Tuesday, November 28, 2006


  1. I was MOMENTARILY attracted to Nancy.
  2. I called up the most beautiful TS I could find and asked if she would fuck my girl friend.
  3. I take my laptop into the toilet most of the time.
I think that was the moment when Nancy was ready for her HDTV news appearance. That is a good excuse to cover up all the rail tracks on her face.

I love the exhausted, totally consumed look in Chanel's face, like a porn star just after shooting a Japanese style movie. I also find that's the best punishment for her when she's behaving badly - getting much more out of her than I paid her. But with some experience behind her, it's very hard work for me to get her into that state.

I needed help. So I asked if she would like to try a threesome once more, but this time she has to let the other girl work on her. She refused. I thought this is a reasonable request as I know some girls on spring break hit on other girls just to try it, even though none of them are bi.

I brought a toy once, but she ducked out of it, saying that it wasn't a proper fun toy. I was thinking of bringing her to the adult shop and pick one together. I was also planing for the future.

I would like to use a real thing on her, doubling the power, like a mini gang bang party. But I don't think I can live with it. I can't do it with someone I know. I am too cheap to pay for a male escort. I will be too jealous if she agree to find one of her client to join. I hate to find out that she is nicer to other clients and performs better. I can barely tolerate the male star in porn films, in the flesh it would be worse. So I called up a beautiful TS and asked if she would do my girlfriend. With breast implants and often butt implants, unless 'she' is very short-waisted, it can't be bad looking at perfect the three dimensions and a beautiful face. After all, I'm not the one 'she' will be doing. I may not even tell Chanel in advance and surprise the hell out of her.

'She' made sure that she understood what I wanted to do, and turned me down flatly. After she hanged up, I knew I was silly and learned something. If they have any interest in girls, they need not go through that much trouble of looking like a perfect women. For the same reason, they are not that interested in gay men too. I don't think many of them want to be a perfect woman. It's a illusion that they are in the transition for the big operation. They like heterosexual men and they want it both ways.

I don't have TV in my bathroom. Anyway, TV won't be relaxing. Browsing the net, and catching up with blogging are. 5 to 15 minutes is some useful time to save. I don't think this habit is that rare, nor that weired. But I think telling you that, and to promote it, is weired.

Can't find 6 weired things of me without killing all of you. So let me tag 3 instead of 6 - Nia Scarface and Glengarry. They don't talk much about themselves. See how weired is Gillette, who tagged me.

Monday, November 27, 2006

To forget or escalate ?

I read with interest Nia's blog entry on regulars. Sure there are negative sides of having regulars, but I never thought much about it on the escorts' perspective. The disadvantages can be:
  1. pull a fast one all of a sudden
  2. escalating into freebie relationships
  3. escalating into doing something weird
I don't think regulars are more risky than new clients in pulling a fast one. So it's up to an escort to maintain a healthy vigilance on regulars. The problem is that it's hard for some girls to let their guard off, if they ever do. Some girls actually bring this into play. Normally, girls keep regulars by good service. One alternative way is to pretend to be nervous, promising you everything next time and duck out of it with any excuse she can find. It takes a few times for you to realize that they are not going to do anything out of the ordinary.

A girl once agreed to play with me in the shower next time. On the day she agreed to meet on a budget motel. One look at the bathroom and she said "yuk". She refused to enter the bathroom. She never did. Later I dug up her friend's old review and saw the same thing occurred to someone else. I kept her for a while because, among other things, I liked her pink perky nipples, until she put a ring through it.

I wouldn't use the word escalating. I would say it's progressive. It takes two to tango in a relationship. Normally it's a "I really like you but I still have to pay the bill" thing. "You can have me as long as you like, provided that you pay for all my time just like any other people." You can dump him at the first sign of trouble.

In US the safest way for everybody is not to talk about doing anything in particular, not before the date, not before partying, and put the amount in an envelope on the table. So the first meeting can be pretty straight forward or boring if you want something special.

Reviews are popular, a reason being that you can avoid some legally dangerous conversations. But the down side is all-or-nothing - either you offer the same service for everybody or you don't do it at all. Otherwise, you will certainly get troubles from some jealous clients. Though you can let lose for some trusted regular clients who can keep a secret even if he writes reviews.

So being progressive is fun, asking for more, and customizing your own package. Like DFK (and BBBJ). Honestly I don't fancy that from a girl who offer that to all clients. Except for some girls with rather selective client base. But the "selective" price is not something I want to pay on a regular basis. I always try to go further, from no kiss to lip kiss to light kiss to LFK to DFK. Even though she may be playing the game well and offer it to most of her clients, at least there is the fantasy that you are special.

Once I have a fairly new girl, who would have juice flowing with some slight stimulation. She's after quick money and made the most of her talents - her back door is pretty open. That passage alone is expensive too, but as a regular, I got both ways with her for that price. She's rather eager to learn, as she follows her mentor around, who's also her biggest competitor. Then one day, I'm not sure whether she wants money quick before quitting, or she felt that she should complete her education and set a mile stone. After having her both ways, she offered the 2nd round, for a price of course. I wasn't keen as I take all things in moderation. So she threw in BBBJ. I would love to next time but I was afraid that she would change her mind then. However I didn't see there's any point for the hard work there and then unless I also CIM. I told her just that and to my surprised, she agreed.

Her CBJ wasn't bad so I was surprised during the BBBJ, she kept vomiting. Fortunately nothing came out from her stomach. She kept assuring me that the problem wasn't me, but her. I would have stopped her and compensated her in proportion. But I didn't think that it's the money. It's more like she needed the sense of achievement. So I let her. By the way, apart from the annoyance, her reaction is priceless to me.

When I was about to explode, she was vomiting again. But she's a really responsibly person. When I signaled her the emergency, she rushed her mouth to where it was needed, just in time to catch everything. I felt so happy for her completing her mission against all odds, that I had the urge to take out a sword, dip on her shoulders, and declare her a knight.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I don't normally do visiting escorts, which resembles one night stands. I don't normally have references. I have ways to get around it. References also mean screening, which is not for me if I have to give out my full name and where I work.

But this girl is so tempting. All the pictures passed my screening, with detail backgrounds, no airbrush except for the similar effect of heavy makeup and real tan. Her reviews got 10's in all departments. As with most visiting girls, they have to offer a good deal to lure away regulars from local girls. She charges a surprising $300 that is hard to decline in LA. Though she's from North Cal, and the price is a bit lower up there due to the semi legal atmosphere with lots of competition.

But I didn't even try to apply. She need TWO references from escorts who also need references. She's here for a day or two and application is via email. There's not enough time to get around it.

I wonder what some of my girls would think if they ever receive a call asking for references. I don't do that many one night stands now so if I have these girls for references, the date of the meeting may be too old to be good, provided that they still remember me. It's also scary if they keep my name and details on their computer. Or may be a respectable local girl being asked for references from 10 of her clients to see the same visiting girl.

And how about Chanel, who took me for granted as a regular source of income. She would be so jealous (about the money) that she would come along. That's how I lured her to do a threesome once.

PS Forget about another reason that I don't fancy traveling girls. She returned to my area for a day and a half. She posted about that at short notice, and before she even arrived, she was fully booked until 9 pm the next day. I don't fancy lining up to do it, especially if I know about it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Flight Attendants

I would say flight attendants are the perfect first jobs, if they also provide on the side. Because of the wide disparity of world living standards, there are lots of flight attendants that are gorgeous, well educated and beyond. Indeed if you have been a jet setter, you would have noticed the trend of flight attendants, reflecting (inversely?) the economic progress of the country where they were recruited. BTW, looking at the flight attendants, I always have a question in my mind. Can an airline recruits all of the crew from country B, if the international flight is between countries A and B? Because you can't get interesting recruits from US for the wage, can you?

First of all, I'm not saying that many of them are. These things occur in clusters, depending on the route. Some places do honor their flight attendants with the title flying providers.

A long time ago, I was at the grand opening of a Thai restaurant in Europe. I was shocked by how many tall gorgeous models they have, serving flawlessly in a fully jammed restaurant, in very glamorous Thai dresses. I wasn't surprised when I was told that they were flight attendants (whole crew hired for promotion during their day off). Models can't serve, at least not like that in a packed place. I think their dresses were their uniforms too. Certainly they are not providers, or they are way out of my league. I think a lot of them are not just coach flight attendants, but business or first class.

Some flight attendant positions are well paid (compare to their local standards), well sought after, requiring good education and nice appearance. If not, their chance of jumping ship say in US is too high. For this reason, we don't have Philippine domestics when they are all over the world. It's certainly better to disappear into the vast Philippine population in say LA than earning the domestic wage.

Part-timers have their attractions. It's unlikely to have double bookings, end to end bookings. Otherwise they would do it full time. Particularly for flight attendants, I would think their available time is very limited. Obviously many don't provide at their home base. Appointment is by referral.

These girls often go for the job for the romance associated with it - they can see the world. Once into the job, they find out there's more. As long as you are not at your home base, it's like Spring Break forever. You can be adventurous in dating without repercussions, tarnishing your reputations back home. Then you find out that the temptation is too great. An average girl can charge in US the same as a top of the range model back home. Soon you may find out that the whole crew is providing on the side, that's what I mean clusters. I have seen group photos of them like on vacation, then the middle man said, which one do you like?

Like Emma, they process some qualities that 19 year old drop outs don't have (I love them all though). They earn their living, they have a tough job, and they are not quitting on the first week. I have a cheap old luxury car, but that's OK with her. I had a nice house and a nice yard, but her town house probably cost her more than the price I paid for my house. Of course she like my house a lot more. I brought it a couple of years earlier that made all the difference. She drove a very modest car, very respectable. As far as providers go, she is the opposite end of the spectrum as Chanel, who drive a big not entry level luxury car, and can't shut her mouth and instinctively advise me to upgrade. But I've done that and grew out of it now. I think it's time to stop, I can go on forever. Incidentally, they are both American born, exiled and returned.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I was watching this movie on the long haul a couple of years ago, to the same destination that I just returned. I felt connected. I felt so alone among so many people for so long. I was also rounding up some long time family matters. I also had an impossible relationship with not one but two.

The first one Emma is actually a flight attendant, the perfect 1st job. And you know what her part time job is. I didn't think our "relationship" would last long, so I gave her what she asked for. But no extra work seemed to bother her, just a cup of coffee, dinner date, lunch date, and even home cooking, her home. When I was just about to bargain with her honestly, that I don't pay that much on a regular basis, she didn't accept my compensations. I mean freebies. Soon her behavior changed to become just another girl friend. Then I remembered why I didn't want a girlfriend, and I dumped her when I was really crossed and never looked back.

The second one is Chanel (aka PL). She isn't a flight attendant but Zeta Jones reminded me of her. When Zeta Jones first appeared on the small screen, everybody fell in love. Chanel was talk of the town. God knows how many guys remembered Chanel even though they met her only once, even though she was in her dead fish stage.

Zeta Jones often appeared in a suit, a jacket and a medium short dress, which also looked like a flight attendant uniform. I ran into Chanel in a light blue suit once, who was on her way to meet a patron. That was unusual because most of the time she wore thrift store dress to get more money out of it. So I could remember that suit vividly. She didn't look like a business woman, but more of a student on formal occasions. Once I asked her to wear a dress like that. I thought she had only one but she wore a dark blue version. As with anything that she was wearing, I couldn't mess it up. So once I got her a white sexy office suit from Fredric of Hollywood. But she wouldn't wear it because it doesn't fit. Later I found out that I under estimated her. Actually she would wear anything as long as it look good on her, Leg Avenue included.

Nowadays Zeta Jones couldn't leave her suits, because she is fat as seen in Chicago. Chanel still looked 19 in her thrift store clothes, but once they are off, you can see the effect of a teenager on pills, with some meat on the bone. By the way, she's approaching her mid-twenties now, not as sharp as 19, but still sexy with her extra meat.