Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet the playmates

Playmates past and present

Playmates on call

I was thinking about a simple web page to maintain interesting links. But a playmate yet to be named inspired me to do a simple blog entry, instead of geeky blog rolls. She writes about the deeper side, whatever it means, of an escort, which they will rarely tell you as a client.

Clandestine Call Girl is productive. You got to see all sorts of things in a call girl's life, when she also has to hide her secret life from family and friends. But she doesn't allow feeds I think. I guess she has to occupy one whole tab on my browser.

Gillette is a highly unusual courtesan, but we can all learn a thing or two from her long experiences.

The most intellectual, most interesting, most refined programs on TV are - advertisements. I doubt if they can tell you anything from their hearts, but enjoy the contents as well as the sugar coats. You get to know how the other half plays. Just to name a few Sophia Ong and friends, Sasha Franco, Ebony Tales, and many more that I don't have time to follow.

And then the celebs like Jet Set Lara. Like her rates, her life adventures doesn't make much sense, and she knows it. But then she's famous. Tracy Quan wrote books. I have yet to catch up with her but I doubt very much if it's not just another Candyland (superficial) or Skin (irrelevant).

Jane is anything but a cour... cour... courte... She's telling us how she is having fun, with clients or for free. At times it read like a paperback novel. Compared to my writing skills, that is a compliment. Soon after she upgraded to a top of the range layout, she limited access to her blog, which made me wonder why. I thought she was on a popular contest. She never included me on her links page, so I don't think I'll get invited. But I can read Nobel Literature price winners' works in languages that you couldn't! Beat it.

I like Melinda most for her calling a spade a spade attitude. For the fee she charges, you can get an accurate picture of the life of a typical call girl - but nothing is ordinary in a call girl's life. Blog deleted!

Samantha is a novice finding her niche. She is a breath of fresh air - talking about expensive facials for example. Retired, inactive.


Luxury travel blog said...

I enjoy all the blogs listed above:-))

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Samantha (black geisha) stopped writing. I really enjoyed reading about her entry into the "life"

LA Player said...

Yes, I need to update this.

Alice W. said...

Hi LA,
I just came across your blog, and am busy perusing the previous posts. Thanks for including my blog on your list, and I will add yours on my next update.


LA Player said...

Alice, my pleasure.

experienced said...

thanks for including me among your "playmates." i hope you will continue to visit; i have a feeling that i'll be seen around here quite a bit. i've added you to my list as well.

LA Player said...

I hope the feeling lasts ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello LA Player.

Thanks so much for including me on your list. I found some interesting links from your site and I'm currently enjoying their content as well as yours.

It's going to take a couple of days (at least) to catch up on your journey.

Muchisimas gracias

All the best!


LA Player said...

You're welcome Sasha. I kept ripping off other's blog rolls to make the lists.

Anonymous said...

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