Wednesday, October 03, 2007

They are always on my mind

Her feet that is. I couldn't see her again the next day, so I went again the day after that. She is short sighted. I looked familiar to her at the door. So she looked very hard at me when I walked all the way into the room, with her short sighted eyes. She was killing me with her sexy eyes, becoming thin narrow lines.

Her boobs could be fake. The local plastic surgeons must be as good as the Korean ones, samples can be seen all over LA. If you go for a cone shaped B/C cup, it's really hard to tell. I suspected because her nipples are quite neat and sensitive.

After she washed me thoroughly, I washed her boobs, pussy, and all ten toes. She wouldn't kiss, no matter how I tempted her (with money). I could kiss her face, but the ears are too sensitive. She felt very uneasy when I kissed her breasts too. When I went down on her feet, I told her not to watch. She put a pillow on her face.

Her toes aren't perfect, 8/10. All natural, neat, but you have to look at mine. When I was younger, many girls will die for my long legs. When I noticed my toes in recent years, I think they are in the same sort of 'golden' proportion as in some sort of bio geometry.

Her feet are 9.5/10. Small for her size, soft skin all round. The best thing is: she didn't move a muscle when I sucked, bite, and licked. I really tested her tolerance. But then, she might be biting hard on the pillow where I couldn't see.

I went down on her, DATY, while she twisted and turned in bed all the way, until she couldn't take it no more. She wasn't that excited or orgasmic: it was ticklish if you are not used to it. She was also afraid to show the natural reaction of her body. But it was fun all the same.

Then it was her turn to blow me. Last time she had a pony tail. Before I saw her this time, I was thinking whether to take her pony tail off so she would look exactly like her pictures. But then with her long hair, I wouldn't see her face while blowing. It was a hard choice. However, I shouldn't worry. I woke her up so she didn't have a pony tail on. With her long fine hair, she had difficulty blowing me without her hair getting in the way. So I collected her hair like a pony tail at the side, and held her hair while she was working hard. Things sometimes turn out perfectly.

She told me that was her last day in town. So I performed all the positions that I didn't last time. I stood on the ground with her at the edge of the bed. It was a missionary with her feet on my shoulders. I enjoyed 'kissing' her feet while penetrating at the same time. But it wasn't for long. The bed was too low, I wasn't standing straight, and so I kept slipping on the floor.

Then I went for my favorite, the spoon. She has very nice skin, so nice that she got allergic reaction on some not small areas. I got similar allergic reaction before so I wasn't put off. At that position I can smell her perfect long hair, kiss and bite her ears, neck, shoulder blade, back, and anywhere I could reach. I was grabbing at least one of her breast all the time. My other hand would massage her legs, pull her feet, and finger her clit from the front.

Good things had to end. This was her last day. I waked her up at 1 pm to see her. When we said goodbye, she smiled sweetly, which was rare for her, and said she was going to have a nice sleep.

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