Sunday, October 29, 2006

Being fired (as a client)

PL fired me. All of a sudden, she didn't pickup my calls. Her phone is still ringing.

Weeks before DOW 12,000 I heard in the boards that some ATF's are missing. Wasn't that a good economic barometer? And I wasn't surprised. One or two of our blogging playmates are also fading out of the game. And while I was vacationing, the local index also bloomed. Even though I was hitting the top of the line girls, they are so hard to book.

The interesting thing is, if you fire your regular for whatever reason, what would be your last word? One guy couldn't get his All Time Favorite to answer the phone. And once he got through, her only and last word was "fuck".

I understand that since PL has only one number for everyone, so she couldn't have given up her number all of a sudden. The best way is to discourage any past patrons from calling ever again. If she said goodbye politely, I would try to honor her wish but I wonder if I would call her again in a couple of months to temp her. Of course there are many troublesome clients who wouldn't take no. The F word is simple and effective I guess, especially to regulars. I came across some voicemail greetings asking you to leave a message at the end of some music, which is a couple of minutes long.

It hurts for a regular patron to get the F word. But in a way that's logical. I had been displeased with PL on many occasions. I didn't hesitate to let her know given half the chance. She must had been unhappy with me on some occasions. But she had to keep it to herself. I can imagine if she doesn't need to take anything from anybody anymore. "Fuck", what a relief.

That's the generalization that I can imagine. Me and PL is more complicated. We both saw it coming. Do we all understanding that when it comes to who dumping who, it was forever in dispute? She didn't seem to make up her mind whether to quit, doing it full time again, or part time as it is. Distraction affect performance. I couldn't decide whether to dump her or give her a few more chances. Indeed I deleted her number from my phone book once, my capital punishment. So even if I cool down and change my mind later, I cannot undelete it. However, since I googled her number shortly before that, I retrieved her number from the automatic form filling feature some days later.

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