Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hotel dress codes

Do hotels check visitors before allowing them to get to the guests' rooms? I thought they don't do it anymore? When booking outcall girls, I don't remember I have the front desk calling me if I'm expecting a visitor. Not Bel Age at Sunset, not the Newport Beach Hotels, not Airport hotels, not Disney Hotels. When I'm visiting an incall girl at hotels, I always walk straight in. Whether they are built like Vegas hotels, with open lobbies, or traditional hotels that you have to walk right pass front desk, nobody did anything. Perhaps nowadays they have cameras everywhere, in the lobby and in the lift, maybe all the corridors. They also know which electronic lock changed state.

In my early days I booked a girl with pictures that looked like a Hollywood starlet. I was silly to ask her to put on some sexy outfit. But she did just that. It was a relatively chilly fall in LA. She had a pair of sexy sandal on, more of the healthy type than the provocative type. Flawless French manicure on all fingers and toes. Pale bare legs that matched her manicure. Soft cotton, low cut short skirt. A short white T-shirt that showed off her lower back. The front of her T-shirt is slightly pointed, just enough to cover her belly button. But if you really want to check her belly, you can still get through at a suitable angle. Her blond hair is a little bit messy but she tied it up neatly into a pony tail. Her face is pale with hardly any makeup on but it looked like she put on some very bold red lipstick in a hurry. She didn't go over her lip lines or go under. That would be gross. It just wasn't sharp like using a fine paint brush to do it for hours.

Her internet pictures must be 10 years old. Instead of a starlet, she looked like a woman over 30, but a very sexy woman. She can stand shoulder to shoulder with a teenager wearing the same outfit, without feeling inferior in any department. She is a typical small blond, at 5'5, not any thicker than any skinny teenagers. She doesn't look bone dry like some woman at her age and weight. And she is the opposite of tan.

The small hotel is at the West Hollywood boundary trying to charge a price fit for more central locations. You need to park your car at the gated underground lot. The lobby is tiny with a pretty reception right at the front desk, wearing a nice suit that fits. The lifts are key card operated.

My girl got pass to my room all by herself. Even though she is hot and sexy, I'm sure both female and male staff will be helpful, and let her through without challenging her. She reminded me of the other sexy women that I found in seemingly unlikely places.

The most sexily dressed women are at:
  1. pre-school opening hours
  2. hardware stores on weekends
  3. supermarkets on Mondays
Because I rarely go to these places at those hours, but I can spot sexy woman consistently, so my conclusion must be statistically right. Women have excuses not to dress up or dress decent in these places. It became competition grounds with other young mothers, and testing grounds for their sex appeal to males. Call girls just don't cut it on the sexy list (well except street walkers that are not restricted by any dress code). Most of them all over the world tried to blend in with the other hotel guests. The one I met in Bel Age wore black leather long pants. She's sexy but looked more like a trophy wife, a younger Ivana Trump, than a hooker.


Anonymous said...

Many of the higher-end hotels have elevators that require a room-key to gain operational access. Easy to thwart, as you can just board a crowded elevator and ask someone to hit your floor for you.

But when you mentioned security cameras, you hit the nail right on the head. Hotel security knows EXACTLY what is going on. If they do not, they soon will. Traffic will always be noticed. "Unwanted" traffic will be stopped. But hotels also recognize that they are in business to make money. So long as the occupants are behaving themselves well, you can probably expect the guests to be tolerated. But if a girl is having a new guy in every 90 minutes, she'll be asked to leave (at least at a nicer hotel).

I have a good friend who works as a manager at a nice business hotel near a major US airport. She has had to boot prostitutes out of the hotel before. The bigger problems tend to come from inner-city "business oriented" girls. They'll create sex-party invitations and invite gobs of men to come and visit them (bachelor party-style). Problem is that too many guys show up, and they often have to call the cops to bust-in onthem.

LA Player said...

1 male visitor per 30 min is not enough to trigger security here. I heard some chains reward staff and maids to report suspicious activities.

Here the airport and Disney hotels are rather busy. If they use card key operated lifts, it would be like Venetian in Vegas, pretty useless when every lift is full in busy times.

Since the majority of ads are rip-offs here, nobody will risk outcall for unfamiliar girls. Few girls choose here as their home base. Either you pay a high rent or pick a seedy place that is not popular for johns. Even for home grown girls, sooner or later they move to more central LA locations.

Most of the touring girls do incall in a hotel room. The traffic is high already without them, so a guy or two per hour isn't that much. And they change hotels everyday or two if they still hang around. Some prefer nice hotels like Hyatt for their own security. They feel safer there perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Disneyland hotel would never be able to spot this kind of activity. There are too many people in the lobby. They'd have to notice something happening in the hallways in order to take action. But the cameras are everywhere.