Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Handle and references

Many girls don't like to talk about their reviews even though they occasionally drop a post or two to announce their presence. So I don't normally tell them I'm so and so from which board.

But handles plus private messages are increasingly used as references. Handles show your review and posting history, and booking via PM verifies your handle. This is hardly new. But sites like TER actually don't encourage anybody to discuss the reviews, or to discuss anything else for that matter. It's too much work to earn the privilege of posting immediately without moderating, unless you want to build up your reputation and tell every girl that you are so and so from TER. As Nia says, these guys are usually trouble.

But more and more girls are willing to appear on review and discussion boards, and response to PM's. The ads in my area of CityVibe are mostly fakes or rip-offs. If they are real they risk LE knocking at their door sooner or later. For the rest, they "only see gentlemen over 40". After decoding that means you have to be old enough to find them attractive. On a Friday late night, 90% of the Craiglist ads in my area are ripoffs. If you are brave to appear on discussion boards without moderation, you can find many guys to vouch for you.

Now so many girls are traveling like playing musical chair, staying in one place for a day or two makes advertising expensive. Some sites like Eros allow you to move your ad to different cities without extra charge I think, but calling them is a hassle and I think they have trouble keeping up. Craiglist and some other discussion boards are particularly suitable for these girls. Here, many girls are asking for $200 per half hour, which makes them very respectable.

As I have posted, some traveling girls ask for 3 references in my area to feel safe from LE. So using discussion boards to verify each other is more convenient and quick.

However, do I want to review my handle? It's different from escort reviews. I don't think girls are interested in the size of my belly. In revealing your handle, who you see and when you see them become linked to you as a real person with real face, a telephone number and perhaps a real name. You knows, sometimes some girls slip, though rare. "Ah, I know this guy [handle] also works for [company] on [department]". Maybe that is a 4 person company with 3 departments.

Once I review my handles, I doubt if my reviews can still be objective. The agenda becomes being a nice guy. Also from the reviews, girls may have a distorted impression. If you have few reviews, you are newbie and you are trouble, expecting too much. Or you are poor. On the other hand, too many reviews means harder to satisfy, a high health risk?

What I really want to talk about are the reference services. For escorts there's the Date Check and another similar one. You pay a yearly fee. They maintain a database of who had seen who. For newbies, you can ask them to call your company to verify your employment for $10. Recently TER launched the white list service, which is essentially Date Check without the labor intensive verifying option. It's free but you have to be a TER member, meaning expensive.

I am not sure which are more important in screening:
1) avoid LE
2) make sure he can afford to pay
3) personal safety, if something happen to me, this is the person to look for
4) if he makes troubles, this is the company to call

I don't see what employment verification achieves. Yes, for big corporations, you don't even need to call. Everyone can supply an authorization code for you to call an employment verification service, you can verify their real name and how long they have been working. I don't know how possible is it for LE to ask a local big company to add a name to their employee list. But setting up a empty shell company is easy.

Then there's the safe dating services. You leave the details of the person you are going to see on the website. If you meet a serial killer and your name appears on the news, somebody know where to look for that killer's details.

I think paypal can become useful. If you use that to pay for a reference service, you get verified to some extend without reviewing any of your details. The recipient knows if your account is verified - that you have a valid bank account and you are the owner. Also it's hard for a person to have many paypal accounts. They don't allow a bank account to use on different paypal accounts. They also check more harshly than before the money laundering laws came into effect. I still have a few experimental accounts before that era.

BTW, anybody tried to pay by phone using paypal? I had been thinking about getting Chanel an online reloadable debit card. So I can send her the money before and gifts after. But all of them need real ID's that Chanel wouldn't approve. Paypal is different. She doesn't like to turn on her computer but she likes her phone. Cash is too much trouble. I only like cash at the time when I walk into the bank to deposit a large company check and take out a grand or two for play money in 100 bills.

I'm thinking about these because I'm looking for a Chanel replacement. I may need references; I can't get around it all the time. Before she fired me, I've been looking hard for her replacement. Because I wanted to free from her spell ASAP. One day she is an angel and the next she may be a bitch. Sometimes I found somebody good enough to replace her, but Chanel would call me up and then all would be forgiven and forgotten. Now I have no choice but to look. But strangely I wasn't in a rush.

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This is an informative post. The verification process in the US seems mindboggling.

Thank god it is different here in London.

Good luck with your hunt for the Chanel replacement.

I am having some problem posting with my blogger id on your comments. I do not know why.