Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Catching up with life

Of course I've been back from a long vacation for a long time now. There's a lot to catch up, and I find it hard to sit down with enough time to write anything decent. I've started some post titles and saved as drafts, but I forgot about what I was going to write.

I accepted the invitation to upgrade to new blogger beta. Only to find that I couldn't comment on older blogs.

I am happy to say that a girl recently talked to herself rather neutrally that I, "cum too much, way too much." Almost all summer I was down to a trickle because I did it once every day or two.

My custom desktop was out of action. I sent the system/main/mother board back to the manufacturer in LA and it came back just the same - same problem. All the other components appeared to be working. I could have replaced all the components. I picked a Core 2 duo system for my friend, 1.8 GHz if I remembered correctly, that most people will rather go for a higher clock rate at a much higher price. But it felt much faster than my 3 GHz single core. I am happy if I'm forced to upgrade, but my system is less than one year old, and all components are still under warranty.

I could have sent back everything for repair, but probably they will come back just the same. On top of that it will take ages on shipping and hours on the phone. I went to Circuit city to see if they can help me to pin point the fault. I don't have any extra components to test things. But they blew my power supply, triggered the protection circuit and didn't know how to reset it. So according to them my power supply was bad, and they couldn't start the system anyway with another supply. It's a waste of money and time. My power works fine now and I can start the system. The same fault appeared as before.

In the mean time, I did some gardening. The weather is perfect in California. In a way it's a bit geeky too - instant gratification, like software, system hardware, or call girls.

I was surprised to find from my list of drafts with a title "Being fired (as a client" in response to some of my "friends" blog. It was how PL almost fired me. But we got through that. The last time I saw her was described in "One for the road". I was surprised because PL didn't pick up my call after I came back!

Recently, there's a prefix DDG for use in front of model. Of course the term is common, but using on Asian call girls is unheard of. I didn't pay attention to DDG on the ad until after I saw her. Indeed if they say she's a DDG model I won't complain. Of all the Asian girls I saw in the Newport Beach place, some of them are labeled as models. They can get away with that but rarely anybody can be associated with cat walk models, import car models or lingerie models. This DDG model is by far the most model like of them all, and the only one with this prefix. I saw her on Friday and then Monday. Not because she's a DDG model, but at the end of her DDG model legs, there's a pair of perfect feet ...

Monday is her last day and then the 2nd DDG model will take her place. So much to catch up, so little time.


Pete from Cal said...

'DDG model' for Asian agency? That's new to me. What exactly does DDG stands for? Nice to have you back and hope you had a great time on your vacation. Take care! :)

LA Player said...

Drop Dead Gorgeous. She can get away with that title. I heard the others are very good looking too.