Friday, December 08, 2006

Fatal Assumptions

I love beautiful feet, but that have to be the appetizer, the desert, or the icing on the cake. There's only one time that I answered an ad for foot fetish. She didn't offer any picture, but it was an incall so I could pull out if she didn't look good. The positive assumption is that these girls are short of money, beautiful enough not to sell her body to get enough money, just her feet. The negative assumption being that they are not good enough to compete with the mainstream escorts, offering a niche instead.

She has a small Hollywood apartment. She is playing the struggling artist card perhaps, with a large unfinished painting in the main room. Judging by her apartment, I think the struggling part is real. She is a rather plain woman next door, about 30. Her feet aren't that appetizing. What made me stay was the short skirt that she wore for me. She asked me on the phone if I liked stockings. No I told her, I only like bare legs. She was rather skinny and her bare legs turned me on. I assumed that offering her enough motivations, she would do everything.

Some say that women's feet are best after 30, losing all the baby fat, before you can see blue veins, dry skins, and bones on the toes. The shape of her feet aren't that good and she was too skinny too. She had red nail polish on that I didn't like. After some light kissing on her feet, I tried to go higher and higher up.

She pushed my head back down gently with her free foot time and time again. Being down there for a while, I began to realize that her feet smell a bit. Maybe she assumed that many guys like smelly sweaty feet. Maybe she assumed the chance that any guy staying wasn't that great. So she didn't prepare and wash her feet before every appointment.

I could have asked her to wash her feet. But there's nothing romantic doing it in her tiny untidy bathroom. Anyway it was too late. She began to push her feet flat against my face, coving my eyes, nose and mouth. I lost it. I have no interest carrying on any more.

Now I don't tell the girls anymore. I think Pru got it right. If a girl is good enough to be worshiped, I would start with light kissing, everywhere. Before that, a bath or shower, her alone or together, is great. It's greater if I can do all the washing for her. Light kissing will turn into a tiny hint of tongue work between my lips. If she survives, it would be light sucking and tantalizing licking.

Any more than that, her feet have to be nice enough to put me into a trance. Then, I guess like having an oral fixation, I would uncontrollably suck and lick all her toes and then some.

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