Saturday, December 30, 2006

Differential upgrade

There's an article inside here about special treatment of prostitutes. Here are some discussions of different kind working girls. I realized what I have been doing occasionally is turning penis allergic hookers into sex buffets, escorts into companions, and companions into courtesans, whatever. All with a good heart and generosity.

It's hard to find your ideal woman, and if you do it's too easy to break your bank. So it make sense to do something about the woman at hand. The challenge is also fun. Even if you sort of promise them to cover their full hourly rate, they may not believe you if they don't do that often in their market segment. Some would rather not run the risk of being seen by someone she knows, or being photographed secretly. Some wouldn't bother. Indoor lighting, make up, and dress code are very different from going out. Keeping up the conversation could be hard work. Having sex with another client could be less effort than going out for dinner. Did Compartment girl said most clients are easy?

At the other extreme, some girls do go to dinner, shopping, and trips with you for free, as long as everything is paid. It's like a loyal customer reward. I normally aim somewhere between the extremes.

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