Saturday, December 30, 2006

Re: verification

In addition to my comments here, I want to add some more about what's the excuse of verification, employment in particular, in countries where prostitution is legal or tolerated.

In US, with a prostitution record, it's a real threat to revoke the custody of your children.

Here the common form of employment verification is to call up the listed number of a company, and ask for the client by name. Well, US is not just about large corporations. With globalisation, many well paid jobs are gone. Those doing well have a captive local market where the clients just can't go away or find someone from afar. To me, it looks as if plumbers and electricians in CA are doing rather well. Some trivial jobs cost hundreds of dollars, mostly go into labor cost, legal and other insurance. Will a local plumber give you the number of his company of several people? No, it's too personal unless he isn't afraid to admit that he's a john. Small business are supposed to be important to the US economy. Fast food restaurants are multi-million dollar business. What would you think if someone give you a McDonald's number? Will the owner admits that he's the boss? What about seeing someone employed by McDonald?

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