Saturday, December 30, 2006

Physical? Emotional?

This is in response to Caroline's comment, regarding what is more satisfactory in return for the fee paid. First of all, excuse my choice of words, the chosen ones may not closely describe what I actually meant.

Bear in mind, as Compartment girl would say, most clients are easy; a little sex, a little cuddle, with the occasional fake or real orgasm.

You are all of a sudden very horny at home. Instead of picking up someone at the bar/club, making her 'laugh' along the way, you call up the most good looking girl at your short list that you can afford, and then work her as hard as she allows. If things are that simple, I would have saved a lot of money. It's pretty boring after a while, and when beginner's luck subside.

You are all alone for the whole evening in a strange place on a business trip. You call up some stranger for company without expecting much. There's no simple answer to what is better.

What is easier to buy? Of course a hard fuck. Many girls rely on looks to attract new clients. They avoid heavy sex, and it's easy to do to new clients: most are easy, aren't they? Other than that, the seasoned professionals that have regulars are most happy if you enjoy yourselves. So if you are up to it, a hard fuck without breaking their rules, you are most welcomed to try your best porn moves on them. Chanel can do a mean blowjob bareback, but she would at least semi cover her face with her hairs. I could have any position for any length, but just not directly in front of the mirror. She doesn't like to be pumped at the edge of the bed while I'm standing up, looking directly down at her reaction. She would rather hold me tight and put her tongue in my mouth instead.

It's harder for responsive sex, the positive kind. Who can flood a river after a few kisses down there? Who can have a nipple erections, artificially made or not? And then the orgasm. Is that easy to fake? I don't think so. I think most client would think faking is a good thing, especially it's convincing, at least the girl feel something, she feels the force. Not faking anything is good too. I bet few client would tell you that "I know you faked it last time, please don't do it again". Also, the faking is so bad that you don't want to hurt her feelings. Some girls have to fake it, moaning or even orgasm, when the client finish prematurely.

Emotional is as hard as the definition of it. Is orgasm physical or emotional? Is maintaining an erotic, exotic, romantic, etc, atmosphere emotional? Who's emotion? For some girls I would be jealous recommending her to others. For others I would pimp them, hopefully she would treat me better. I would think kissing is an emotional thing. Without chemistry it's hard to enjoy it.

I hit it well with Rebecca. She reminds me of first dates with new girlfriends, but of course without strings attached, and I probably won't see her ever again. Indeed she asked me at least three times directly or otherwise, what was I going to do that evening. Of course I wasn't thinking of something free, but it would be very affordable, with dinner included. But if I had the chance to see her again, most likely the electricity will be gone. It's not something easy to buy.

Emotions cost you more money for certain. Strange enough, at times the need that I feel to get back at Chanel make me feel alive, a sort of emotion I guess. Once I swear I will not kiss her at all throughout the date, no foreplay, no body worship, give her a hard fuck, to make her feel that she is just another hooker getting older each year. I don't think it will work but it doesn't matter. Sometimes something work. This time, when I see her freshly trimmed eyebrows, and the expensive cover-up for her alleged minor allergy outbreak, I couldn't control myself, and kissed her as if I was an oxygen tank. All the time I was wondering is that the reason she was late for another half hour to please me? Or is she going to be watching her watch secretly and leave immediately after one hour to see her VIP? I never ask her anything; it will just be another lie. After all, she's the professional liar.


caroline said...

Emotional then.

Enjoy these posts that you write


LA Player said...

Miss your pictures though.