Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Free meal

This could be the first girl I met when I started in LA. She has a nice personality, love sex, probably has an oral fixation too. She is the only one ever to use a dental dam like cover to perform her blow job.

She is a sales girl for some women apparel company. From her looks, she is a bit Neiman Marcus I would guess. But you know, the sale girls wear very formal dresses. If she didn't change before she saw me, her outfit is a bit Macy. But she takes her job fairly seriously, so she might be at least Nordstrom. She turned me down once because she had some business to attend to. Though she would hide in the back room of her store and do a private cam show for me. She could be 22 to 25 from her looks, with a more mature character. So she wouldn't fit in those kids stores.

After the session, she was fully dressed, staying far away from me, chatting with me while I was smoking my cigarette. She was in no rush even it was lunch time. She stayed far away so as not to catch any smoke in her hair and clothes. Finally, she had to go because of the smoke. She said very causally, "Want some lunch?".

I regretted that I turned her down. You know, when you first started, you worry about everything. It's not likely that somebody I know would see us. But I was afraid. Another thing is that she's 6 feet with that pair of simple shoes on. She was wearing long pants, causal blouse, but still very imposing and eye catching. I couldn't imagine going to lunch with her hanging around me.

Days after, I was thinking that it was a very effective way to get tips. Since I couldn't be with her, I made sure that she could pick anything she wanted to eat on me. Then I thought she was on Viagra. At the time I heard that it also works somewhat on women. So I thought she kept her stomach empty. All in her mind was eating after the sex.

For some reasons I didn't see her again. One year after, I saw her beautiful new pictures and got a erection. I called her and she remembered my name. Again after sex, she invited me for lunch. Again I wasn't prepared and turned her down.

Then there's this other girl, who I knew would turn me down if I invited her to lunch after sex. Even though I knew her for a year or two, she did turn me down. Then one morning, when she told me she should be going, it was roughly an hour over time. I was very surprised. She was very good at watching the clock without you feeling it. A few minutes would be normal but an hour will be far off for her. We kept talking while holding each other (or actually I was holding her).

I suspected that she did that deliberately, so I could take her to lunch. I thought at the time she was semi-broken with her rich boy friend, and probably lost some big clients too. So it was my turn to take her to lunch. Then she realized what she had been missing.

I took her to the top Newport Beach Japanese restaurant, not the most expensive, but local Japanese girls will recommend. She is the kind of girl who couldn't turn down blue fin and yellow tail belly. Same for me. She was so pleasantly surprised that she wanted to drink a beer with me. But since I had to go to work I couldn't. And she didn't want to drink alone. She wasn't supposed to. She got stomach problems recently.

So I ate lunch with her a few times after sex. Then one day I arranged my schedule so that I can do lunch with her before sex. I booked her several days in advance. She must had been not very happy for that. She blew it big time. I think after sex, it's doesn't count as lunch/dinner date, and the meal time is free. Before sex, a proper lunch/dinner date should be expensive. I thought she would give some slack as I knew her for years, and I politely invited her and she said yes.

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