Sunday, December 31, 2006

Moral vs Legal

The legislation of anti-prostitution laws has little to do with morality. Society is better without alcohol, but it is not possible to ban it. Some argue that legalization leads to taxing the income of prostitutes, which is not moral. Well, you can always make an exemption. But if they get full rights and full protection in return, it's very moral.

Sam brought out the porn star argument. Once in LA some providers allow you to tape the session, trying to make it legal.

Abortion is a little different. At the end, the doctors have to do it, testing their believes. Others voting on the issue are mostly based on their strong believes, as they are not affected directly.

Prostitution affects many other people directly, in particular street walkers and brothels. UK is a good example. One girl per apartment is OK. But before you know it, the whole residential building and even the whole street are full of working girls. Often the less desirable real estates are occupied. But that make it worse for the already underprivileged kids whose parents can't afford to move. Or, some girls can afford to buy a three bedroom house in the middle of a nice neighborhood, turning the backyard into a discrete parking space.

Zoning isn't practical. A concentrated red light district will be huge. If prostitution is only allowed in commercial zones, it will get similar rejections from business neighbors. There are always patrons who don't want to go in and out of a joint like a restaurant. They prefer discrete residential houses and apartments. Someone will cater for them even if that's illegal.

For the same reason, UK can't get rid of illegal streetwalkers even though indoor prostitution is legal or close to it. There are always somebody desperate enough to turn to illegal activities to survive.

In some Asian cities, the incall girls invade the high end hotels in convenient locations for johns. Management can't do much about it because it's legal. Even if you have the right to decline service for certain guests, you have to do the detective work that is hard for LE to do.

The no brothel policy is too easy to by pass. One floor for a hostess club. The other floor a hotel with a different owner, whose guests are mainly couples walking from downstairs.

I know it's a not in my backyard syndrome, but it's not addressed at all by Wendy. Does it bother anybody that your neighbor have a visitor per hour most of the day? What to tell your kids?

Well, you can use the lucrative extra tax to pay for a lot of things and get elected. To me this is just another form of eminent domain, where local politicians take properties against the wish of owners, with a fair market price determined by the courts of sort, also elected officials. The land isn't used to build schools or roads, but to sell to big corporations to build like luxury apartment complex. The tax revenue is then used to pay for a lot of social services. The Republicans/Conservative win because the big corporations are happy. The Liberals/Labor win because those rely a lot on social services are happy. The only losers are the middle class who lived in the same old houses for 30 years. This doesn't happen in other countries. When schools and roads are build in the public interest, the fair market price can be really good, the property owners are like wining a small lottery. Social security is almost non-existence, or funded centrally rather than relying on local supplements. Local politics has nothing to do with it.

What women want?

I came across an almost dead escort blog with the above title. She said, "Their searching to find that perfect equation of looks, personality and social status. That's makes for a happy dillusion." I was still thinking that she has something to offer. Then I realized that she really had to say "what women want to pick up from a bar?". I am fairly certain that she deleted this part from the blog recently.
A man who could make me laugh
Communication is a big factor
A good rough fuck helps in a relationship
He has to know how to talk to me
Communication is very important to me
I have met to many men that can't even express two words
Men really are clueless how to treat women, speak to them or even make love
Well, is that too much to ask to have a one night stand? Or is it too little to ask, one who could talk well in 10 sec, that's about the time she needed to decide if she would go to bed with him. Again she deleted that part.

And of course the all important man who can make me laugh. Is it that important? Or is it just another way to say that it's better not to have any delusions? If a woman has an eye for a man, she would give him chances to show all off his talents, including a sense of humor. Once in a blue moon I made a remark that made everybody burst out laughing. The girl who had a crush on me said that I rarely tell jokes, but when I do, it will be killing. I don't think it's the other way round. You don't develop a crush for a man mainly because he can tell jokes well.

Well, a man (and a woman) have about 10 sec to speak with his boss, 5 sec with his boss's boss, and 2 sec with the CEO. How far you go up the corporate ladder all depends on your performance in these crucial seconds. It's a bit cruel to have the same sort of stress level when picking up a one night stand off work. I would rather go to a dating agency, make a video and try to have a relationship instead.

She also said that woman can multitask, like juggling 10 oranges while man can only focus on one job. I think she's thinking about talking on the phone, while applying polish to her nails, and waiting for her toe polish to dry, while the pie is about ready in the oven. You really want to focus on one job one project, with a good enough reward that you don't need to multitask.

She didn't realize that the joke is on her. I swear that she deleted this part. That finally she picked up a hot guy, who can't express two words. She followed him to his home, startled by some noise while making out. It was his mother that he lived with. She freaked out and left.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Re: verification

In addition to my comments here, I want to add some more about what's the excuse of verification, employment in particular, in countries where prostitution is legal or tolerated.

In US, with a prostitution record, it's a real threat to revoke the custody of your children.

Here the common form of employment verification is to call up the listed number of a company, and ask for the client by name. Well, US is not just about large corporations. With globalisation, many well paid jobs are gone. Those doing well have a captive local market where the clients just can't go away or find someone from afar. To me, it looks as if plumbers and electricians in CA are doing rather well. Some trivial jobs cost hundreds of dollars, mostly go into labor cost, legal and other insurance. Will a local plumber give you the number of his company of several people? No, it's too personal unless he isn't afraid to admit that he's a john. Small business are supposed to be important to the US economy. Fast food restaurants are multi-million dollar business. What would you think if someone give you a McDonald's number? Will the owner admits that he's the boss? What about seeing someone employed by McDonald?

Price, price and price

Price came up again, this time from Nia. This time she pushed my button so I can't resist to join in. "Numerous escorts charge GBP 300!", and the subject of discussion is about an escort who charges GBP 750!!

Once upon a time, all respectable internet escorts in LA charges at least USD $300 per hour. If you "undercut yourself" with a lower rate, you will get phone threats. The same escorts charges $150 if clients come through LA Express sort of newspaper, for a quickie half hour. At the same time, GBP 150 gets you significantly better quality girls in London, 120 in the South East suburbs. GBP 200 will get you model material girls from top tier agencies. Quickie in London is 60 GBP? At the time, the East European invasion was minimal, and one GBP is roughly 1.5 dollars.

Years later, the magic number in LA is still $300. Yes, this is ridiculous when real estate goes up double digits per year. And the dollar falls down hill. Many escorts in London now charges some USD $600 ?! Wow. I think the Irish starting point is 300 Euro? Which is a lot easier on the wallet. I must do a price comparison as my new year resolution.

As for the 750 GBP escort, that's $1500 by the way, any discussion other than market force are fruitless. She's the expert in setting her own price. She should have reasonable idea about how much of her clients would be willing to pay the new rate. If she is so dumb as to get it all wrong, she can dye her hair with a new stage name and start all over again.

It's the same as some guys saying that increasing from $300 to $400 is too much to afford. They will not see the escort again. It's all market force. But still the phone may ring non-stop.

The jailed NYC agency owner said it all. His girl friend is the famous $1000 / hr woman. One can say that sites like TER and TBD creates some sort of exclusive club. When you pay that $1000 you are immediately the member of the exclusive club, and you can't resist to write a review as initiation. You go back home to Wichita/Cornwall, point to her internet picture and brag that you have seen this girl, perfect, not even bothering to tell others that she doesn't look a bit like her pictures.

Blogs of interest

I don't want to label anyone a player or playmate just because they mentioned it once in their blog. It will also help readers that the player/playmate list contains bloggers who explicitly write about their experiences.

Differential upgrade

There's an article inside here about special treatment of prostitutes. Here are some discussions of different kind working girls. I realized what I have been doing occasionally is turning penis allergic hookers into sex buffets, escorts into companions, and companions into courtesans, whatever. All with a good heart and generosity.

It's hard to find your ideal woman, and if you do it's too easy to break your bank. So it make sense to do something about the woman at hand. The challenge is also fun. Even if you sort of promise them to cover their full hourly rate, they may not believe you if they don't do that often in their market segment. Some would rather not run the risk of being seen by someone she knows, or being photographed secretly. Some wouldn't bother. Indoor lighting, make up, and dress code are very different from going out. Keeping up the conversation could be hard work. Having sex with another client could be less effort than going out for dinner. Did Compartment girl said most clients are easy?

At the other extreme, some girls do go to dinner, shopping, and trips with you for free, as long as everything is paid. It's like a loyal customer reward. I normally aim somewhere between the extremes.

Re: offending the ladies

Male staff and male guests do seem to enjoy spotting prostitutes. But are they any better than female staff and other female guests? Male staff may look at you from head to toe as a compliment. They may also stare at your flesh impolitely, which they can't do to any other women. Or they just want to pick someone to look down upon with hostility.

I was once in Bangkok for a night by the airport in a rather new hotel, which explains the lack of patrons. A male staff solicited me, escorted me out to get a girl friend to bang, on a hotel taxi, with a hotel driver. When the four of us came back, the female receptionist insisted on me paying the extra guest fee right there. It may well be the rules, but she wasn't at all helpful or courteous. I couldn't just told her to put it on my tab. But we have to stand at the front desk until I paid and signed for it. All the time she wasn't looking at anybody. She got everything done without looking at me.

Since my girlfriend set foot in the hotel, the male staff never stopped looking at her. The staff to guess ratio was about infinity to one. The next morning, the guy came in like a chef to ask if everything was OK. I asked him to translate a bit. I found out that she wanted me to take her to Pataya. Certainly I would have, if I wasn't credit limited at the time. Still she kept me company until my later afternoon flight and inevitably another bang in between. The guy stared at her so much that after he left the room, I understood with difficulty that my girl friend begged me not to allow any one else in.

When the time came, I thought she would prefer to leave alone. Actually I wouldn't want to leave the hotel with a hooker. But she wouldn't do anything else but to follow me. I felt as if there were male staff in ever corner. They were genuinely courteous, with semi Japanese greeting postures, or showing off their English, 'Had a good night, sir?'.

I should feel like a VIP but I felt awkward. She cannot feel any worse, shy like a kid. She was half a step behind me always, grabbing my arm, using me as a human shield. The lobby was hell with a staff ratio of infinity to one. Even my driver on the previous night was there to greet me goodbye. To her, it must be 'if looks could kill'. Once out of the main door, she was alive again. We waved goodbye as in a rock concert, me at the back of a taxi, she just stood there.

I can't say anything special about my girl friend, but I can tell you how we met. When I got there, the manageress brought out three lovely girls sitting around a table a few yards in front of me. I just couldn't pick one. I even pictured how good each girl would look beside me when we go out touring, or dinner at night. At the same time, I was extremely distracted by the sexy young, fit, leggy manageress in her tight short. If I were any more experienced, I would have asked if she was game and picked her. But it was a complete standoff. It was like the prelude to a group gun fight in Westerns, everyone zoomed to the poker face of all others in turn. Then someone opened the partition wall. Like a flood gate, it felt like a wave of girls coming out and stood by the walls so as not to obscure each other. It took me about a minute to pick my girl friend without taking a closer look.


Some girls hang out at hotel bars, and some girls hang out at Vegas casinos. Other than those, I would think girls would hate to be picked up on their way to and out of hotels. In US it would be risky unless you don't screen your potential clients. In some Asian cities, the top internet girls just invade the best hotels, who can't do much about them. They do incalls and they have all the money to pay for everything. You can sit at the lobby just as any other respectable tourist, and watch the hookers go by. They dress decent but it's too easy to spot if you are local. If only they would allow themselves to be picked up, you don't need no Internet. Every time I went in and out of these hotels, the hookers (plural) in the lift, or the ones (plural) waving down taxis outside the door, all seemed better looking than the one I booked.

Physical? Emotional?

This is in response to Caroline's comment, regarding what is more satisfactory in return for the fee paid. First of all, excuse my choice of words, the chosen ones may not closely describe what I actually meant.

Bear in mind, as Compartment girl would say, most clients are easy; a little sex, a little cuddle, with the occasional fake or real orgasm.

You are all of a sudden very horny at home. Instead of picking up someone at the bar/club, making her 'laugh' along the way, you call up the most good looking girl at your short list that you can afford, and then work her as hard as she allows. If things are that simple, I would have saved a lot of money. It's pretty boring after a while, and when beginner's luck subside.

You are all alone for the whole evening in a strange place on a business trip. You call up some stranger for company without expecting much. There's no simple answer to what is better.

What is easier to buy? Of course a hard fuck. Many girls rely on looks to attract new clients. They avoid heavy sex, and it's easy to do to new clients: most are easy, aren't they? Other than that, the seasoned professionals that have regulars are most happy if you enjoy yourselves. So if you are up to it, a hard fuck without breaking their rules, you are most welcomed to try your best porn moves on them. Chanel can do a mean blowjob bareback, but she would at least semi cover her face with her hairs. I could have any position for any length, but just not directly in front of the mirror. She doesn't like to be pumped at the edge of the bed while I'm standing up, looking directly down at her reaction. She would rather hold me tight and put her tongue in my mouth instead.

It's harder for responsive sex, the positive kind. Who can flood a river after a few kisses down there? Who can have a nipple erections, artificially made or not? And then the orgasm. Is that easy to fake? I don't think so. I think most client would think faking is a good thing, especially it's convincing, at least the girl feel something, she feels the force. Not faking anything is good too. I bet few client would tell you that "I know you faked it last time, please don't do it again". Also, the faking is so bad that you don't want to hurt her feelings. Some girls have to fake it, moaning or even orgasm, when the client finish prematurely.

Emotional is as hard as the definition of it. Is orgasm physical or emotional? Is maintaining an erotic, exotic, romantic, etc, atmosphere emotional? Who's emotion? For some girls I would be jealous recommending her to others. For others I would pimp them, hopefully she would treat me better. I would think kissing is an emotional thing. Without chemistry it's hard to enjoy it.

I hit it well with Rebecca. She reminds me of first dates with new girlfriends, but of course without strings attached, and I probably won't see her ever again. Indeed she asked me at least three times directly or otherwise, what was I going to do that evening. Of course I wasn't thinking of something free, but it would be very affordable, with dinner included. But if I had the chance to see her again, most likely the electricity will be gone. It's not something easy to buy.

Emotions cost you more money for certain. Strange enough, at times the need that I feel to get back at Chanel make me feel alive, a sort of emotion I guess. Once I swear I will not kiss her at all throughout the date, no foreplay, no body worship, give her a hard fuck, to make her feel that she is just another hooker getting older each year. I don't think it will work but it doesn't matter. Sometimes something work. This time, when I see her freshly trimmed eyebrows, and the expensive cover-up for her alleged minor allergy outbreak, I couldn't control myself, and kissed her as if I was an oxygen tank. All the time I was wondering is that the reason she was late for another half hour to please me? Or is she going to be watching her watch secretly and leave immediately after one hour to see her VIP? I never ask her anything; it will just be another lie. After all, she's the professional liar.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fantasy wear 2

Role play, fetish are dirty words here. And so is costume. Even though many girls have an open mind, they just don't put those words on their advertisements. It's a big problem if you care to ask. Many aren't have anything unusual in their wardrobe, and many have never done any role play.

In contrast, the Brits are supposed to be on the more conservative side of the Europeans. Most have costumes at their apartments, and playing games are their second nature. If you ask for something say school uniform, they may ask you right back, "which style?". They have at least the old and the new style. (The Japanese have several specific styles.) But if you didn't book in advance, you are likely to be disappointed. The popular uniforms are mostly likely in the laundry.

I think the adult costume industry is a somewhat US thing. Other countries will be thinking of the real uniforms rather than the fantasy versions. I came across ads of some companies selling second hand authentic school uniforms, just like worn panties. But the fantasy versions have their advantages. They are designed to fit the average woman rather than the original wearers. These costumes are supposed to be sexed up, so few materials are used. They are supposed to be impractical so the materials doesn't need to last. In other words they are cheap, and disposable.

Take the classic school girl outfit by Leg Avenue. This one shows most flesh and naturally it's also the cheapest. It's a one size fit all as there's nothing much to fit. The 'shirt' has no button but a knot. The 'skirt' just wrap around itself secured by velco. But the result can be surprising. Chanel has the skinny teenager look when I met her, and that image was etched in my mind ever since. She doesn't look that small but her actual size is 0 to 2 at most. So I though she would look gorgeous in that outfit, particularly with her long flowing straight hair. But I was surprised to notice that her legs aren't that thin as the model. And she looked a little big in that tiny uniform. It's not bad, just not a cute school girl as I expected. In addition, she was a bit shy and hiding her body as that didn't look particularly good on her. I couldn't take a good look and it wasn't that much fun.

I gave Emma, the ex-flight attendant, the outfit as a surprise gift before I asked her to wear it the next week. So she had plenty of time to prepare, and she did. I didn't expect much as she isn't a spinner type. She's somewhat tall that makes her look bigger than typical school girls. Her demeanor is somewhat mature perhaps because of her job. But it turned out that she's the best.

I should have known better. She work out all the time. She's the kind of girl who has a sexy gym outfit for her cam dating. She made minor adjustments to make the outfit look better on her. Her longer legs are a plus. She also worked on her hair style, with twin rubber banded pony tails. Instead of the long socks and shoes, I had a pair of tiny short socks that fold out like little flowers. She's so cute in those. She's confident enough to show it off and play around in her house wearing the outfit.

Some costumes are more like the real thing: less sex and more authenticity. But it's harder to make it look good. I know a woman who fits this costume well. So cute that I made a sex tape. One child birth didn't change that. Not a problem after two: she shrink back to old size. But after the third, she looked awkward in that outfit. The big bow tie and other cute details made her looked silly.

So although it's fun to dress your girl like a doll, the way you like it, it's always hit and miss, a possible waste of time and money, unless she tried it before buying. I did bring my girls to shopping. Mostly lingerie because it's safe for the pocket. The most expensive time is about a grand. Leslie got a pair of shoes and then some. It's not as expensive as it seems. She spent at least a couple of hours in the shops. It's not as boring as it seems. I followed her into every changing room that I can to make sure that everything fits. I liked the surprised reactions of other women in big changing areas like Vic's. I liked to see the worrying expressions on the sale girls. I also like the look of some sale girls, as if saying, "I'm better looking than this girl, how come I don't have boy friends like this?". But pity that she isn't a hooker. The gift are also down payments for future service. I would go out with Leslie again and fuck her until she wouldn't go anywhere but the malls first.

The cheapest time is a couple of hundreds. Jordan is new in town and if her driving license is legit, she's asking me to give her gifts for her 21st birthday. It could have cost me big time as usual, but she wasn't prepared. She was surprised that I agreed to it during lunch. She waived down other cars in my car to ask for directions to the nearest mall. She picked a store where teenagers hang out. She needed some sexy causals. She took 10 outfits into the tiny changing booth. I had lots of fun cramped inside it with her, discussing her picks so everybody else can hear. Mostly I dismissed most of it for various reasons, the common one is that I then don't need to pay for them. At the end she got a few, the one I liked most is a cross between a basketball vest and a cheer leader uniform.

I also learn that although there are so many pretty cute costumes, but if it isn't your thing, it probably won't work unless your girl is a model. Or at least it won't worth the extra money or effort. I have no other fantasies except perhaps Princess Belle. But a full blown ball grown is a bit expensive.

I have a thing about office outfits like this. Simple and effective for me. I had a girl friend with a wardrobe full of these, where she spent her first paychecks on. Most of her outfits were more complicated and fancy, more cute than sexy. But I would be turned on when she wore the right one. Once after dinner I took her to the back seat of a double decker bus on our way home and went down on her, ignoring the other double decker bus passengers who looked.

Once I ran into Chanel in a suit like this. The color is intense light blue that I couldn't forget. Her skirt is even better. It's not a skirt but like a little black dress suitable for office. She never dressed like that with me, either thrift store clothes or expensive jeans and Chanel shoes. I asked her and she didn't want to talk much about it. She agreed to wear it for me the next time though. However, it's a different color, not intense light blue but deep navy blue. She even went to bed in it, but she wouldn't let me take off or mess up anything as usual. Laura would be good in it. But I would get something cheaper for her for a test run once she replies to my email.

Shoes are different. You always look better in the right shoes, which also gain you better postures. It's like lingerie is better than the imperfect naked body. So it have to be sandals. Shoes will disfigure your feet and give you bad smells. Please don't. I like last season's 4 inch sandals. Women do wear those heels going out, so it isn't just for my enjoyment. But practically, I doubt if my girls would wear them often other than in bed with me.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fantasy wear

Laura got herself a nice room in a nice large hotel near a family resort. I love these hotels. There's always some guests around. Nobody will notice anybody else. She opened the door in a strapless sexy bra and a very sexy matching throng. In her pictures, she's good looking standing straight up facing the camera. All 5'10 inches and 140 lbs of her looked good for her price bracket. But she wore a see through teddy that I have doubts about. Now that the teddy was gone, I had to burst out "woooh" at the door. Not a gentle "wow" as a compliment. But more like a refined version of outburst when the home team scored. She's not a skinny Victoria's Secret model, but she looked thinner and prettier than her pictures. I followed her into the room. Just when I was not looking, before I examined in more detail how sexy her throng was, she was completely naked in bed.

Working girls had a limited choice of clothing. (Street walkers included; it's all about flesh, flesh and flesh.) For incalls it is usually sexy lingerie, classy or otherwise, to clinch the deal for first time clients. For outcalls, it's anything but to look like a call girl, to look out of place. For the LA weather, in 5 star hotels and seedy motels, jeans and casual top is often the default choice.

Most of the time, when you like what see, it's untouchable. Girls don't want their priced processions being broken, under too much wear and tear. More importantly, they want to keep their outfit clean, so they can walk out clean after a shower, or save some time for laundry.

For new encounters, it's about the law, or the circumvention of it. Both sides are under pressure to do what officers of the law wouldn't. Getting naked and starting foreplay right away are good. Then everybody can start to relax. Sometimes it's psychological. You can do anything but taking their clothes off.

This is a case when gifts are rewarding. They have to model it for you right? Let you take a good look, and let you play around in it. Quality lingerie is a good bet. Perhaps it's too good. I hate the idea that they show it off to their boy friends and other clients. But then a gift is a gift, loosen up.

But soon, I found out that my girls aren't lingerie models. Or else they would have been making a good living out of it. Finding something that fits is a challenge. Then there are the flaws in everybody that you know or not. Even with easy to wear super bras and wonder bras, the outcome is often disappointing. Models have perfectly shaped D or C cups. Sometimes your girl wear it well with all the right curves, but they just don't have the long model legs to make the throngs look extra sexy.

So if I have to, I would pick something like this. A fancy pattern that is visually stimulating and a texture that I can feel. In addition, after looking through several catalogs, I picked this white almost see through suit, a jacket with a mini skirt, to go with the black/red bra and black throng. I will be really turned on if somebody wear that to work. Imagine that I can take the whole outfit off bit by bit, or rip it apart all at once so nobody else can have it.

The problem is, for the impractical suit, Chanel (the professional lier) wasn't keen on trying it because it was one size too big. I had to return it because I didn't think she was interested in getting a smaller one at all. For the very practical bra and throng set, she gave me various reasons not to wear it for me again, like she lives with her family and don't want them and her friends to see her going out with something erotic underneath. But I think she wants to keep it as part of her private wardrobe, not to associate it with anything in her secret life. I had the luck to see it only twice.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The search

Caroline suggested some music for my next encounter. Pitty that if Chanel is still around, I can bring my laptop, loop the music while we are at it, and see if that works. But bringing romantic, passionate love making music to see a new girl is a risk.

Since the holidays is coming, I have to do something or I have to wait till next year. So I got the idea. I'll blog the progress of my next encounter. If you don't hear any more of it from me, that means it's a flop.

Guess what, our county have such a good reputation that we are spoiled for choice for touring girls at this time of the year. Here is a second home to many of them. Aviance (picture left 1) came back only after a week or two. She didn't bother to advertise. She just left a message on our local board calling for her old clients to PM her. And then there's the sweet Katie (2). More of the same, Jenny (3) and the new girl (4). I never met them, but numerous guys will vouch for their realistic pictures. One of these days, I'll book six of Katie's and Jenny's all at once. There are plenty of these girls, but they seldom touch down together on the same turf. Each of them have to wear a Disney princess costume while walking into my room in a Disney hotel. A single Katie and Jenny's type will be fun when fitted with Leg Avenue fantasy collection. Not much talent is involved. But predicting when they will turn up next is a problem.

So I booked something like (bottom 5). Laura, 5'10 tall, 140 lb. Some meat on the bone for a change. I may like some soft cushion while cuddling at this time of the year. By the way, if any girl include her feet in her pictures, and her toes look a fraction as good, I will certainly book her, provided all other things equal. I can only see vaguely Laura's pedicured toes in one of her pictures. The other reasons that I booked her: she's local, reputed to have nice skin and use a lot of moisturizers, more mature than the Katies and Jennys.

And the preparation has already been started. Sometimes I work into late nights at home. I like the peace and quite. I eat snacks, but after that, I don't want to wake up everybody by using the bathroom. So I have bad breath occasionally. To be sure, it will take a few days to work it off. Some of my teeth are densely packed, the main cause of bad breath for me. The best tooth brush doesn't help at all. So I floss when I can. And then the tongue scraping, the remaining cause. As for mouth wash, the most effective I think is half strength cheap hydrogen peroxide. It oxidize everything on contact, visually stunning. Now there is the traditional Listerine type mouth wash with H2O2 added, for it's whitening effect.

Not that Laura is very expensive and this date is very important to me. It's becoming some sort of ritual to me.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hotel dress codes

Do hotels check visitors before allowing them to get to the guests' rooms? I thought they don't do it anymore? When booking outcall girls, I don't remember I have the front desk calling me if I'm expecting a visitor. Not Bel Age at Sunset, not the Newport Beach Hotels, not Airport hotels, not Disney Hotels. When I'm visiting an incall girl at hotels, I always walk straight in. Whether they are built like Vegas hotels, with open lobbies, or traditional hotels that you have to walk right pass front desk, nobody did anything. Perhaps nowadays they have cameras everywhere, in the lobby and in the lift, maybe all the corridors. They also know which electronic lock changed state.

In my early days I booked a girl with pictures that looked like a Hollywood starlet. I was silly to ask her to put on some sexy outfit. But she did just that. It was a relatively chilly fall in LA. She had a pair of sexy sandal on, more of the healthy type than the provocative type. Flawless French manicure on all fingers and toes. Pale bare legs that matched her manicure. Soft cotton, low cut short skirt. A short white T-shirt that showed off her lower back. The front of her T-shirt is slightly pointed, just enough to cover her belly button. But if you really want to check her belly, you can still get through at a suitable angle. Her blond hair is a little bit messy but she tied it up neatly into a pony tail. Her face is pale with hardly any makeup on but it looked like she put on some very bold red lipstick in a hurry. She didn't go over her lip lines or go under. That would be gross. It just wasn't sharp like using a fine paint brush to do it for hours.

Her internet pictures must be 10 years old. Instead of a starlet, she looked like a woman over 30, but a very sexy woman. She can stand shoulder to shoulder with a teenager wearing the same outfit, without feeling inferior in any department. She is a typical small blond, at 5'5, not any thicker than any skinny teenagers. She doesn't look bone dry like some woman at her age and weight. And she is the opposite of tan.

The small hotel is at the West Hollywood boundary trying to charge a price fit for more central locations. You need to park your car at the gated underground lot. The lobby is tiny with a pretty reception right at the front desk, wearing a nice suit that fits. The lifts are key card operated.

My girl got pass to my room all by herself. Even though she is hot and sexy, I'm sure both female and male staff will be helpful, and let her through without challenging her. She reminded me of the other sexy women that I found in seemingly unlikely places.

The most sexily dressed women are at:
  1. pre-school opening hours
  2. hardware stores on weekends
  3. supermarkets on Mondays
Because I rarely go to these places at those hours, but I can spot sexy woman consistently, so my conclusion must be statistically right. Women have excuses not to dress up or dress decent in these places. It became competition grounds with other young mothers, and testing grounds for their sex appeal to males. Call girls just don't cut it on the sexy list (well except street walkers that are not restricted by any dress code). Most of them all over the world tried to blend in with the other hotel guests. The one I met in Bel Age wore black leather long pants. She's sexy but looked more like a trophy wife, a younger Ivana Trump, than a hooker.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Heather Lives

While I was online yesterday, I get a "me bong me bong" from LA's own legend, Heather. She was a pioneer in may ways, multi-talented, who was also a writer. Since my laptop sound is always turned off by default, it's too late when I noticed the flashing meebo tab among many other tabs I was browsing. I missed her by a minute. So let me make a quick self analysis on her comments.

I'm totally anonymous. When I was not, I ran into shadowy figures, one went so far as to photograph me with a porn starlet on the first meeting to prevent me from kiss and tell. So this blog is an outlet, when you have no body else to tell. Bragging is part of it, so is confession. But if you look at what some other bloggers charge, there's nothing much for me to brag about.

Can I hold a relationship? I remembered one comment saying that he has relationships one after the other, and don't understand the need to cheat, something like that. Can you imagine that if one is too successfully in relationships, will he miss all those searching for a new parter, the initial thrill, the first kiss, the passion, the lust, and the dying passion? Sometimes you want to relive something without string attached. Sometimes I feel more alive, more boost.

I would call the commenter's relationships serial relationships, each one heading for an iceberg sooner or later. Each one is a mistake. Each relationship is a temporary one waiting for the next one to be better. How about a parallel relationship instead? Sparing an hour from time to time to have some alternative "relationships" may be a way to go. Everybody is happy.

What if each relationship last one year? Two year? Ten years? Some families keep a dog before the babies. Then the dog grow up with the babies. Then when there's not enough room and too much trouble when the babies grow up, the dog is given up for adoption for given to someone who's not fit to take care of it. There should be something of a life time achievement award that you cannot take away.

Men like massage. Women like day spas, massage included. It's not uncommon for women to ask for pussy rubs given the right circumstances. To me it's just a treat. Can you separate pleasure of the flesh from sexual pleasures? A foot massage always turn me on. I would guess in tantra everything is sexual.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The GFE challenge

Did we just clicked? Was it all an act? Or somewhere in between? The question is, do you want to find out?

Some girls give you a passionate lingering kiss at the beginning, and that's it. Because it's expected from them. It's on their reviews. When my lips are moving onto theirs, some girls will hesitate a moment, then do what they say they would do, and that's it.

Some girls will naturally react in kind. If you move your head towards them, they will move forward without hesitation and meet your lips midway. Often it's kisses of the most usual kind, no water tight lips, no deep sucking, just enough suction to lock together. It was a kind of GFE. Sometimes I leave it at that. I may do a few more at the right moment. It is sweet and I don't want to go any further. I also don't want to know if she will reject my DFK. Most likely, I will be already thinking of coming back. So I can find out if she will pass the ultimate challenge.

Other times, I'm rather progressive. Once upon a time, I called up an classic agency specialized in part-timers. I set my standard very high as I have plenty of options and good agencies go call. The night is still young. I think both of us are a bit shocked at my hotel room door. She was in a standard issue black coat, wrapped tightly from neck to ankles. But I was so pleased by her face that I was stunned and didn't ask her to come in for a few seconds. I just rushed out from the bath to open the door. Being wet, my hair looked like freshly cut from Tony and Guys. (My hair wouldn't look like that otherwise.) I was in a brilliant white hotel bathrobe standing tall at the door. Erotic Neutrogena bodywash fragrance filled the air.

Being a classic agency, I talked to her on the phone. I asked if she liked kissing. She hesitated and didn't reply directly. I didn't mind the your mileage may vary thing so I booked her. After a drink and some conversations on the sofa, my lips moved in. She was laying at a 45 degree angle on the sofa and didn't move. Before my lips touched hers, she stared at me seriously, making a request, "no tongue", she said. It was supposed to be a warning, but she's not intimidating at all. She was quite cute in saying that, though she put up a serious face for a moment. I gave her an assuring smile and moved on. It wasn't bad, as she didn't have suppressed allergic reactions like some girls.

After soaped her up with Neutrogena, rinsed her and dried her thoroughly, I began to kiss her body. My regret is that I wasn't into licking and toe sucking at that point. But after each body part that I kissed, I would be going back to her lips again. Each lip kiss was more lingering than the last. So it was a long process. I knew she was very relaxed, and she didn't mind kissing me at all, unlimited access. She also showed off her kissing skills, totally responsive. Unlike some girls, it's like they are saying "you can kiss me DFK me however you want, if you want tongue I give you tongue, I'm eager to please, but I'm not enjoying it".

I didn't think I ever finished kissing her body much. Most of the time I was kissing her. Whenever I left her lips, it was when I felt the kiss was too long. I had to find something else to do. But soon, like an addict, I would move back to her lips again. I wasn't bored. And if I felt at any moment she had enough of it, I could not have carried on.

While I was least expected, she brought our short "relationship" to a new level. She brought out the climax. I felt on my lips the top of her tongue teasing me. While still locked with her lips, I opened my eyes in disbelieve. Her tongue was moving in too. It wasn't just passionate DFK like vacuum cleaners. There was a lingering tough tongue fight in slow motion.

I didn't remember the sex or if there's much of it. I remembered I never left her lips out of range. Most likely I was kissing her when I cum slowly in her vagina, totally distracted from what was happening down there.

You can act, but can you keep it up?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Handle and references

Many girls don't like to talk about their reviews even though they occasionally drop a post or two to announce their presence. So I don't normally tell them I'm so and so from which board.

But handles plus private messages are increasingly used as references. Handles show your review and posting history, and booking via PM verifies your handle. This is hardly new. But sites like TER actually don't encourage anybody to discuss the reviews, or to discuss anything else for that matter. It's too much work to earn the privilege of posting immediately without moderating, unless you want to build up your reputation and tell every girl that you are so and so from TER. As Nia says, these guys are usually trouble.

But more and more girls are willing to appear on review and discussion boards, and response to PM's. The ads in my area of CityVibe are mostly fakes or rip-offs. If they are real they risk LE knocking at their door sooner or later. For the rest, they "only see gentlemen over 40". After decoding that means you have to be old enough to find them attractive. On a Friday late night, 90% of the Craiglist ads in my area are ripoffs. If you are brave to appear on discussion boards without moderation, you can find many guys to vouch for you.

Now so many girls are traveling like playing musical chair, staying in one place for a day or two makes advertising expensive. Some sites like Eros allow you to move your ad to different cities without extra charge I think, but calling them is a hassle and I think they have trouble keeping up. Craiglist and some other discussion boards are particularly suitable for these girls. Here, many girls are asking for $200 per half hour, which makes them very respectable.

As I have posted, some traveling girls ask for 3 references in my area to feel safe from LE. So using discussion boards to verify each other is more convenient and quick.

However, do I want to review my handle? It's different from escort reviews. I don't think girls are interested in the size of my belly. In revealing your handle, who you see and when you see them become linked to you as a real person with real face, a telephone number and perhaps a real name. You knows, sometimes some girls slip, though rare. "Ah, I know this guy [handle] also works for [company] on [department]". Maybe that is a 4 person company with 3 departments.

Once I review my handles, I doubt if my reviews can still be objective. The agenda becomes being a nice guy. Also from the reviews, girls may have a distorted impression. If you have few reviews, you are newbie and you are trouble, expecting too much. Or you are poor. On the other hand, too many reviews means harder to satisfy, a high health risk?

What I really want to talk about are the reference services. For escorts there's the Date Check and another similar one. You pay a yearly fee. They maintain a database of who had seen who. For newbies, you can ask them to call your company to verify your employment for $10. Recently TER launched the white list service, which is essentially Date Check without the labor intensive verifying option. It's free but you have to be a TER member, meaning expensive.

I am not sure which are more important in screening:
1) avoid LE
2) make sure he can afford to pay
3) personal safety, if something happen to me, this is the person to look for
4) if he makes troubles, this is the company to call

I don't see what employment verification achieves. Yes, for big corporations, you don't even need to call. Everyone can supply an authorization code for you to call an employment verification service, you can verify their real name and how long they have been working. I don't know how possible is it for LE to ask a local big company to add a name to their employee list. But setting up a empty shell company is easy.

Then there's the safe dating services. You leave the details of the person you are going to see on the website. If you meet a serial killer and your name appears on the news, somebody know where to look for that killer's details.

I think paypal can become useful. If you use that to pay for a reference service, you get verified to some extend without reviewing any of your details. The recipient knows if your account is verified - that you have a valid bank account and you are the owner. Also it's hard for a person to have many paypal accounts. They don't allow a bank account to use on different paypal accounts. They also check more harshly than before the money laundering laws came into effect. I still have a few experimental accounts before that era.

BTW, anybody tried to pay by phone using paypal? I had been thinking about getting Chanel an online reloadable debit card. So I can send her the money before and gifts after. But all of them need real ID's that Chanel wouldn't approve. Paypal is different. She doesn't like to turn on her computer but she likes her phone. Cash is too much trouble. I only like cash at the time when I walk into the bank to deposit a large company check and take out a grand or two for play money in 100 bills.

I'm thinking about these because I'm looking for a Chanel replacement. I may need references; I can't get around it all the time. Before she fired me, I've been looking hard for her replacement. Because I wanted to free from her spell ASAP. One day she is an angel and the next she may be a bitch. Sometimes I found somebody good enough to replace her, but Chanel would call me up and then all would be forgiven and forgotten. Now I have no choice but to look. But strangely I wasn't in a rush.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Which books sell?

Here is my list of best sellers according to Amazon sales ranking:

The ranks may be updated hourly and the ranks fluctuates widely for small sales volumes. You can see the list at Amazon. The ranks of these books are dropping rapidly, maybe due to the holiday season.

The first conclusion is that, history, economics, politics, and social sciences of prostitution don't sell. That's hardly surprising, so I never tried to write about morality of prostitution and legalization, not yet. What's surprising is that the top seller is an old book about tantra, the kind of healing that you can find in LA if you pay for an hour's time. But I think it's a fluke. The other books by the same Author doesn't sell. Maybe people confuse the book with the recent movie about Mary. May be the cover and title is just too intrigued.

Surprisingly, the unmistakable leader are the pimps. Sorry that we all lose out to the masters again. Not that many people have the qualifications and live to tell their story. Maybe it's not surprising at all. It's the usual male fantasy. For some it's their only role model. If you know what's an Annual Player's Ball, when you get your first credit card, you may rush to order the book and build a book shelf to put it on.

The call girl diary and confession type of books don't sell as well as I think. The odd one out is the ivy league call girl confession. Maybe it's new so the weekly sales volume are much better than those of Tracy Quan and her British counterpart Belle de Jour. However nobody knows how exactly the ranks are computed, and obviously the rank also reflects the total sales over the years. Obviously Tracy sold a lot of books via the book stores instead of Amazon, so she should be doing well since 2001(?). Also there are different versions of her same books that may be ranked separately.

For call girl books to sell, it have to be glamorous, like Tracy's books, or the fallen angel type like the ivy league book. Nobody is interested in Nevada brothels.

The surprising sellers are those self help books, you don't just enjoy the book, but getting something out of it. It's a worrying trend that "The business side of escorting" sells that well. Are there that many girls thinking of trying out escorting?

The old favorite turn outs to be client self help books. From how to be a better client to where to get laid in the world. It's not a surprise as there are many more potential johns than johns, and in turn many more than escorts.

So if you want to be popular, you have to appeal to the amateur johns and hookers. If you are an amateur john or hooker, you are also free from the stigmas of seasoned professionals. But then amateurs are boring, preferring to lurk around or mail order books. So the hero or heroin has to be a glamorous amateur, fallen from grace, who can't shut his or her mouth, and later turned into a glamorous pimp or madam.

The UK ranking is very different:

You can find the list also in Amazon UK. Note that these books rank a lot higher than in US. One reason could be that there are just more books in USA. Obviously there are more but not orders of magnitude more. I think the Brits are just more interested in prostitution.

However, the best sellers are those call girl dairy/confession books. And the Brits are hungry for new ones. Who needs help when the line is so easy to cross? If you want to try punting, there are so many places you can go on your way home, without fear or prosecution. If you want to try escorting, say if you are a student or a nurse, just call and join the local agencies which specialize in that.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Fatal Assumptions

I love beautiful feet, but that have to be the appetizer, the desert, or the icing on the cake. There's only one time that I answered an ad for foot fetish. She didn't offer any picture, but it was an incall so I could pull out if she didn't look good. The positive assumption is that these girls are short of money, beautiful enough not to sell her body to get enough money, just her feet. The negative assumption being that they are not good enough to compete with the mainstream escorts, offering a niche instead.

She has a small Hollywood apartment. She is playing the struggling artist card perhaps, with a large unfinished painting in the main room. Judging by her apartment, I think the struggling part is real. She is a rather plain woman next door, about 30. Her feet aren't that appetizing. What made me stay was the short skirt that she wore for me. She asked me on the phone if I liked stockings. No I told her, I only like bare legs. She was rather skinny and her bare legs turned me on. I assumed that offering her enough motivations, she would do everything.

Some say that women's feet are best after 30, losing all the baby fat, before you can see blue veins, dry skins, and bones on the toes. The shape of her feet aren't that good and she was too skinny too. She had red nail polish on that I didn't like. After some light kissing on her feet, I tried to go higher and higher up.

She pushed my head back down gently with her free foot time and time again. Being down there for a while, I began to realize that her feet smell a bit. Maybe she assumed that many guys like smelly sweaty feet. Maybe she assumed the chance that any guy staying wasn't that great. So she didn't prepare and wash her feet before every appointment.

I could have asked her to wash her feet. But there's nothing romantic doing it in her tiny untidy bathroom. Anyway it was too late. She began to push her feet flat against my face, coving my eyes, nose and mouth. I lost it. I have no interest carrying on any more.

Now I don't tell the girls anymore. I think Pru got it right. If a girl is good enough to be worshiped, I would start with light kissing, everywhere. Before that, a bath or shower, her alone or together, is great. It's greater if I can do all the washing for her. Light kissing will turn into a tiny hint of tongue work between my lips. If she survives, it would be light sucking and tantalizing licking.

Any more than that, her feet have to be nice enough to put me into a trance. Then, I guess like having an oral fixation, I would uncontrollably suck and lick all her toes and then some.


Just need an update since Google Reader is dead.  The name change is an attempt at the opposite of totally unsearchable keywords to totally unique ones.  And for laugh.

How to contact you?

My email address is at gmail dot com.  Any old contact information are probably still valid.

To stimulate demand of sex, commercial or otherwise, advertising is free as long as it looks good.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A few layout fixes

Today I got down to fix a few problems on the layout since I upgraded to beta. In the process I lost my "virginity" to Nia.

Now I can move my icon back to the top again without screwing up the rest. They seemed to mix my old slightly custom template with the new layout with more complex xml. So I have to bring up an xml editor just to find the relevant section to edit.

I needed a reader to keep up with the blogs that I am interested in. Google reader is the logical choice since I don't really want one more account. I have a Google account already, though I turned down a Gmail invitation a long long time ago. The reader allows me to share other's blog items on my blog with a single click. These shared items on the left are the ones that I find interesting, or that I want to refer or response to.

I wanted to do the same for links, but I guess I have to get an account elsewhere. Same for Google Analytics, as it doesn't work yet. Though I added Google Comment and Notebook to help me keep track of the comments, and to copy links and contents with a single click. I use Firefox by the way.

I was looking for something simple to send me private messages. So I tried the popular Meebo Me. But it's too big for my layout so I made my layout bigger. While I was at it, I heard meeb meeb meeb. It was Nia Meeboing me. So there went my meebo virginity.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Experiments in porn

Never keen of watching porn with an escort. The ones in anonymous motels are too bad. The ones in hotels are not any better. I don't think escorts are keen of course. I had one girl who would, instead of cuddle time after sex, watch the free porn channel with me every time. That is the way to say she wanted me as a regular, but I preferred cuddling. It was like watching comedy and we all laughed.

Recently I had a girl that's willing to try to watch, probably she didn't watch that much. I downloaded a Japanese porn, with a pretty, model material, leggy actress, 25 to possibility 30. I think this can't go much wrong. Almost immediately she complained that the guy was too ugly, too fat. And she can't tolerate close up shots of the big ugly cock in action, and the vacant hole close by.

I understand, for the same reasons it take me a long time to progress from soft porn to more hard core porn. I think it's deliberate to pick very ugly, but fit or agile, guys to pair up with very pretty actresses, for the contrast. Or may be I shouldn't call them actresses, because most of these porns involve real sex - one take from foreplay to orgasm and ejaculation and then edit. There's no point to shoot different scenes separately like movies. It takes much longer to make and more expensive with no extra advantages. So I think it's hard to find talented male porn stars and that explains their appearances.

I used to be unable to watch cock shots, unless they are deeply inside pussies or mouth. But now I can accept a porn star licking lollipop, as long as her face is pretty enough. I can focus on her lips, her face, and her expressions.

OK, it wasn't working. I couldn't go anywhere near her. So I downloaded another one. This time a young couple. The girl is cute instead of pretty, looked 18 but could be twenty something. Some baby fat, small perky breast, certainly not model legs but cute in a way. Surprisingly, the music background is rather original, doesn't sound cheap, feel romantic too. The movie started with artistic nude shots of the girl, to bring out the fact that they lust each other and can't control themselves anymore.

Then some conversation while holding each other, under romantic moonlight and lantern light, and the romantic background music theme. It surprised me that I didn't laugh at all. The scene isn't short like a minute or two, and I have no clue about what they are talking about. Then the guy started to explore the girl's body with his mouth, hand and fingers, taking her clothes off piece by piece. She moaned loudly, realistically, and uniquely all along - the usuals.

I think it worked. I was holding my girl at her back, fingering her under her skirt and panty. Then the blowjob scene is coming up. I was looking forward to watch as I wonder how she behaved like a virgin and then moved on to blow like a porn star. But my girl is ready. You can't ask her to hang on. So I spooned her while she might or might not be watching. We both fingered her pussy at the same time.

It made me wonder if she was offended by big ugly cocks, or that the first porn star is too gorgeous.