Sunday, December 31, 2006

What women want?

I came across an almost dead escort blog with the above title. She said, "Their searching to find that perfect equation of looks, personality and social status. That's makes for a happy dillusion." I was still thinking that she has something to offer. Then I realized that she really had to say "what women want to pick up from a bar?". I am fairly certain that she deleted this part from the blog recently.
A man who could make me laugh
Communication is a big factor
A good rough fuck helps in a relationship
He has to know how to talk to me
Communication is very important to me
I have met to many men that can't even express two words
Men really are clueless how to treat women, speak to them or even make love
Well, is that too much to ask to have a one night stand? Or is it too little to ask, one who could talk well in 10 sec, that's about the time she needed to decide if she would go to bed with him. Again she deleted that part.

And of course the all important man who can make me laugh. Is it that important? Or is it just another way to say that it's better not to have any delusions? If a woman has an eye for a man, she would give him chances to show all off his talents, including a sense of humor. Once in a blue moon I made a remark that made everybody burst out laughing. The girl who had a crush on me said that I rarely tell jokes, but when I do, it will be killing. I don't think it's the other way round. You don't develop a crush for a man mainly because he can tell jokes well.

Well, a man (and a woman) have about 10 sec to speak with his boss, 5 sec with his boss's boss, and 2 sec with the CEO. How far you go up the corporate ladder all depends on your performance in these crucial seconds. It's a bit cruel to have the same sort of stress level when picking up a one night stand off work. I would rather go to a dating agency, make a video and try to have a relationship instead.

She also said that woman can multitask, like juggling 10 oranges while man can only focus on one job. I think she's thinking about talking on the phone, while applying polish to her nails, and waiting for her toe polish to dry, while the pie is about ready in the oven. You really want to focus on one job one project, with a good enough reward that you don't need to multitask.

She didn't realize that the joke is on her. I swear that she deleted this part. That finally she picked up a hot guy, who can't express two words. She followed him to his home, startled by some noise while making out. It was his mother that he lived with. She freaked out and left.

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