Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My racing queen

I met a girl for the second time. When I opened the door, I immediately thought of those Japanese racing queens. There are lots of younger and prettier racing queens than the one in the picture. I picked her picture because she is more mature and hence her body is fuller than most other Asian racing queens, just like my new girl. But my girl is only 18 plus a few months - a Latina ripe as J Lo. If she bounces into an Asian queen, those skinny girls will fly off on impact.

My queen is very low profile, doing outcall only. I almost missed her altogether because she didn't return phone calls that much. The first time I saw her, she was walking up the motel in her tight jeans and stripper shoes. She isn't as skinny as she looked in her pictures, but she is J Lo hot.

The second time I didn't look out of the motel room window, because I thought there's not much to look at. But I was shocked when I opened the door. Well, the same stylish TV game style straight neck length hair like being cut by a knife. A surfer style head hugging jet black sun glasses. It's more like an Oakley than a Chanel, what a breath of fresh air. I don't remember what top she was wearing; it's definitely not a Bebe. I hate to admit that I brought too many Bebe's not for myself. I don't mind Victoria's Secret though. I couldn't have tell what top she was wearing because my eyes couldn't leave her skirt - a super tiny blue jean skirt just like that in the picture. It looked like that her skirt is going to explode any time. And the same stripper shoes as last time - her well manicured toes with appetizing vanish were fully exposed. I'll take (or fuck?) that rather than a pair of Chanel any day.

Well you may say it's rather tacky. I would imagine anybody looking out at the parking lot will drop their jaws. I never saw anybody else dressing like that walking in and out of motels at lunch. But she's only 18, and the outfit goes very nicely with her body.

I wouldn't take on these young girls easily, especially as good looking as this one. But I knew she would give oral pleasure without barrier. This is not important, but it shows that she will not be as afraid of germs as similar girls. She wouldn't kiss, that didn't surprise me. But I can kiss her anywhere else (with one exception). She even allowed me to wash her feet thoroughly. They are soft like coming right out of a foot spa. If she didn't tip toed from the bath tub to the bed, I would have brought out the nuclear option. May be next time.

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