Saturday, December 30, 2006

Price, price and price

Price came up again, this time from Nia. This time she pushed my button so I can't resist to join in. "Numerous escorts charge GBP 300!", and the subject of discussion is about an escort who charges GBP 750!!

Once upon a time, all respectable internet escorts in LA charges at least USD $300 per hour. If you "undercut yourself" with a lower rate, you will get phone threats. The same escorts charges $150 if clients come through LA Express sort of newspaper, for a quickie half hour. At the same time, GBP 150 gets you significantly better quality girls in London, 120 in the South East suburbs. GBP 200 will get you model material girls from top tier agencies. Quickie in London is 60 GBP? At the time, the East European invasion was minimal, and one GBP is roughly 1.5 dollars.

Years later, the magic number in LA is still $300. Yes, this is ridiculous when real estate goes up double digits per year. And the dollar falls down hill. Many escorts in London now charges some USD $600 ?! Wow. I think the Irish starting point is 300 Euro? Which is a lot easier on the wallet. I must do a price comparison as my new year resolution.

As for the 750 GBP escort, that's $1500 by the way, any discussion other than market force are fruitless. She's the expert in setting her own price. She should have reasonable idea about how much of her clients would be willing to pay the new rate. If she is so dumb as to get it all wrong, she can dye her hair with a new stage name and start all over again.

It's the same as some guys saying that increasing from $300 to $400 is too much to afford. They will not see the escort again. It's all market force. But still the phone may ring non-stop.

The jailed NYC agency owner said it all. His girl friend is the famous $1000 / hr woman. One can say that sites like TER and TBD creates some sort of exclusive club. When you pay that $1000 you are immediately the member of the exclusive club, and you can't resist to write a review as initiation. You go back home to Wichita/Cornwall, point to her internet picture and brag that you have seen this girl, perfect, not even bothering to tell others that she doesn't look a bit like her pictures.


niadarkandlovely said...


Get ready for some price increases in 2007,:-)

I have read numerous times that there is no correlation between price,performance, and quality. But you know that already.

Thanks for the mention.

alonealive said...

Oh it's a wellknown fact among the select high end girls and madams in London that it's not about the girls, it's about the clients. There's always going to be those men, who in essence, Wants to pay £500/£1000 an hour, because it's in the marketing. It makes them feel they are seeing The Best girls. Yet maybe that girl swapped over from her measly £300/hr agency last week. I realise you are talking about £300/hr as if it's alot. That's just intermediate though. There's so much that could be said about this... From all the blogs I have read on the subject of escorts, no one seem to be from the top tier... Except myself ;)