Sunday, November 12, 2006


I was watching this movie on the long haul a couple of years ago, to the same destination that I just returned. I felt connected. I felt so alone among so many people for so long. I was also rounding up some long time family matters. I also had an impossible relationship with not one but two.

The first one Emma is actually a flight attendant, the perfect 1st job. And you know what her part time job is. I didn't think our "relationship" would last long, so I gave her what she asked for. But no extra work seemed to bother her, just a cup of coffee, dinner date, lunch date, and even home cooking, her home. When I was just about to bargain with her honestly, that I don't pay that much on a regular basis, she didn't accept my compensations. I mean freebies. Soon her behavior changed to become just another girl friend. Then I remembered why I didn't want a girlfriend, and I dumped her when I was really crossed and never looked back.

The second one is Chanel (aka PL). She isn't a flight attendant but Zeta Jones reminded me of her. When Zeta Jones first appeared on the small screen, everybody fell in love. Chanel was talk of the town. God knows how many guys remembered Chanel even though they met her only once, even though she was in her dead fish stage.

Zeta Jones often appeared in a suit, a jacket and a medium short dress, which also looked like a flight attendant uniform. I ran into Chanel in a light blue suit once, who was on her way to meet a patron. That was unusual because most of the time she wore thrift store dress to get more money out of it. So I could remember that suit vividly. She didn't look like a business woman, but more of a student on formal occasions. Once I asked her to wear a dress like that. I thought she had only one but she wore a dark blue version. As with anything that she was wearing, I couldn't mess it up. So once I got her a white sexy office suit from Fredric of Hollywood. But she wouldn't wear it because it doesn't fit. Later I found out that I under estimated her. Actually she would wear anything as long as it look good on her, Leg Avenue included.

Nowadays Zeta Jones couldn't leave her suits, because she is fat as seen in Chicago. Chanel still looked 19 in her thrift store clothes, but once they are off, you can see the effect of a teenager on pills, with some meat on the bone. By the way, she's approaching her mid-twenties now, not as sharp as 19, but still sexy with her extra meat.


intimate liaisons said...

I have to rent this movie on my next trip to the video store..

LA Player said...

Those relationships in the movie don't involve money.

Anonymous said...

How funny. I just watched that movie a few days ago given my upcoming career change. Catherine Zeta Jones looks really great.

LA Player said...

Yes, she's amazing as I watched her first small screen appearance some 15 to 20 years ago!

I like the kind of surreal atmosphere in the movie - a plumber pimping up the terminal rest room as a monument of love. Just like I take them to Vegas and play Casino Royale.