate it when it's originally digital, you look for the info, retype everything. Good except perhaps for the escort directory, when other sites can easily copy and put it on their sites. Now you don't pay the top sites so much for the traffic, but to show that you pay good money for it, and therefore your ad must be alive and current, and you must have clients to sustain the ad, be it pleasing or ripping off them.

Can I take it easy and do it otherwise, including using the keyboard? Probably not. For me it would be tedious enough to turn me away from surfing the ads, instead of enjoying them. If I force myself it would be double standards, one for the company and one for myself. It could easily end up in split personality.

Hello again

So I was too ambitious about the last title. It should have been Hello Laura. This one Hello again, Laura. Cat will come up later.

Laura asked me to promise her not to wait at the hotel front, so I could see her like 'that' when she arrived. She also told me that she got ready at record time. She didn't look any different, but I know later she didn't have time to take a bath, with perfumed body scrub, apply moisturizer all over, and have time for the skin to absorb.

So I cut down on my sashimi activities. But when I was finishing at her ankles again, I spotted her professionally done pedicure, long and strong on every toe, perfectly painted pinkish red or purplish red. May be unconsciously I was thinking about salmon or red wine. I was attracted to it. I don't know if her claim on her profile that she had natural nails is still valid. If true that would be exceptional. She was glad that I noticed, the same with everything they work on to look good.

I sat with my knees bent at the end of her long legs holding her feet. It was unfortunate that we didn't have enough time. I could have talked her into washing her feet or even taking a shower with me. But that didn't stop me from giving her some wet kisses on her toes. She's proud of them. And naturally, like any smart wicked woman would, she tickled my dick with her foot while I was holding the other.

But you know, she has a kid, and that inevitably makes her look a little different from a jail bait. Her tummy is still sexy lying flat on the bed, natural birth perhaps. But doing a blow job is a different thing.

Chanel is really something. She isn't a model and not a jail bait anymore. But after I have seen her naked for so long, I am still attracted to her body. She likes to walk around naked. Going in and out the bathroom to take a shower, around the bed to fetch her clothes, and even making me coffee naked. Sometimes she would sit naked next to me talking, to make sure that I will call her again. But I hated that. Every time we meet she would take off her clothes and dive into the sheets in no time. I could take off the sheets and look to my heart's desire, but it's not the same as standing on a pedestal by the mirror.

She has her imperfections. Maybe she was on the pill for some time, or off some drugs, legal or otherwise, that made her slim. It was from skinny to meat on the bone sexy to a little worse. At one time I almost dumped her, after watching her for a long time putting back her clothes on. I was looking through the mirror so she didn't notice that I had the full view. I did see her less when she's not calling me. Recently, she was off the pill again, or back on drugs. I could see her fit flawlessly back on her jail bait costumes, her causals.

I decided not to see Laura again. It's not just her imperfections. Kiss isn't necessary, but I don't feel much kissing her, both times. But my decision was inconsistent with my tips, because I appreciated that she came on short notice, in a cab, etc. I bet she freshened up her makeup when I got out of the bathroom cleaning up myself. Again she walked me to the door naked. She said, "See you next year". I didn't manage a response because I wasn't a natural liar. I hesitated for a split second. So she smiled, "if that girl is still missing".

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Goodbye Laura, Hello Cat

The date with Laura started good. She looked good in her strapless bra and throng. But she took it off in no time and jumped into bed. They all don't want to let clothes get dirty. That's why it's not safe to bring atmospheric music to the date. It's too easy to make a fool of myself. There's the irony: you can pay more once a while for the sure thing, but then you don't expect to see her again.

Laura stated that she's late twenties, so she might be about 30. Since she has a baby face, she looked younger than her age, so she ended up about late twenties. Laura isn't small - 5'10, and not a skinny girl. With that size and age, her body comes out rather nice. But immediately I can see that her sizable boobs are real. It sags a bit and I can see the hang lines. However, it's not at all bad, especially for real ones. Though I am more used to work of art type fake ones, or smaller younger ones that hang better.

She has nice long legs, full bottom, and nice skins so I started the sashimi thing as usual. When I was light kissing down pass her ankles I took a glance at her feet. There were smooth for her age, clean, but her nails are painted blood red. I didn't enter a trance so I stopped there.

Before we started, she asked me what girls I had been seeing, as if to see what kind of clients I am and what the market situation is. I do see other girls from time to time when Chanel was around. But Laura wouldn't know any of them by name. So I simply told her that I am the kind of guy who like to see one girl at a time. Chanel disappeared a month ago, meaning that I had to find a replacement.

That motivated her enough to try giving me a blow job that I won't forget. I didn't. Even with the condom I felt her teeth. I was really surprised I was in pain, because certainly she wasn't at all new to the game. Maybe she tried too hard. Being a gentlemen I hang on, hoping she would stop anytime. She stopped, but only briefly when she moved around like the handle of a clock. She doubled her effort because I wasn't hard enough. It got worse at times and I almost had to tell her at several instances.

Before that, when I was going down on her, she stopped me and asked to check if there's any sores in my mouth. So imagine that if my favorite music were playing.

She did kiss a lot, though not with tongue. She looked good in the doggy position, with long legs and large bottom. I finished with missionary, giving her some more kisses. She walked me to the door naked when I left. She has potential.

Right before the new year, suddenly I had some free time around noon. I called her again. She might be late on short notice and I had to go at 2pm. Also, first she had to check with the hotel manager who she knows to see if she could check in early. At the end we decided to have a go, she needing to take a cab because her car was out of action.

Book review: Hedonist World Sex Guide

At Amazon.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Print vs Internet Advertisment

Here the county newspaper charges $100+ per inch per weekday. I guess it's on the inside main pages. The rates are kept rather secretive unless you ask for quotes. Because newspapers are supposed to be dying, under competition from network TV, cable TV, radio, satellite and the internet.

The county, along with LA, is the top 5 in US in terms of population, buying power, and real estates. But nobody advertise like this, except for grand opening of legit (no sex) massage parlors and day spas. Nobody need that sort of penetration day after day.

Most respectable papers do not accept escort advertisements. Here the only adult advertisements are well hidden. The adult classified section is 1/8 of a page, hidden in about 10 pages of classified new and used car sales. The page number fluctuates a lot and there's no entry on the index page. So if you don't know there's such a section, you will miss it altogether.

I guess the classified cost a fraction of the main pages, since if you want to sell a used car, you won't even pay $10 a day. They could charge a lot for the adult classified thought, but looking at the revenue and effectiveness, it doesn't justify to pay a lot for the ads already there.

City/town classified should be a fraction of the cost of county newspapers, as the reach is a lot less. But it will be pretty useless. Typically people come from all over neighboring counties into some specially friendly cities, like Santa Monica, with high concentration of working girls.

High circulation papers is a good way to entice new johns into acting out first time. They will remember where to look for phone numbers when they get round to do it. If 1% or 0.1% of male population do it on special occasions, that's an awesome amount of business to catch.

But here the ripoff level on phone books are 100%, adult classified 100% for escorts, massage parlors about 80%. It's not 100% because MP owners don't like high profile publicity, such as word of mouth via the internet. If only they provide decent goods, locals can sustain them for decades.

The only papers for escort advertisement are like LA Express, at the height, pages and pages of classified like ads, with text only, or passport size photographs, or larger ads for higher end escorts. But the circulation is limited. Nobody will subscribe regularly. You only buy it when you are actively looking for it, in limited numbers of vending machines, or gas stations. A lot are free with little difference. But nowadays, if you are looking for it, it's so much easier to do an internet search. The search engines don't return lists of used Ford Escort dealers anymore.

For the internet, it's $100+ a month for cityvibe and eros. I can't imagine how newspapers can be more effective for 'repeated offenders', that is, johns who actively looking for escorts to see, as opposed to someone coming across some ads and having the urge to try first time. People come across counties, and travelers across the nation who come for business and pleasure. That's why I think internet ads are not cheaper than the kind of newspapers here.

And imagine the newspaper clients. Rather mobile populations with no computers, no internet at work or at home. The same for porn magazines and ads in there. If you have a credit card and can afford a decent monitor, who wants to buy porn magazines anymore?

I would differentiate the early days of internet, roughly pre-1999 for example, from the current status. Cost of hosting capacity, bandwidth, website design, all subject to exponential decay. If you had ads on the dominant escort directory, and have a website for pretty pictures that printed papers couldn't beat, it did cost you.

In the early days, you pray for the escorts to advertise on the net, so you don't need to drive out there and look for those newspapers, and then you have to read through pages and pages. Escorts are reluctant to move on or pay for the extra expenses. As with any other advertisements, getting you to call or go to their door is 90% success. It's rather easy to polish your few words then, than to air brush your pictures now. It's also effective to avoid criticism from internet reviews or discussions. Site after site, the numbers of ads are far less than it should be if most respectable girls put an ad on the internet. They also charges more. So it's worthwhile to pick up the print. You got ripoff just the same anyway.

Now I would think the internet is the main stream. Though of course you still got the bottom end in those newspapers. There will always be new johns and tourists who would come across those papers in strip clubs, bars and clubs, and can't resist to call. And girls in central locations will probably sell half hours via those channels, while doing only full hours on the internet.

It's rather interesting to compare other places. London lacks dominant review sites and dominant escort directories. They are rather popular but not that I would pay $20 per month for, and for the girls $100+. And rightly so. I wouldn't bother. Price and service are usually on the personal websites. And with that many talents you will only look for somewhere convenient for you, instead of driving or taking the tube across town. Most of the reasons for slaving over ads and reviews are absent.

The most popular review sites and escort directories are still rather primitive. The paid site captain69 may be better, but still little different from many years ago. But I think it will be more convenient than printed newspapers and magazines. So I wonder what advantages the print has over the internet, and hence charge more? But certainly if I see a decent agency ad on a decent paper with decent circulation, I will tend to trust it enough to call.

In the early days, someone just put phone booth calling cards on the net. If you call the number they will put you through to the girls, taking a cut. But now I would think it would be worthwhile to put an ad on punternet for $10 or so?

The sex141 site is phenomenal, for a city of less than 7 mil. Remaining ads on the printed papers are ripoffs. They can send photographers to you once you touch down. They host everything since even if you want your own website, you may not be able to withstand the hits. They also have forums, mostly used as reviews, which do not turn advertisers away. It's expensive. Everybody from entry level to the high end pay up. It's so successful that there are weekly magazines that extract the best from the internet and recommend to readers. For other girls, you just move close to those girls with internet ads, and hang something at the door.

The subject fascinates me, after so many years of frustration. First, the internet is so bad that you have to drive to London or LA to pick up calling cards or LA Express. Then the ripoff ads and fake pictures. Then the false reviews.

Busted News

See link at title. The house of prostitution is in an up scale gated community with a golf course. You can see some of the problems if prostitution is legalized in US.

Even though it's highly illegal, everybody in the neighborhood knows about it for years. They give out fliers in the neighborhood. You can see the high traffic in the drive ways. They even modeled for clients outside the house and had loud parties.

It's the culture thing. In the rest of the world it will be discrete. If you want up scale parties you go to expensive clubs. In dense cities, often residential, commercial and red light district is in the same building, with different entrance and lifts. So if you are discrete, nobody need to know. In UK suburbs, they try to keep it a secret. If not, many johns will not come because they feel unease. And if the neighborhood is annoyed, they will intimidate the johns by having someone around the house or apartment to give every john the look. It simply makes sense to be discrete even if that's perfectly legal. Even in deprived areas where prostitutes turned the whole street into brothels, residents can express their disapproval by neighborhood demonstrations. If you don't understand why the busted girls behave like that, you don't understand the problems with legalization in US, including me.

In US the johns care much less about the other residents. In dense apartments, nobody knows anybody by design. In rest of the world, it's usually a few apartments per floor, so at least you know what's going on. In low density condo and houses, American johns drive directly into the garage, drive way, or at least there are plenty of parking spaces. In rest of the world, johns have to come face to face with other residents much more often.

And if you are not careful, advertising in the London phone booths can easily look like a child's tiny scrap book. In a 'good' day in Vegas, walking on the streets, you cannot avoid getting a flier full of escorts unless you have a female or child with you. They just allow you to walk through in that case. Though the city has equally the resources to kill it; all big business are against it.

And then there's the combination of gang culture, corruption and police resources. Obviously in this case the girls have the blessing of some VIP, who harmlessly thinks that the neighborhood deserve some fun. Even though the neighbors know about it for years, it's the local newspaper who tipped off the police, who have no choice but to act. The police has a lot less power and I bet a lot less resources than in Asia and Europe. Though it's extremely unlikely that, if you stand out and complain, you will get a drive by shooting in retribution. But precisely this is the fear that drive Americans into gated neighborhoods. You can scare the shit out of people if you leave a toilet roll at their door. Americans are generally very polite if you know where they live, work, their license plate and phone number.

If legalized, it will depend on civil courts. Developers will sell houses and commercial units with no-prostitution clauses. I don't know how much it make sense, but leaving the housing Association to deal with it will be ineffective. They may have retired FBI, retired lawyer or ex-CEO on the board, who will threaten you with legal action immediately if you are late in trimming the trees. But since they all live there, I doubt if they are effective in dealing with serious matters.

It's mind boggling for others in the civilized world, that if you walk into any retail stores or company asking for help for a tiny bandage, they will be very alarmed and consult their resident lawyer if they have one. Yet at the same time, there are numerous people driving without license, numerous fake ID's, numerous guns.

In the rest of the world, if you give up the control on prostitution, you still have the control of immigration. In LA, it takes a year of more to build up a case against prostitution. Police have no power to check the status and ID of people, sort of. In rest of the world, it's a matter of a regular check for illegal immigrations to stop trafficking.

Is it a good thing for escorts? Price will drop to reasonable levels as other parts of the world. Those charging the entry level of $300 on the internet cannot charge anything like it anymore. There will be more young girls joining the trade as in the rest of the world. Magnet for illegal immigrants. If there is a model for the things to come, it should be the rich Asian cities with income approaching US on average, a fraction of the price at the entry level, minus the police effectiveness, multiple the number of illegal immigrants, minus the border control.

It only make sense for a member of parliament to stand up and say she likes the Swedish model, where providers are legal while johns are not. That looks good for her and nobody will remember that after 5 min. Practically, if any nation can raise the benefit levels to that of Sweden, many problems will be solved by itself. In UK they cannot get rid of all street walkers even though both sides are illegal. If you further legalize the girls, they will just parade everywhere. This make it easier for johns, and while still illegal, it's now safer by numbers.

On a side note, the police discovered detail record of johns, many are professionals, and promised to prosecute. This is precisely why screening to verify real name is dangerous. Famous movie starts are busted this way.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Advertising and review sites ranking 2

Below is the ranking of some advertising and review sites. Reach is the average daily user visiting the site, per million internet users. If the reach of TER is evenly distributed across the nation. For a city of 10 million, there are 1,795 visitors daily. Since these ranks are based on the users who installed the alexa toolbar, my guess is that the number of these visitors is underestimated at least by a factor of 10.

troothsayer31,208 16.5
puntingzone 35,881 15.5
blonde-escorts-uk 54,502 23

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Price, law and sex travel

When I was doing some research, comparing the price in LA and London, I came across an interesting proposal to solve the decade old telephone booth problem in London. The problem has it's root when prostitution became 'legal' for one girl in a dwelling unit. And if I were to write some sex travel blog, this will be it.

In 2006, UK overtook US in broadband penetration, both about 45% of households (17% by population). Internet penetration is 60% in UK vs 70% in US by population. Mobile phone penetration is 90% in UK population vs 50% in US in 2005. Now it's more like 100 to 110% in Europe and Asia, meaning many people have more than one mobile phone number. Why on earth can they not get rid of the prostitute calling cards left in West End phone booths?

Working girls sell their time a little like airlines and hotels, via several channels. I'm not debating how many do it and if it's a good thing. For one it saves you the trouble of offering specials, when some clients never want to pay the full price again. The phone booth is one such channel. I've been to very nice flats and met very nice girls. Rather than sitting idle in your luxury flat, it's not a bad idea to put up some cards and do some quickies if nobody knows.

In the early day's of internet escorts in LA, they are not thinking of using the internet to save time for the johns with internet access, and save advertising money. It's simply a new channel for the higher end clients. If you want a virtual line up with pretty pictures, book in advance for a specific busy girl for an unrushed section, you have to pay enough for it. The majority of girls who have been advertising on newspapers are rather reluctant to move to the internet. You have to pay more than double; internet ads are more expensive. You cannot get away without pictures, or blurry printed pictures. You have to deal with professional photographs, maybe emails, reviews, write an essay, basically a whole new set of unfamiliar things.

For johns, it's a no brainer. Internet escorts were a lot fewer, charging twice the price for the same quality of girls. You get a full hour, but I doubt if Compartment girl will say that all 60 mins are put to good use by most clients. The rip-off problem isn't solved; it's actually worse because you have higher expectations of the pretty pictures. In short, timing is everything.

If prostitution is somewhat illegal in London, what great tips offs are the calling cards! Since it isn't, local Magistrates aren't prepared to give heavy fines to the street bumps who put the cards up. In 2005, the phone companies experimented with blocking the numbers found on the cards, after a 30 day notice. The theory is that the prostitutes have to reprint thousands of cards with a new number, which makes it expensive for business.

The bill was given up at 2006. Prostitutes can simply buy a stack of SIM cards, one pound each, and instead of printing 100,000 cards with one number, they print 100,000 cards with 10 different numbers with no extra expenses. You have to put up new cards anyway, often daily, to cover other cards that covered your cards, or to replace cards cleaned up by council workers.

It's ugly but rather harmless on the broad busy London streets. But in residential areas close by, it's on the face of small business owners, and their customers. Once they have voluntary neighborhood teams to help with the cleaning up.

Still this is a rather harmless example of legalizing prostitution, while losing control of something else. There's could be more.

Most apartments in London has a main gate and a security system. You buzz the maid to open the door for you. In some Asian cities, they just post the security code on the advertisement, to avoid any trouble of getting through. If you for some reasons want to gain access to some buildings, you can just search through the escort ads. I have been to some nice 3 bedroom semi-detached houses in England, no different from any other houses in town.

Americans are obsessed with neighborhoods. You type in your post code and find out immediately what each house worth. Same thing, you can see where how many sex offenders in your neighborhood map. In CA, it's the land of the Associations. Sometimes the whole city is a giant Association, with population from 10,000 to over 100,000. So you pay the Association fee twice, you own development and the city. And you sign off many of your rights twice. Including the right to leave the trash bin out on the roadside for more than 24 hours after collection day.

I have been to very nice apartments, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. You can always find out the security code from your friends, or some morons over private mails. Once I saw an ad that my favorite girl came back for the week. I immediately call up the booker, who begged me to see another of her girls. Guys just drove over, pass the gate, and fight for their turns in the parking lot with blocking and other tactics.

Monday, January 01, 2007

He sounds like the typical Hollywood Director, Producer, Executive type, over the hill with a pile of money and penchant for pretty young thangs and a life that probably doesn't live up to his wildest dreams.

Did I really sound like that? I didn't know how long she ever spent on my earlier blog entries. I'm one of the few who can write with an 'accent', which you will come across (along with other flaws) if you don't turn off the sound in your head, which is reading 101.

But whatever, Happy New Year from me.