Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fantasy wear 2

Role play, fetish are dirty words here. And so is costume. Even though many girls have an open mind, they just don't put those words on their advertisements. It's a big problem if you care to ask. Many aren't have anything unusual in their wardrobe, and many have never done any role play.

In contrast, the Brits are supposed to be on the more conservative side of the Europeans. Most have costumes at their apartments, and playing games are their second nature. If you ask for something say school uniform, they may ask you right back, "which style?". They have at least the old and the new style. (The Japanese have several specific styles.) But if you didn't book in advance, you are likely to be disappointed. The popular uniforms are mostly likely in the laundry.

I think the adult costume industry is a somewhat US thing. Other countries will be thinking of the real uniforms rather than the fantasy versions. I came across ads of some companies selling second hand authentic school uniforms, just like worn panties. But the fantasy versions have their advantages. They are designed to fit the average woman rather than the original wearers. These costumes are supposed to be sexed up, so few materials are used. They are supposed to be impractical so the materials doesn't need to last. In other words they are cheap, and disposable.

Take the classic school girl outfit by Leg Avenue. This one shows most flesh and naturally it's also the cheapest. It's a one size fit all as there's nothing much to fit. The 'shirt' has no button but a knot. The 'skirt' just wrap around itself secured by velco. But the result can be surprising. Chanel has the skinny teenager look when I met her, and that image was etched in my mind ever since. She doesn't look that small but her actual size is 0 to 2 at most. So I though she would look gorgeous in that outfit, particularly with her long flowing straight hair. But I was surprised to notice that her legs aren't that thin as the model. And she looked a little big in that tiny uniform. It's not bad, just not a cute school girl as I expected. In addition, she was a bit shy and hiding her body as that didn't look particularly good on her. I couldn't take a good look and it wasn't that much fun.

I gave Emma, the ex-flight attendant, the outfit as a surprise gift before I asked her to wear it the next week. So she had plenty of time to prepare, and she did. I didn't expect much as she isn't a spinner type. She's somewhat tall that makes her look bigger than typical school girls. Her demeanor is somewhat mature perhaps because of her job. But it turned out that she's the best.

I should have known better. She work out all the time. She's the kind of girl who has a sexy gym outfit for her cam dating. She made minor adjustments to make the outfit look better on her. Her longer legs are a plus. She also worked on her hair style, with twin rubber banded pony tails. Instead of the long socks and shoes, I had a pair of tiny short socks that fold out like little flowers. She's so cute in those. She's confident enough to show it off and play around in her house wearing the outfit.

Some costumes are more like the real thing: less sex and more authenticity. But it's harder to make it look good. I know a woman who fits this costume well. So cute that I made a sex tape. One child birth didn't change that. Not a problem after two: she shrink back to old size. But after the third, she looked awkward in that outfit. The big bow tie and other cute details made her looked silly.

So although it's fun to dress your girl like a doll, the way you like it, it's always hit and miss, a possible waste of time and money, unless she tried it before buying. I did bring my girls to shopping. Mostly lingerie because it's safe for the pocket. The most expensive time is about a grand. Leslie got a pair of shoes and then some. It's not as expensive as it seems. She spent at least a couple of hours in the shops. It's not as boring as it seems. I followed her into every changing room that I can to make sure that everything fits. I liked the surprised reactions of other women in big changing areas like Vic's. I liked to see the worrying expressions on the sale girls. I also like the look of some sale girls, as if saying, "I'm better looking than this girl, how come I don't have boy friends like this?". But pity that she isn't a hooker. The gift are also down payments for future service. I would go out with Leslie again and fuck her until she wouldn't go anywhere but the malls first.

The cheapest time is a couple of hundreds. Jordan is new in town and if her driving license is legit, she's asking me to give her gifts for her 21st birthday. It could have cost me big time as usual, but she wasn't prepared. She was surprised that I agreed to it during lunch. She waived down other cars in my car to ask for directions to the nearest mall. She picked a store where teenagers hang out. She needed some sexy causals. She took 10 outfits into the tiny changing booth. I had lots of fun cramped inside it with her, discussing her picks so everybody else can hear. Mostly I dismissed most of it for various reasons, the common one is that I then don't need to pay for them. At the end she got a few, the one I liked most is a cross between a basketball vest and a cheer leader uniform.

I also learn that although there are so many pretty cute costumes, but if it isn't your thing, it probably won't work unless your girl is a model. Or at least it won't worth the extra money or effort. I have no other fantasies except perhaps Princess Belle. But a full blown ball grown is a bit expensive.

I have a thing about office outfits like this. Simple and effective for me. I had a girl friend with a wardrobe full of these, where she spent her first paychecks on. Most of her outfits were more complicated and fancy, more cute than sexy. But I would be turned on when she wore the right one. Once after dinner I took her to the back seat of a double decker bus on our way home and went down on her, ignoring the other double decker bus passengers who looked.

Once I ran into Chanel in a suit like this. The color is intense light blue that I couldn't forget. Her skirt is even better. It's not a skirt but like a little black dress suitable for office. She never dressed like that with me, either thrift store clothes or expensive jeans and Chanel shoes. I asked her and she didn't want to talk much about it. She agreed to wear it for me the next time though. However, it's a different color, not intense light blue but deep navy blue. She even went to bed in it, but she wouldn't let me take off or mess up anything as usual. Laura would be good in it. But I would get something cheaper for her for a test run once she replies to my email.

Shoes are different. You always look better in the right shoes, which also gain you better postures. It's like lingerie is better than the imperfect naked body. So it have to be sandals. Shoes will disfigure your feet and give you bad smells. Please don't. I like last season's 4 inch sandals. Women do wear those heels going out, so it isn't just for my enjoyment. But practically, I doubt if my girls would wear them often other than in bed with me.

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